One swallow doesn’t make a spring #19

Svitlana seemed to be spent. But in that strange way that you sometimes know things that you haven’t been told, or shown, I knew that she needed more, and this time she didn’t want to be in control of her body. My fingers, still inside her, pushed up against the upper wall of her cunt. Svitlana grunted, a sleeping ship pushed by a tug. I pressed my thumb against her lips and bore down, finding her clit and hurting her. Svitlana opened her eyes and sighed. With my fingers pushing up against the spongy upper wall, and my thumb pushing down I could squeeze her cunt, and I did so, in a long, slow rhythm. Svitlana stretched, pressed her cunt hard against my hand and stayed with me. The good ship Svitlana was under way. Slowly. 

I said, “Greedy girl.” I meant I was happy with her. She caught my eyes for a second, but said nothing. She closed her eyes to focus on something deep inside her.There was an extra reserve of lust in her, and she was connecting with it. She began to work with more urgency.

A few minutes later she was sweating with effort, every muscle in her body tight and relentlessly moving. My hand hurt, and I was getting cramp, but I stayed with her, pushing her hard.

Svitlana’s third scream was the loudest, and it shrilled the room until it died away in a wail of something like pain or despair, though it was neither of those things. She opened her eyes and looked at me in something like terror. I stroked her from inside one more time, fondly, and let her be still. 

Svitlana subsided, lying back. Smugly half-smiling, she pulled me down onto her breasts and stroked my shoulders and the back of my head. She was supremely happy. So was I, though I was massaging the cramps pout of my right hand. 

nipple biteI kissed her breast and then bit her lightly when she tried to get her nipple further into my mouth. I suckled her, taking some more of her generous breast into my mouth. Svitlana pursed her lips, fearing that I was going to bite her harder. I bit her harder. 

Her breath hissed, indrawn at the hurt, then she relaxed and moaned when I bit harder, grazing the nipple between my teeth. 

I repeated with the other nipple, and Svitlana moved her hips, under me. She was ready to be fucked again. 

But it was time to make her skin sing to her. I wanted her skin to burn like fire. I wanted her red, and I wanted to hear her whimper. With the right kind of pain, an awakening  hurt. I considered whether to use my belt, or just my hand. 

One swallow doesn’t make a spring #18

Svitlana pressed her cunt against my hand, her pelvis weaving as if she was being fucked hard by something invisible. She was trying to get my fingers inside her lips, into that honeyed world just a centimetre away.  I said, “Say please again.”

“Please, please, please, god, please. Please.”

I had a thought. “Say please, sir.” 

Half an hour ago she’d have been angry at that suggestion. But now she had more things to think about. She didn’t hesitate, “Sir, please, please, please sir.”  

“Good.” I slipped two fingers, then three, into that slippery-wet, spongy-soft world. She stopped, still for nearly five seconds, smiling like a saint at the point of martyrdom, in a Renaissance painting. She moaned with relief so intense it seemed to hurt. I don’t think she knew, at that moment, that I weas there, except for my hand. 

Orgasm scream represented as sound wave.

Orgasm scream represented as sound wave.

All of her consciousness was in her body. She wasn’t thinking or calculating or remembering. She was experiencing the sensations from her cunt, maybe also her buttocks pressed against the sheet. She’d closed her eyes, and if I said something she wouldn’t hear it. Her cunt pressed damply, frantically against my hand, pushing against me harder and faster, her eyes shut and her mouth open. She made incoherent groaning and gurgling noises. I let her fuck my hand, pressing back at her. Until she screamed.

Her body arced so that only her feet and shoulders touched the bed. Her cunt tightened on my fingers, and she gulped for air like a red-faced baby. Then she screamed again. She was beautiful. I saw the bones in her face when she came. She fell back, gasping.

One swallow doesn’t make a spring #17

cat womanI relaxed my grip on Svitlana’s cunt, then squeezed again. She repeated the movement more spectacularly. She bent her knees so she could splay her thighs as wide as she could, offering up her cunt and the tight little hole below. She was a big white cat, absolutely not interested in most things, and wanting to be fucked. 

When she opened her eyes again I smiled at her. “Would you like my fingers back, Svitlana? Inside you?”

Her first attempt to speak was just a croak. Then she said, “Please. Yes. Please.”

“Then pay attention, and I might put them back later.”

