Wicked Wednesday: Hot and roughly is thoroughly

Claire knelt, hands and knees, at my feet. “I need you to fuck me, now, Master. If you want.” That was a silly thing to say; of course I wanted. But I guessed she wanted to say something submissive. Then she said, “Thoroughly.”

I took the cane, lodged between her buttocks, and removed the little butt plug. I stroked her, two fingers and then three slishing between wet lips, and pressed the cane between her labia. I said, “Thoroughly.” Claire caught her breath, then moaned quietly when I put a little upwards pressure to the cane so it lodged against her most sensitive skin, her cunt warmly and wetly clasping that length of rattan. Then I added, because it suddenly occurred to me, “That’s an anagram of ‘hot’ and ‘roughly’.”

That cane I stroked her with  had caused her pain, and she knew it was soon going to bring her more, but for now all was forgiven between them, that cane and her. I turned the cane so it rolled in her, and her moans became a little louder. She was very ready for… something. Anything. She was prepared to let anythng happen. Anything that had her in iit and was hard would be good.

I smiled at her, not that she could see me, and took as condom from my bedside drawer. I said, “As for thoroughly, let’s see what happens. You’ve got six penalty strokes still to come. You’ve had one penalty stroke, so that will bring us to thirty-seven. While I’m deliver them I expect you to stay in place, and count each stroke out loud. And thank me. So, the next one is ‘Thirty-two, thank you, sir.’ Can you do that?”  

“I don’t know how I’ll keep still, Master. Or quiet. But I’ll try.”

“You’ll do as you’re told, Claire. Unless you want to call out some higher numbers. You can count to fifty, can’t you?”

“I’ll keep still, Master!”

“That’s better. Brace yourself, Claire. These are going to sting.”

I raised the cane, counted silently and slowly to forty while she waited, then swung it down, to crack, loud and vicious, across the softer skin of her lower buttocks. Claire sucked in air, and her hands clenched, gathering up bedclothes as she fought to keep still and presented. She gasped, then sang out loud and clear, “Thirty-two! Thank you, sir!”

I’d wanted to remind her of her place, and bring back the mood we’d had in my office.

But after only that one stroke lust took over. I rolled the condom on and took Claire firmly by her hips, raising her ass a little further.

I pressed forward and my cock slipped easily into her cunt, till I was buried: wetly and tightly held. I took her in one long, slow movement. When I was pressed tight, finally, against the blazing heat of her ass, Claire groaned, low. “Fuuuck! Thank you, god thank you, Master.”


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    • They’re mostly taken from Google image search, but cropped in cunning ways to make them fit the general mood and motion of my story. Some of them are taken by me, but mostly not, or not in the stories. I avoid images that are still on sale, eg those of Spanking Dreams. I use images that’ve been freely available on the internet forever, long since drifted free of whatever their original context was.

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