One swallow doesn’t make a spring #10

For a long time we lay on our sides, smiling, kissing sometimes, not saying much. Then Svitlana lifted herself on one elbow. She said, “you were very patient. Thank you for staying until I – Well. Till I came. I didn’t expect that.”

I’m not brilliant at taking compliments. “Thank you. You were very … very fuckable.”

“I was very nervous! But I didn’t expect you to be so patient. I thought…”

"Post coitum omne animal triste est", etc. But animals aren't sad after sex; they just want to be flattered.

“Post coitum omne animal triste est”, etc. But animals aren’t sad after sex; they just want to be flattered.

“Mmmm?” I was hoping for something flattering about how other men were selfish bastards who just came and pulled out and went to sleep or something. But it wasn’t other men she’d expected impatience from: it was me.

“I thought you wouldn’t put up with me. Taking so long.”

“What? I wasn’t ‘putting up’ with you. That’s crazy.”

“I thought you’d just have me, I mean come in me and finish. Not worry about me.”

“Ahhhh.” I began to see. “And that would have been kind of hot, wouldn’t it?” Svitlana said nothing. She was embarrassed, and while some other time I might have enjoyed that and tried to make it worse for her, just then I wanted us to keep talking. I had things I needed to know. “You liked the idea of serving, right?”

She nodded.

I pressed on. “And serving a man, that’d the wickedest thing there is, in some social circles. Like yours, for example. And you wanted to be really wicked.” She buried her grin in my armpit, then kissed me there. “But you also liked getting fucked until you came. I heard you.”

Svitlana lolled onto her back, no longer meeting my gaze. She took my cock in her hand, and began stroking. I was still mostly hard. I hoped she’d come back and kiss my cock, then take it in her mouth, but I couldn’t complain about the stroking.

She spoke to the ceiling. “You haven’t come yet, have you?”

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