Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 94: Raylene’s back & Lynette’s coming 5

I’d just asked Lynette, again, if she was coming to watch Raylene’s caning. She said, “persistent bastard!”

“Pleased to meet you.”

She took a step closer. “Oh, I think persistence is good. Mostly. Dorabella says you’re a bad man. She’s not wrong, is she?”

I kept my hands at my sides, and shrugged. “Depends on your definition. I try to be, you know, ethical.”

The Ethical Slut. I haven’t read it. Is it any good?”

“Yeah. Pretty good. Worth a read. Anyway, I really hate hurting people.”

Attractive indoor bamboo arrangement

Attractive indoor bamboo arrangement

“Er, what was all that bamboo Raylene was carrying? That’s for flower arranging?”

“You know what I mean. The wrong kinds of hurt. Heart hurt. But getting your bottom smacked doesn’t cause heart hurt. Nor does sex, if you’re honest about what you’re doing. Um, condoms and other conditions apply.”

She said, “Hmmmm,” again. Then she said, “OK. I’m going to watch you cane Raylene. Because she’s got a foxy ass.”

“Well, good. And welcome.” 

“And she was rude to me. It’s in my honor, so I’d better be there.”

“It’d be the polite thing to do.”

“Jesus, that’s weird.” 

I smiled, and because she smiled back at me this time I took that step that brought us close together. Close but not touching. “I have to talk to Raylene now. Give us ten minutes or so. Come up when Bellie comes.” 

We were very close, and our war was mostly over. So I kissed her nose, and said, “Well, because.”

She seemed quite happy to have her nose kissed, even if I didn’t have any good reason, and so I put my arms around her. Lynette sank forward, her slender weight against me. I watched her consider this, now we’d got to this point. She didn’t seem to mind this either. So! I thought: It’s time to consolidate! Move my hands down to hold that hard little ass of hers! Yes! But that was me: god knows what she was thinking. 

left tit1I decided not to make things more complicated than they already were. Instead I squeezed her waist, but chastely. Then I said, “Sorry”, which could mean anything, including the fact that a couple of seconds later I said, “no, I really, really got to go.” Then I released her.

On my way out I pulled the towel off the top of the door and threw it at her. She caught it, and confirmed that her left breast was every bit as nice as I thought it would be.

“Great catch,” I said. And left.  

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 93: Raylene’s back and Lynette’s coming 4

Technically, conventionally, Lynette had been trying to fuck my girlfriend, and the commonplace idea about that is that therefore she should apologise. That was probably what she thought that I thought. But she didn’t want to apologise to me, mainly because I was a brute who left bruises on women’s arses.

Even good girls get bruises. But bad girls enjoy them more

Even good girls get bruises. But bad girls enjoy them more. Raylene was one of those bad girls…

I didn’t expect or need an apology, because I couldn’t blame her for fancying Raylene, and I didn’t care if she couldn’t keep her hands off Raylene’s arse. Neither could I. I was certain Raylene wanted to stay with me at the moment, so I had no reason to be paranoid.And I don’t really do jealousy.

Ah. But I realised that this was the topic I could break the ice with. I said, “Oh. And I really don’t blame you for, um, massaging Raylene’s arse. I can’t keep my hands off it myself.”

I paused, to see if I’d get a smile. Nothing yet. I said, “I mean, tactile pleasures; Raylene’s arse is one of the best. So seriously, you’ve got nothing to apologise for or feel bad about, either for me or Raylene.”

There! I got a smile from her, for the line about the tactile pleasures offered by Raylene’s ass. She put her arms down, which meant that the one-button blouse suddenly became a much more interesting garment.

blousetitIf I took three steps to the right, I’d be able to view all of her left breast. That was one of those thoughts that are okay so long as you never act on them. I expected it would be a very nice breast, but I managed to stay where I was.

Lynette fancied Dorabella, and now Raylene too, but she wasn’t really a lesbian. I expected that she’d break lesbian hearts until she graduated, and then she’d marry some guy, probably a doctor or lawyer, and make babies and art projects. That sounds more cynical than I felt: it’s just true that people are people, and they do what works for them. 

So it was surprising but not amazing that there now seemed to be a slight, small spark going on between Lynette and me.

I’d do nothing about it, just now, for fear of putting it out. Or maybe I should do something about it. Best not to make a plan, on that.

She said, “You’ve done this -” she was going to say something like ‘a lot’, then she changed her mind – “before, haven’t you?”

“Uh. Yes. I do know what I’m doing. Also, I enjoy it.”

“Are you going to fuck her, I mean Raylene, afterwards?”

“Of course. Um, once you and Dorabella have gone. I mean you won’t have to run for the exits the second I put the cane down. But if you hung about too long I might start dropping hints.”