She said, “ohhhh.” It was a protest. She wasn’t being given what she wanted. It was a small lesson. 

“So it’s like we’re going on a roller coaster. Once you’re on, it takes you for a ride and you don’t get to steer. There’s one difference. You get to have your own personal brake. You can tell me to go slow, or back off, or stop completely. So, if I’m doing something that makes you uncomfortable, maybe it hurts in a non-sexy way or it’s got bad associations for you, but you’re still basically happy and you don’t want to stop, just say ‘yellow’. When you say ‘yellow’, I back off what I’m doing and move on to something else. Got that? ‘Yellow.'”

“Yellow. Mellow.”

“And if the whole thing is horrible and you’re having a bad time and you want it to stop, just say ‘Red’. You say ‘Red,’ I stop. No ifs or maybes. I just stop. It’s fine. You’re allowed to say Yellow, and you’re allowed to say Red. Okay?”

“Red stops you dead.”

“Ummm. Yeah, okay. And it doesn’t matter if you forget the exact words. Just let me know if you’re not having a good time. Okay?”

“I know about safe words. I’ve just never needed one before.” She frowned, remembering something. “Been given one, anyway.”

I let that pass, though I’d ask her about it later. “Good. Now, I told you to listen to me, and you did. So you get a reward.” I relaxed my grip on her labia, and stroked down the sensitive groove where her lips met. There was leakage. Svitlana was very wet.

cunt stroke

One swallow doesn’t make a spring #16

I leaned forward to kiss Svitlana again, using the touching of tongues as an excuse to take my fingers from her mouth. I put my rescued hand high on her left thigh, just before that little indentation at the top of her thighs.

Revision: This is the inter-gracile sub-pudendal fossa.

Revision: Light shining through that gap at the top of the thighs, the inter-gracile sub-pudendal fossa. Which we at this blog are fond of.

This gap, as you know, is the inter-gracile sub-pudendal fossa. 

Resting my hand just below her inter-gracile sub-pudendal fossa meant that my thumb was about four centimetres from her cunt. Svitlana expected good, syrupy stroking to come, and she stretched under me. Luxuriously. She wiggled her bottom on the sheets, finding herself a comfortable position, legs relaxed and open, and put her hand on the back of my neck.

I said, “You happy?” 

“Mm hmm.” It wasn’t so much the sound as the smile. She was the cat about to start on the cream.

“Good. I just have to tell you a couple of things. You have to listen.”

Svitlana pulled a mock-serious face. She wasn’t taking me seriously any more. That didn’t matter; she would

“Ok, you want me to show you what ‘make me’ means. That’s good, because that’s going to be fucking hot. The first thing you need to know is that you don’t choose what happens any more. It’s like a roller coaster ride. You choose to get on it, but once you’re on you don’t get to pick whether you splash into the water or go round the loop. It just happens to you, ready or not. That’s what’s makes it exciting. Yes?”

cunt gripShe nodded, still pulling her frowning clown face. So I moved my hand those few centimetres upwards and took her labia between my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed slowly, watching her eyes as my grip tightened and her sensation changed from pure pleasure to a mix of pleasure and pain.

She gasped suddenly, when the grip was almost as hard as I could make it, and she arched her back and let her head fall back, so that she offered her breasts and throat to the man who hurt her.

One swallow doesn’t make a spring #15

I said, “You just got punished. The next time I punish you, I’m going to smack your thighs.” Svitlana closed her eyes at this, and said nothing. I’d go for more explcit consent shortly, but that would do for now.

I leaned down again so our bodies were touching and she had some of my weight on her, and kissed her. “You don’t want to be in control. But luckily, I do.” I trailed my snail-wet fingertips up along her fluttering stomach and between her breasts. “Yes?”

Svitlana nodded. She was starting to take this seriously. “Ublyudok, tak. Yes!”

I took it that “ublyudok” was uncomplimentary, but it was more important that she’d said yes. I said, “good girl.”

suck fingerI held my fingers, wet with her arousal, to her mouth, and she opened obediently and licked them clean. I started to pull out but she bit very lightly. I stopped. Svitlana licked and sucked, though every molecule of her would be gone. Her head bobbed earnestly, and she held my wrist to stop me getting away.

She was showing that some skills are never lost, even after years of non-use. Her eyes gazed into mine, and I smiled back approval. But in her expression there was something like awe, not at me, I knew, but at the situation she’d found herself in and the emotions she’d found in herself. 

