Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 23

Yua looked at him, holding his eyes with hers, while she slowly undid the buttons of her shirt. She shrugged the shirt off and let it fall behind her, standing naked before him. 

Seamus knew he’d made a tactical error, if he didn’t plan to have sex with this girl. It was obvious she would be, as his friend Amida had told him, a luscious fuck. She was smiling, partly to entice him, and partly because she couldn’t help but feel triumphant. Her naked body, smoothly voluptuous, was the strongest signal and the most powerful argument in this room, and she knew it. 

He swallowed, and only then could he speak. “Yua, I am going to cure you of laziness. And disobeying rules. And maybe even your silly, childish game-playing.” 

Her smile flickered when he said “childish”. She was womanly, and she wanted to be treated as such. He was the only male hold-out among the staff, and she’d also made an impressive set of conquests among the younger women teachers.

That helped Seamus decide his next move. He reached for her wrist and pulled her forward, dumping her face-down over his knee. “So we’ll deal with your silly, childish behaviour. Now.”

He raised his hand, flattening his palm and brought it sharply down. Yua’s bottom was soft under his hand, and moon-pale. She was the first student to receive this treatment, as a student, though of course he had spanked Asuka many times.

A few seconds later that delectable bottom was still femininely soft, but not quite as pale.

He applied another smack, on her other cheek, and then began a hard, brisk spanking, leaving her no time to absorb the pain. But he gave her a short pause, her bottom already a deep pink, after a dozen spanks, and then began again, a little harder.

Seamus wasn’t counting the spanks, but after many pauses Yua began to gasp. He continued, spanking her sweet, distinctly red bottom for another ten minutes. By then the gasps of discomfort had became a low, continuous noise, part wail and part growl. She found his cock was hard, beneath her, and she rocked herself against it as she writhed under his smacks.

The little room echoed with the sounds of spanking, and of a girl getting off on being spanked. He could smell her arousal and, he had to admit, she would be able to smell his. But he continued while she writhed under him, until he heard her sniffing, along with that sexual, big cat’s growl. He’d made her cry, perhaps the first time he’d really done so.

But suddenly she raised her upper body and her legs into the air, making a series of inarticulate, blissful cries as she ground herself on his hard fulcrum. At last she stilled, her body relaxed over his knee. She said, “Oh, Seamus, thank you, thank you, Sensei.”

Seamus said, “You’re not very easy to punish, are you?”

She said, “Oh, yes I am. Very easy, for you.”

“Hah. Next time I think I’ll use a thumbscrew.”

“Is that something Western? For schoolgirls? I’d like that!”

He smacked her bottom again. “I wouldn’t put it past you. But get dressed now, Yua. And for god’s sake wear your uniform and do your homework.”

“Or you’ll spank me and make me come again. Hai, Sensei.”

“Ok, you’re done. Get up and get dressed, Yua.” 

She slipped off his knee, but crouched before him, looking at the erection she’d recently made use of. “But … I’d like to please you too. You pleased me very much.” 

Seamus shook his head. “Next class, girl.” 

So she dressed, wiggling slightly more than that process really required, kissed him, and skipped away.

Seamus was still seated. He stood up at last, willing his cock to go down. He wasn’t sure he’d won that round.



Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 22

Seamus sighed. This, he thought, is weird. He’d found that he enjoyed disciplining girls. Chiaki had taught him that. She’d begged him to assume control of her, and when he’d complied it had been overpoweringly erotic.

He didn’t think he was a sadist, because he didn’t want to hurt her. Or any girl. He wanted to give her hurt, for her pleasure, and to give her guidance, so she could relax for a while and let him lead, confident that he’d be doing it for her. 

So the thought of Yua, in the classroom’s storeroom, waiting for him to come and finish her caning, was a turn-on. Of course it was. 

Also, he liked fucking girls, or young women. And Yua had signalled in every possible way, and some he’d never have thought of himself, that she wanted him to fuck her. That, surely, he argued with himself, was a good thing. And so it was odd that he was determined that she wasn’t going to have him. 

He wondered about his motives. If he was a stickler for morality, he wouldn’t be living with Chiaki. Or tolerate her living with him. So was his determination without any moral basis? What if he simply wanted to disappoint her? Because he felt she was spoiled.

“Ah well,” he said aloud. He stood up and went to the storeroom, where temptation, intelligent, beautiful and ruthless, awaited.

Yua had prepared for his arrival, he found. She had removed her panties, which he’d taken halfway down her thighs, completely. They lay on the desk, on top of her school skirt, also removed. Yua was bent over that desk, his cane lying at her side. Her perfect little ass was bare raised, her breasts and face pressed down on to the desk’s hard wood.

Her thighs were parted, so he could consider the respective pleasures and potentials offered by her pussy and her tight little bud.

