Mouth to mouth 7: Squeezing a small girl’s ass

We walked together in clear, chill moonlight, Qing leading the way, through various people’s backyards. Qing sometimes suffered me to have an arm round her waist but mostly she walked beside me. Separately.

Her apparent stand-offishness puzzled me. She’d said she was about to fuck me. She could change her mind, but I couldn’t see any reason why she would. Yet. I hadn’t had time do something stupid and repulsive enough to change her mind.

kiss kissAs far as I could tell, we were still heading for her bed. But the emotional ambience just wasn’t very sexy. 

So I stopped and pointed out the moonlight shining through the trees, like an idiot. Then I kissed her, less stupidly. She smiled and kissed back, with something that felt like passion, pushing her breasts against the bottom of my rib cage.

Then she broke away from me. But afterwards we walked closer together.

It seemed that when I wasn’t actively pushing her sexually she’d start to lose interest, but that she liked it when I did push her barriers. So I slid my hand down the back of her pyjamas, and let my fingers explore under her knickers.

qing grabassEventually I had my hand on the skin of her left buttock, which was as apple-like, with that concavity at the side, as I’d guessed. Qing was firm in my hand, and once she’d started walking I could enjoy the movement of her muscles.

Qing said, “okay, you do fancy me. And I bet you did follow my ass out the door.”

“I did. I said so. But I’d have followed you if you’d walked out backwards. Or, I don’t know, on skates. Sideways.”

“Fair enough. My place is … Unhh!”

The ‘Unhh’ was because I’d slid my fingertips between her buttocks. And stroked her cunt. My fingers had found soft, petalled folds, and stroked and slid along them. Qing was gloriously wet.

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