One swallow doesn’t make a spring #14

So we began. I said, “Roll onto your back.” That was easy, and Svitlana obeyed without hesitation. She probably didn’t have a qualm, either. I wanted qualms, so I said, “Now spread your legs.” She obeyed that too, relaxed and happy. I said, “I want you nice and open. Wider.” She obeyed, but for the first time there was a faint frown. I said, having thought of a properly uncomfortable word, “Gynaecologically open.”

The frown deepened, and Svitlana’s left leg, the one closer to me, moved microscopically closer to the right, further from me. She was trying to obey but ready to rebel. That balance made a good starting point.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, I was sure, she suspected that I’d punish her for that little movement. But I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed back, enthusiastically. I was still a good thing, and my affection was reassuring. The kiss held for a minute and then another, because we were enjoying ourselves. Svitlana had her hand in my hair when I broke the kiss and raised myself on one elbow so I could look down at her.

tumblr_mastzfYK0n1rzr2r9o1_1280I stroked her cunt, fingertips very slowly strumming down her lips, and down again, and again, but not slipping inside her. I didn’t need to test if she was wet. Of course she was. I wanted her to want more, and not get it. Svitlana made a little desire sound, and her left leg moved back towards me, to where it should be.

I said, “Keep still!” She froze. It was probably the first time she’d heard the command voice in sex. Then I slipped two fingers inside her, to be wetly held. Svitlana rocked herself gently against my hand. I’d have to talk quickly or I’d lose her attention.

“Svitlana. Here’s what’s happening. You do exactly as you’re told. I give you orders, and you obey them. Do you understand?”

She was frowning and grinning at once. “I understand that’s what you want.”

“No. It’s what you want. You give up control, and I take it. Then I do things to you, and make you do things, that you don’t choose. My guess is that you’ll like that. A lot.”

“Mm hm. Maybe.” So I took my fingers out of her cunt, fast, meaning to shock her. She said, “Awff!”. She was definitely shocked. She stared at me in disbelief.

One swallow doesn’t make a spring #13

Svitlana ignored me. “I came to dinner because I was with Debs and Barbs. I’ve got a broken heart, you know.” I didn’t know that sort of thing about her, but I kissed her sympathetically for that. She ignored that too. “They’re looking after me. But at dinner, I liked you. I know you thought I was silly when I cried, but you were sweet to me. And then you couldn’t stop looking at my tits.”

“You wouldn’t stop pointing them at me.”

She hummed a little tune, with her eyes rolled upwards. “Mm-hmm. So I decided I’d come back and see what happened. I thought we’d probably just talk.”

“And here we are.”

burns“Talking about carpet burns.”

“Um. About what Kerry told you: I don’t actually get off on hitting women. Or not like she means. I don’t do, you know, violence. I don’t like bullies. If I smack your bottom, or bite your nipples, or whatever, it’s meant to hurt a bit, but it’s about sex. Um, and consent. And both of you getting what you want and feeling good. It’s complicated. And sexy.”

“Yes, I do know that.”

“And Sade was an absolute creep. I’d never call myself a sadist. Yucko Sade bleurk.”

“Yucko Sade bleurk?”

“That’s my mature and considered opinion.”

“I’ve never read much Sade. But what I read wasn’t very appealing, no.”

Yeah, fucker.

Yeah, fucker.

“So shall we start again? From about where you said, ‘make me’?”

Svitlana turned onto her side to look at me. She put her top teeth over her lower lip. Then she poked her tongue out. Properly. Then she scowled.

“No,” she said. “Make me.”

“That’s the spirit.”

One swallow doesn’t make a spring #12

Svitlana looked away, and I saw her neck and left cheek glow pinkly. When she turned back to face me she was blushing. “I thought that would be up to you. Not me. But I thought you might -. Oh, this is really embarrassing, seriously.”

“You thought I was going to come and get you, and let’s see… Maybe I’d have turned you round and smacked your bottom till you said you were sorry. Then you might have to promise to do as you’re told.”

carpet“More or less. And maybe you’d have pushed me onto my hands and knees and fucked me on the carpet.”

“Bloody hell. Look, that was the first idea I had. Close enough. But I wasn’t sure enough that it was what you wanted. Or sure that you were ready for it. But you were hoping I would?”

Svitlana was still very pink, from the slopes of her breasts upwards. Her face was warm when I reached and traced my fingertips down from her ear to the corner of her mouth.