She laughed through her nose. “Yeah, okay, that makes sense.”

“So, can I put you down on the guest list?”

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 92: Raylene’s back and Lynette’s coming 3

Lynette and I looked at each other. I hadn’t thought this far ahead. I had no idea what to say to her. She seemed to have the same problem with me. I wasn’t even sure what my intentions were. I’d wanted her to witness Raylene get the cane because Raylene would find it deliciously humiliating.

Now I’d seen that Lynette fancied Raylene, it was a little more complicated. She’d been in the middle of a seduction that would probably have worked, if her timing hadn’t been so terrible. I didn’t mind, not because I don’t take sexual competition from women seriously, but because I knew that Raylene and I were both very interested in and excited by each other.

Anyway, once I’d thought about it properly I’d realised that I was giving Raylene too little credit. She’d been up to mischief when she sprawled out on Lynette’s bed with her arse on display, that display featuring irresistible cuteness, also blushes and bruises. She was making sure Lynette was sexually interested in what Raylene and I were up to.

cold creamThere was no way Lynette could have avoided doing something helpful like smearing on the cold cream and rubbing it in. Slowly and gently. At least at first.

Which raised a question about the extent to which Raylene had been playing me, all the time I was thinking that it was me taking the initiative. I shook my head. This was no time to get distracted. Lynette saw that and scowled, assuming that I’d had a negative thought about her. So I said something that was true, and probably helpful.

“This is kind of awkward, but it doesn’t have to be.” She said nothing.

I shrugged apologetically. “Anyway, I’m certain it’ll get easier. But what I really wanted to say is that Raylene really wants to be caned this morning. Yeah, I know you know that. But, you know, the official reason, in inverted commas, is that she was rude to you last night. And you should know that that’s just nonsense. It’s just an excuse, because it seems hotter if there’s a reason. But you’re not, in any sense, responsible for Raylene being about to get a hot arse. Well, hotter.”

caned tableLynette still looked at me without speaking, but her stance had relaxed a little. I plunged on. “I mean, if you come up and watch, which she really would like, then she’ll say sorry to you, and so on. But if it hadn’t been her being rude to you last night, it would have been something else. Still this morning. Still the same number of strokes. So you did no harm, not to anyone.”

“Hmmm.” I hadn’t gotten her past dubious yet. Raylene’s approach had probably been better. But she might not like my arse as much. 

So I said, “The real reason, truth to tell, is that she’ll love it, and she’s got a cute arse. Ahm, as I guess you noticed.”

There was a second of silence and stillness. Then Lynette’s eyes opened wide and she blushed. The blush transformed her face. Suddenly I liked her a lot more. She said, “Ah, I -“

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 91: Raylene’s back & Lynette’s coming 2

standing spanked 2Raylene settled again, though it took a few seconds after I’d stopped smacking her arse for the dancing to stop. Our faces were close, eye to eye. Raylene was looking earnest, wanting me to recognise that she’d been a good girl, really. I knew that. I made to kiss her nose but she suddenly grinned, then bowed her head. “Thank you, sir. For punishing me.”

It was said to me, but it was aimed at Lynette. Some women are scarily good at that kind of game. It took real effort not to glance at Lynette just then.

Although she was still carrying out guerrilla raids on Lynette, which was the very thing I was going to cane her for, I admired her cleverness too much to feel like punishing it. I pulled her into a hug, and let my hands stray down to hold her by her ass.

I looked at Lynette then. She was still watching, expressionless. So I said to Raylene, “I’ve put your desk out for you in the middle of the room.” I looked into her eyes to make sure she was listening. “You’re a good girl for fetching those two canes. That’s well done.”

“Thank you, sir.” Raylene looked at the carpet again, as piously good as a submissive can be. But the praise made her smile, happily blushing, anyway. 

“I want you to put the canes, both of them, on the left side of the desk. And I want you to stand facing the desk and wait for me. I’ll be up shortly.”

Raylene said, “Do I take off my t-shirt, sir?”

standing spankedLynette looked alarmed. She knew what was coming. I held Raylene’s waist and smacked her bottom again, six spanks medium loud, while Raylene drummed the floor with her feet. It seemed, from Lynette’s expression, that it was as bad as she’d expected. Though this time she watched Raylene with more obvious interest.

I said, “Raylene, I’ll tell you when its time to take the shirt off. Till then, just do as you’re told when I tell you. Is that understood? Do you understand?”

I kept spanking Raylene throughout that speech, and Raylene’s gasped “Yes, sir!” had a faltering, almost panicked, quality.

“And after I’ve caned you, we’re going to discuss this morning. Before we put those two canes away.”

Raylene looked shocked. Maybe she was. Anyway, I pointed her at the door, still using her hair as my handle. I pushed her forward.

