Wicked Wednesday: Punishment robe

I’d just ordered Claire back to her position, nose to the wall, striped ass displayed. She’d hurried to obey, but was slower to remember what she had to say, if she didn’t want more of the cane. “Yes Master!”

“Just in time, girl.”

Claire would need to wear something while she came home with me, and making her put her panties and dress back on would be cruel, now her ass was so sore and sensitive. I turned to Maddie.

“Maddie, this school has had five years without corporal punishment, before I arrived. But when a student is going to punished in front of the school, it seems that they would have had something loose they could wear when they first arrive in front of the assembly. Until they have to take it off and bend over the bench.  I know it’s been a while since that happened, but there must be a robe or something, somewhere, that we can use?”

Maddie didn’t answer immediately. She was staring at Claire, naked, hands on head, nose to the wall, with thirty-six fresh cane stripes across her bottom and upper thighs, red across delectable lightly tanned skin.

I said, “Maddie.”

Maddie was having trouble focusing on important matters. She closed her eyes for a second. “Yes, Master. I’m sorry. That girl there, Claire, those welts are so sexy on her. She looks so beautiful, standing there in disgrace. I see why you like to look at me when I’m like that. Claire, you’re a sight that attracts the eye.”

Claire said nothing, and didn’t move a muscle. I said, “Maddie, you’re about five seconds away from getting the same.”

“Sorry, Master. I think there’s a sort of robe in the storeroom, I think it’s satin, that must have been used for that. Should I bring it now, Master?”

I nodded. “Of course, Maddie.”

“Just a moment, Master.”

Sounds of shuffling and thumping of boxes came from the storeroom.  Maddie emerged, triumphantly, holding a slinky beige robe. “This is probably it, Master. They must have had the naughty students come out in this! For public punishments.” She held it up.

It seemed to be a garment designed for humiliation. It was sleeveless, and it would come about halfway down the thighs of most people who wore it. The hang of the fabric meant it would hug the figure of the wearer. The beige colour was neutral, neither flattering nor ugly. I nodded. “Put that robe on the hook on the clothes rack, Maddie. And take all Claire’s clothing and put it into a bag, would you?”

Claire, nose to the wall, straightened up when she heard that, but she already knew better than to protest. Three dozen cane strokes, and the two extra strokes to come, that meant that three dozen is not the limit, will teach any submissive that lesson.

Maddie gathered the clothes Claire had shed, panties, pantyhose, shoes, skirt, blouse and jacket, and put them in a blue velvet bag, which she left on my desk. She hung the flimsy robe on a hook near Claire. She looked at me. “She looks perfectly delightful, Master. And she’s being a good girl, now. But may I smack her one more time, Master?”



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