Mouth to mouth 10: In Qing’s petite cunt

There are things you can’t do, when you’re a Dom about to have sex with a vanilla woman. You can’t whack her arse if she’s awkward or displeases you. You can’t haul her into the position you want her, because a vanilla girl expects to be asked, or at least not pushed and pulled into place like an artist’s dummy. You can’t give her orders or else she’ll get stubborn, not obedient.. 

I’ve developed a style for vanilla fucking that’s unlikely to trigger any sort of anti-bdsm response. I take the lead but every so often I ask for permission. It doesn’t matter what for. I just ask her something from time to time but not so often that it becomes annoying. There are some other things, but that’ll have to be a different post. 

qing outercoursedSo I was on my knees, sliding the underside of my cock along Qing’s slippery and wet groove, while she’d bent double, her knees almost touching her nipples. Qing’s face when she was being pleasured was absurdly happy.

I hadn’t seen that expression on her before. I leaned down and kissed her; it wasn’t something anyone could not do. 

She kissed me back, and then caught my cock with her hand. I stopped, letting her capture me. That’s another difference. In vanilla sex I let that sort of thing pass, but in bdsm sex I’d have been genuinely shocked if a submissive girl had done that. I’ve have pulled her up from the bed and walloped her ass hard, until I figured I’d done enough to make her cry. (The idea is to be fair to women who don’t cry at the same stage when other women are likely to be weeping.)

qing fuckedSo, in a vanilla bed, I let Qing line my cock up so the head pressed against her cunt. I’d intended to tease her longer, but that invitation, and her soft, sleek folds were too much to resist. 

I pushed forward and though she was a tight girl she felt warm and wet around my glans. Qing frowned once, and said, “uh”.

“We’ll be fine. I’ll take care. And let me know if it’s too much.” And, because that seemed vanilla enough for a while, I pushed down on her shoulders so she couldn’t move. I took her nipples in my mouth one by one, and kissed then gently bit. Qing had closed her eyes and stopped breathing, by the time I’d repeated this.

I pushed forward, and though she was still tight on me, she was slickly, sweetly wet. I pulled back a little and pushed forward again, and she clasped my cock warmly, using her vaginal muscles to point out that I was welcome. I slipped forward, the way becoming easier as we joined, until our pelvic bones met, and I was fully lodged in her.

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