“Go! I’ll be up to see you in a few minutes.”

Raylene scrambled to the door, tugging her t-shirt back down. So Lynette and I were left. She folded her arms across her breasts and frowned, studying me.

Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 90: Raylene’s back & Lynette is coming

Someone had thrown a towel over the top of the door, in Lynette’s room. So the door hadn’t closed when Raylene had followed Lynette. I assumed that Raylene was there to reassure Lynette that she, Raylene, was fine with the idea of getting caned. And that it would even, in some arcane way, be a good and wonderful thing if I caned her that morning. 

Therefore, I expected to hear praise of me, if I waited for a second. I like praise. Maybe Raylene would say, “He pretends to be a bastard, but that’s just a game. Getting the cane is what I want, and I trust him to get it just right. So it hurts a bit, but it’s hot. And Jaime’s hot too, fucking amazing, did I mention that?” Something on those lines, maybe.

But I didn’t hear that. I just heard a sigh,a good, satisfied sigh, that had to be Raylene’s. Then a bed creaked. That was unexpected. It was also possible that it might not be good news, for me at least. On the other hand, Raylene knew she had an appointment with me, in her room, in a few minutes. and she’d been pleased with me the last time I saw her. About quarter of an hour ago.  

I wasn’t about to burst the door down and carry on like an outraged husband. But nor could I simply stay outside and call Raylene. A girl’s new master can’t really do that kind of thing. It seems a little … conciliatory. So I coughed, then knuckled the door a couple of times, and said, “Hey, Raylene. Ah, Lynette, ‘scuse me.” 

There was silence. But it was the kind of silence that meant they’d heard me. I pushed the door open, reasonably slowly, and stepped in. 

coldcreamRaylene and Lynette were on Lynette’s bed. Raylene lay stretched out on her front, with her t-shirt pushed up to her armpits. Lynette sat straddling the backs of Raylene’s thighs, so she could inspect and stroke the damage I’d done to Raylene’s ass. She’d rubbed in some cold cream.

I didn’t mind. Cold cream wasn’t going to make any difference to Raylene’s experience of getting caned. And rubbing Raylene’s bottom was definitely a pleasant thing to do, and you could even feel virtuous while you were doing it. I couldn’t blame Lynette for that. Well, I didn’t, anyway. She wore blue knickers and a little maroon blouse that I think belonged to Raylene and Dorabella’s mother. She looked at me, neither friendly nor hostile.

I said, “Sorry. You’re looking after Raylene. But I’m going to have to borrow her for a bit. She’s -” The two canes were on the bed beside Raylene’s right arm. I waved a hand in their direction.

Lynette glanced over at the canes, then spent a few seconds thinking. Then she scrambled off Raylene – as I’d speculated, she had slender thighs and a very nice ass, the hard-apple kind – and put her feet on the floor. She fumbled one-handed with the only button on the blouse that was still buttoned, and made it a little more secure. “Mmmmm. The, um, the event.”

It occurred to me that Raylene had been working in my interests, in her own way. Lynette was more relaxed about “the event” than she had been. I said, “Yeah. That. You’re very welcome to come up and watch. But you don’t have to if you don’t want. ‘Sup to you.”

Lynette frowned. “I know I haven’t got long, but I’m going to have to think about it.”

“Well, either way.” I watched Raylene roll over onto her side, staring at Lynette and me. “You’re welcome. But it’s not compul- It’s fine, either way you feel like.”

Lynette had noticed my slip, when I’d started to tell her I wasn’t making something compulsory. Before remembering that I couldn’t make anything compulsory for Lynette, and that claiming I could would be fighting talk. It was lop-sided, but I got a smile.

I grinned back at her. Trying to make it conspiratorial, between us. The smile stayed lop-sided. So I turned to Raylene. “Raylene.”


I didn’t look at Lynette to see what she thought of Raylene calling me “sir”. I doubt if her attitude on that had softened. I said, “You’ve got an appointment. And you’re late.”

Raylene nodded. She held her hand up for me to pull her off the bed. Then she said “Yo-ike!” I’d reached past her hand and lifted her up by her hair. She followed her hair, as one does, and stood in front of me, facing me. Raylene looked into my eyes, trying to communicate something. That she’d been a good girl, for all that it looked otherwise. 

The t-shirt had drifted down to her waist since she’d stood up, but it hadn’t covered her ass yet. 

spank raylI thought that Raylene probably had been doing me a favour as well as enjoying herself. So, as doms sometimes do with submissives you suspect of being good, I smacked her arse.

My hand cracked across already well-reddened skin several times, setting Raylene dancing a little on her feet, waving her hands, trying to keep still.

Lynette watched without comment.