Her mouth quirked. “No. I wasn’t hoping you’d hit me. Oh, yes and no. Kerry, she’s one of Barbs’ friends, she told me you were a sadist. You get off on hitting women. She said it’s a disgrace that Barbs even works with you.”

“Oh, that’s cool! I’m the kind of man you were warned about?”

“Sort of.”

“I’ve never been that before. As far as I know, anyway.”

“Well, she wasn’t really warning me. She wouldn’t think she had to. It’d never even cross her mind that I’d fuck you.”

“But it was good advertising.” I frowned. “So did you come to dinner because you thought there’d be a man there, who might fuck you on the carpet outside his bedroom?”

She shook her head. “It wasn’t like that. It was just something that I knew about you. I mean, there was what Kerry told me. There was another woman who gave you a good review, actually. Anyway, I didn’t think it’d become relevant. I didn’t think we’d be in bed together.”

There were more important issues for me to pursue, but vanity won. “Hang on, who was that? Who gave me a good review?”

One swallow doesn’t make a spring #11

stroked cockI let her fingers run along the underside of my cock, catching my breath when the sensation got too intense. “No. But I will soon. I’m happy.” But she wasn’t happy. She wanted to have served me and served well. I said the most ridiculous thing I’d said in ages, though it was true enough. “You were amazing. It was a privilege to fuck you.” 

She laughed. “You did like my tits. You really liked my tits. Jaime Mortimer likes my tits.”

“Likes your cunt. Likes your belly. Likes lying on your belly. Likes your ass. Um. Loves your ass.” 

Svitlana let go of my cock and brought her hand to her mouth. She put her tongue out and wet her palm thoroughly with her spit. Then she resumed stroking my cock, wet palm and fingers surrounding me. I sucked in breath and let her have her way. I was in her hands, and her hands made me gasp, and jerk my hips convulsively. I had nothing more to say. Nothing I could think of.

Svitlana said, “Yes, okay. You’re not just going to fuck me and pull out. But you smacked me. My bottom. When I bit you. And you liked that. I know you liked it. And in the corridor, when I teased you,” she grinned lop-sidedly, her mischief grin, “I thought you were going to, oh.” She stopped.

I said, warily, “you thought I was going to … what?”

Venus and Mars, Botticelli. The war is fucked out of him, the lance is too heavy to lift, and her sweet little piece rains.

Venus and Mars, Botticelli. The war is fucked out of him, the lance is too heavy to lift, and her sweet piece rains.

One swallow doesn’t make a spring #10

For a long time we lay on our sides, smiling, kissing sometimes, not saying much. Then Svitlana lifted herself on one elbow. She said, “you were very patient. Thank you for staying until I – Well. Till I came. I didn’t expect that.”

I’m not brilliant at taking compliments. “Thank you. You were very … very fuckable.”

“I was very nervous! But I didn’t expect you to be so patient. I thought…”

"Post coitum omne animal triste est", etc. But animals aren't sad after sex; they just want to be flattered.

“Post coitum omne animal triste est”, etc. But animals aren’t sad after sex; they just want to be flattered.

“Mmmm?” I was hoping for something flattering about how other men were selfish bastards who just came and pulled out and went to sleep or something. But it wasn’t other men she’d expected impatience from: it was me.

“I thought you wouldn’t put up with me. Taking so long.”

“What? I wasn’t ‘putting up’ with you. That’s crazy.”

“I thought you’d just have me, I mean come in me and finish. Not worry about me.”

“Ahhhh.” I began to see. “And that would have been kind of hot, wouldn’t it?” Svitlana said nothing. She was embarrassed, and while some other time I might have enjoyed that and tried to make it worse for her, just then I wanted us to keep talking. I had things I needed to know. “You liked the idea of serving, right?”

She nodded.

I pressed on. “And serving a man, that’d the wickedest thing there is, in some social circles. Like yours, for example. And you wanted to be really wicked.” She buried her grin in my armpit, then kissed me there. “But you also liked getting fucked until you came. I heard you.”

Svitlana lolled onto her back, no longer meeting my gaze. She took my cock in her hand, and began stroking. I was still mostly hard. I hoped she’d come back and kiss my cock, then take it in her mouth, but I couldn’t complain about the stroking.

She spoke to the ceiling. “You haven’t come yet, have you?”