One swallow doesn’t make a spring #15

I said, “You just got punished. The next time I punish you, I’m going to smack your thighs.” Svitlana closed her eyes at this, and said nothing. I’d go for more explcit consent shortly, but that would do for now.

I leaned down again so our bodies were touching and she had some of my weight on her, and kissed her. “You don’t want to be in control. But luckily, I do.” I trailed my snail-wet fingertips up along her fluttering stomach and between her breasts. “Yes?”

Svitlana nodded. She was starting to take this seriously. “Ublyudok, tak. Yes!”

I took it that “ublyudok” was uncomplimentary, but it was more important that she’d said yes. I said, “good girl.”

suck fingerI held my fingers, wet with her arousal, to her mouth, and she opened obediently and licked them clean. I started to pull out but she bit very lightly. I stopped. Svitlana licked and sucked, though every molecule of her would be gone. Her head bobbed earnestly, and she held my wrist to stop me getting away.

She was showing that some skills are never lost, even after years of non-use. Her eyes gazed into mine, and I smiled back approval. But in her expression there was something like awe, not at me, I knew, but at the situation she’d found herself in and the emotions she’d found in herself. 

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