Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 97: Raylene’s ass as aspiration

Raylene nodded. She was ready. I took the thinner cane from the table. “Then bend over. Right down. Put your hands on the legs of the desk, on the far side. Reach down and grip the legs. Low as you can. Good. Like that. Good girl. Now don’t let go, and don’t get up. No matter how much it hurts, just hold on until I’ve finished.”

Sex and a stick; also, sex on a stick

Sex and a stick; also, sex on a stick. Raylene was one of those saucy girls

Displayed, legs spread with her ass arched up, Raylene was as red in the face as her strapped bottom. “Like this, sir?”

She was fishing for compliments. But that was allowed. “Do you think you look hot, Raylene?”

“I bet I look hot to you, sir.”

“Yep. Unbelievably hot. You look like sex on a stick. With candy. And hot chocolate sauce. And maple syrup.”

“Will you want to fuck me? When you’re done?”

“Girl. The only person in the room who won’t want to fuck you will be Dorabella. And even she’ll only be pretending. For, um, decency’s sake.” 

“But Lynette will want to.”


“Then she should get her wish. Invite her in.” 

“I’ve already said today and tonight are for you and me, Raylene. Just us.”

“No, ok, that’s romantic.” But there was something wistful in her voice.

Lonesome, toothsome, threesome

Lonesome, toothsome, threesome

“Of course, tomorrow morning, that’s a new day. A different day.”

“Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” 

“If it looks like she wants to be asked, I’ll invite her. To join us in the morning. I don’t think you should get your hopes up too much. But … happy girl?”

The smile, unlike Raylene, was angelic.

“Yes. Happy girl. Punish me, Master. I mean, please.”

Master? I hadn’t asked for that, but I liked it. t could hear Dorabella and Lynette in the kitchen. I called down. “We’re ready. Show’s on.”

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