“On your back, knees up, keep them spread”: Doms giving oral sex

But most doms want to lick their submissive’s cunt, or suck his cock, from time to time, for its own sake. Well, if you don’t like your submissive’s genitals a lot, what are you doing in a relationship? 

When doms use their mouths on their submissive’s bits, some things will be different – compared to non-bdsm oral sex – about the physical arrangement of their bodies.

A woman dom dodging the whole, "Can I do my slave and still stay dolly?" issue.

A woman dom dodging the whole, “Can I do my slave and still stay domly?” issue.

For example, I suspect that not many doms will drop to their knees to pleasure their submissive. For a dom, getting on your knees is a step too far. I like my metaphors mixed,  don’t you?

So doms will push or command their submissives onto their backs, and usually keep their heads higher than the submissive’s body. Or most of their heads.

Even when they’re giving good head, de-doop de-doop de-doop woooo…  

A dom who worries about bdsm symbolism can do extra things, like inserting a plug in the submissive’s ass, tying their arms to the bed frame, or giving them a long painful discipline session beforehand so that pain and its delicious aftermath precede pleasure.

Those things all help to set the mood for the submissive’s little treat.

slave presenting herself to be lickedI’m more likely just to use the soft, growly version of the command voice to set the mood and help the submissive feel she’s in her proper place. The commands I give are for her to lie on her back, lift her knees and keep them wide apart, and present her cunt forward as hard as she can. That helps set it within the dom/submissive framework, and allows us the freedom to act naturally from there on.

Speaking of “act naturally”, some Christians, like the voters of the State of Georgia, where oral sex is still a crime, think of it as an unnatural vice. But they should ask a zoologist about that. Don’t tell ISIS, but they’re going to have to behead one hell of a lot of animals if they want a purer world. May have wandered off the point, there. Hope no-one noticed.

More on oral sex and bdsm shortly. 

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