Wicked Wednesday: A Glass of Water

I gave her the robe to carry, and said, “Follow me.” I took her to the door that led into the living room. She looked around, still wide-eyed. It was a comfortable room, the furnishings and paintings old-fashioned, and not, apparently, having any sexual or disciplinary purpose. Two leather armchairs, with rolled arms, faced the fireplace. Mine was an innocent living room, and yet she knew she was not in here for any innocent purposes.

I smacked her ass again and turned her to face the corridor. “Drop to your hands and knees, Claire. Crawl. The bedroom’s second on the right.”

2 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: A Glass of Water

  1. Interesting point!

    The things is, this part of the story is based on something a woman and I did, a while back. We weren’t playing schoolgirl-Headmaster, but the physical part of the story happened.

    I was probably being unreasonable, but that was the order I gave. And it did involve some clenching, but she managed.

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