Mouth to Mouth 6: Walk with me

Qing was poised in the front door, ready to leave. She didn’t seem to be in the same mood as when she’d offered to fuck anyone who was at the party. I wanted her back in that mood. I couldn’t tell if I was losing ground or doing reasonably well. Anyway, I’d got a smile for honest lust. “Yeah. Your bum is way cute.” She didn’t like ‘cute’. “I mean it’s hot. And, well, like two apples.”

“Apples? Tha’s your guess? You sure?”

qing jammies“Well, apples with dimples at the side. No, more than dimples. Concavities. I’d have to get rid of those pyjamas to be sure, of course.”

She frowned, considering that, then nodded judiciously. “All right.”

So I took a step closer, like a man getting within stroking range of a spooked cat. Carefully. “And I followed your bum out of the room, didn’t I?”

But that annoyed her. “Well, you didn’ seem very keen before.”

“Qing. Course I was keen. More than keen. But I thought you were hanging out with your boyfriend. I didn’t want to get in your way. That’s completely the only reason I haven’t spent this evening talking with you. Um, and trying to fuck you.”

“Ok. Then why didn’ you get up, in the lounge? If you were so keen?”

That was too sharp a question, and the truth (cowardice, insecurity, etc) just wouldn’t do. “I had some guy sitting on my feet. And someone’s legs in my lap. I had to push them out of the way before I could get to you. You got to do that sort of thing carefully.”

“Mmmm.” But she was pretending not to smile, now. “Well, maybe you waited too long. The momen’s gone.”  

I laughed. “Nah, we’ve just wasted some time, is all. But it was a waste. So we should go to bed, right now. Really quickly. Your bed, wherever the hell that is.”

“Okay. You can walk me home. And fuck me.”

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