Wicked Wednesday: Pretty stripes on display

Claire had agreed that she would forgive herself, now she had been punished. And I had agreed to take on the role of her Master, at least in the shortish term, while she sorted her life out.

I said, “You’re a good girl, Claire. I’m sure I won’t have to repeat this.”

She looked oddly cheerful. “Oh, you won’t, Master. I don’t think I’m ready for a repeat of all that. Not just yet.”

“But if I do hear you guilt-tripping again, then you’ll be back here.”

“I do understand, Master.”

“Or I’ll deal with you at my home. I don’t make empty threats.” But I held her tight against me. I was hard for her now.

“Will you fuck me, Master? Please. I need your cock in me. Including where … that glass thing is.”

 “Yes, Claire, I think I can safely promise that. I want you very much.” I checked my watch. It was only ten to three. So very much had happened, so very quickly. “Claire.”

“Yes sir?”

“You’ll go and stand facing the wall. Nose touching the wall, hands on head. Naked. You’re not to put your clothes on.”

“Yes, Master.” But Claire didn’t leave. She sank to her knees in front of me.

I held her gently, stroking her hair. 

At last I said, “Sweet little Claire, when does your shift start?”

“Four in the morning, Master. I work at the hospital. Not a nurse. Just an orderly.”

“Right. I have some work I have to do. You can stay, with your very pretty new stripes on display, until three-thirty.”

“May I take the buttplug out?”

“No. And don’t ask that again. Ever.”

“Yes, Master.”

“At three-thirty we’re leaving together. I’ll drive you to your place. You’re going to put that bag of shoplifted clothes back under Tara’s bed where you found it.”


“When I confront Tara, and especially once I’ve punished her, I don’t want her to know you were the one who drew her shoplifting to our attention. She’ll need her mother when she’s been dealt with, and I don’t want her feelings towards you to be complicated.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Of course, if it feels right you can tell her later, once she’s settled down again and she’s doing well.”

“Um, that makes sense, Master. And thank you.”

“You’ll put the bag back under Tara’s bed, and you’ll get your work clothes for tomorrow. Leave a note for Tara, because then you’re coming home with me. To get thoroughly fucked. Understood, Claire?”

Claire swallowed. “Yes, Master. That sounds like a wonderful plan. All of it.”


I thought of telling Claire that she was the perfect office decoration, and I’d have her back in that place, and that condition, often.

But the moment was better without words. Especially words that inane.

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