Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 96: Raylene’s ass as target

Surprisingly, for a woman about to be caned by her lover, Raylene seemed more interested in fucking her sister’s friend Lynette, and setting up a threesome with Lynette and me. I didn’t mind the idea, but it seemed an odd time to be focussing on it.

supergirlBut I’d asked her if she wanted to fuck Lynette, and she’d countered by asking me if I wanted to be there too, if she was going to take Lynette to bed.

That was an evasion, not an answer, so I smacked Raylene’s bottom, twice. Raylene released air from pursed lips and tightened her thigh-hold on my hips. That was clear and sensual. Both are good things. “I asked you a question. Another question isn’t an answer.”

She nodded. “True. Sorry, sir. Yes, I want her. I think she’d be hot. It was hot when she was sitting on my legs. And she felt nice, I mean her hands did, comforting a poor brutalised girl. And … in general I just want to fuck her. Or let her fuck me, whatever.”

shirtyI said, “I -“

But Raylene was too excited to stop. “Do you want to be there? I’d like you to be. This bed. We could take turns with her. Or do her both at once. Or you could both do me.”

She bounced on the desk like a wide-eyed child demanding a treat. Except that the movements under her t-shirt weren’t remotely childlike.

I said, “Fuck me.” It was an exclamation, not an order.

Raylene had also been pushing for a threesome with me and her half-sister Bellie.

I expected that those sisterly threesomes – she’d said they’d done it before – involved a lot of attention for the male and no sexual action between the women. I’d never been in a threesome where that was the dynamic, and it wasn’t possible not to be intrigued.

But in a threesome with Lynette and me, Raylene could get pleasured by both her partners. That must be the one she’d like most. Not that there seemed to be any reason why we couldn’t have both.

Raylene looked at me, concerned. I probably wasn’t looking as ecstatic as her offer deserved. So I smiled at her and said, truthfully, “I don’t see how I could possibly manage not to want that. Yeah. If she’s not too freaked out by watching your caning, we’ll have a go.”

“She’ll hate my caning, and love it. So will I, I think.”

I said, less truthfully, “Well, I need you to learn to do as you’re told.” Raylene looked puzzled; she wasn’t actually being caned for disobedience. I said, quickly, “And behave yourself properly.” The frown went away. “So it’s going to be hard.”

She nodded. Of course it should be hard. (Of course, by the way, it mostly wouldn’t be. I’d be calibrating on “firm”, rather than “hard”.) Anyway, I kissed her, still holding her ass with my left hand and a swatch of her hair with my right. Then I held her face so she had to watch me talk to her. “I’m going to punish you, Raylene. I’m going to punish you a lot from now on. Because you’re a wicked girl.”

I looked at her until she nodded, solemnly. Of course she was wicked. I was astonished, but pleased, that she wasn’t smiling, now.

kissed er sisterI whispered, “But also, you’re just a bit wonderful. Just a bit perfect. So I’m glad to be with you. No matter what.”

Raylene pushed her body hard against mine. She said, “you are, you are, aren’t you?” I didn’t know what she meant specifically, but I knew what she meant in general.

I kissed her again. “Ready?”

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