He said, “Yua, I…” He shook his head. He could see the side of her face. She had smiled. He said, “You want me to cane you and then fuck you, don’t you?”

“Hai, Sensei! Please.” She arched her bottom up just a little more. 

“Would you like it if I just caned you and didn’t fuck you?” 

The smirk was gone. “Oh no. That wouldn’t be nearly as good. That would be bad.” 

He took the cane from the desk then, and stood to her side. “Then that, my girl, is how it’s going to be.” 

And he swung the cane, hard. She knew that he was no longer fooled by the performance she’d made the first time he’d caned her. So when she yelped, surprised and stung, he took it as a compliment. And swung the cane again, aiming at the softer flesh of her lower buttocks.

She yowled, and her white socks left the floor, kicking in pain. She said, “You should do this. Beat me all the time when you fuck me, sensei.”

Seamus gave her four more strokes. She swore at each one, and offered to fuck him, and suck his cock. But each stroke branded her beautiful bottom, and he said nothing. But after the sixth stroke, Seamus said, “Get up, Yua.” 

“Hai, Sensei!” She raised herself from the desk using her hands. She turned to face him, her legs crossed, her pussy lightly, blackly furred, under the edge of her shirt. She said, “Would you like something, Sensei?” 

Seamus knew that they both knew what he’d like. He said, “Yua, you’re not wearing a bra, are you?”

She shook her head, wide-eyed. “Oh no, Sensei.”

“That’s a breach of school rules, and you know it. Take off that shirt.”


Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 20

Seamus had told Yua to get up, now her caning was done. Yua stayed bent over the chair, staring up at him. He walked back to her, cane still in his hand, and smacked her bottom again. “Up, girl.”

She did not get up. She moved, slowly, voluptuously, from side to side after he’d smacked her striped bottom.

He wasn’t immune to her display, though he knew he wasn’t the only audience she was playing for.

He’d told the class to keep their eyes on their books, but he doubted if there were not a boy, or girl, in the classroom who wasn’t watching, though their heads were bent studiously down. Yua said, “I can’t get up, Sensei. I hurt too much. Could you help me?”

He said, in warning, “Yua.” But he reached down to take her by the shoulder. She grabbed his hand in both of hers, and pulled it to her face. Her mouth opened and she took his thumb, sucking, then running her tongue slowly from the tip to the flesh of his hand. He smiled, realising he had been trapped.

That action, with her mouth on his thumb, had made him a promise. A promise of great promise. There was no doubt that she would suck his cock with great enthusiasm and skill. Of course he wanted that, and at the same time he wanted her not to have whatever she wanted. Including him.

He withdrew his thumb, now wet, and pulled her up, stopping her from pressing her body against his once she was upright. 

“Stand in the corner, Yua. Hands on head, until this class is over. It seems you need another lesson.”

“Hai, sensei.” Another lesson was fine with her. She walked, skirt swishing, to the corner, and took up her position, nose in the corner. 

He hadn’t asked her to, but she lifted her skirt, to display her pantied bottom, stripes emerging from both sides of her panties. She was enacting The Schoolgirl in Disgrace.

 She was a poor English student, but she could supplement her inadequacy at that language with other kinds of communication. Snd, he knew, she usually got what she wanted.

Still, Seamus switched his attention away from her and her challenges with something like relief. He called on one of the brighter boys to explain the passage he’d just read.The boy said, “Hai, sensei. The passage I read … It was on page 148… Ah,” Seamus realised the boy hadn’t read it, and that he was embarrassed by his own reaction to Yua’s display.

Seamus stared at him, giving him long enough to wonder if he was next to go over that chair. At last he said, “Pay attention, from now on. That was a warning.” The boy swallowed, and nodded.

He heard an amused sound from Yua, behind him. He ignored it.

Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 19

The rest of that day’s class was uneventful. Yua sometimes opened her legs to flash her panties and inner thighs at him, but he ignored that. If it got worse he’d deal with it.

School life travelled smoothly for a while. In the next couple of weeks he found sometimes had to repeat the lesson, with some of the rowdier boys. At least they presented him with no temptations when they presented their backsides for the cane.

But a few weeks after the first time he’d caned her, Yua brought no homework and squirmed voluptuously, standing beside his desk. Seamus said, “Well? Homework?”

“I’m sorry, sensei. I did it, so well. But on my way to school today there was a dog. It chased me and I dropped my homework. I went back later, but …”

Seamus looked up at her, in disbelief. “The dog ate your homework?”

“Hai, sensei.”

In a way he was impressed. It was a traditional Western excuse, but not a Japanese one. She must have done at least some reading in English. But he said, “A dog did not eat your homework, Yua. I warned you about stupid excuses. Fetch a chair, and bend over it. Bottom facing the class, so they can see you being punished.”

So Yua walked to her desk, still squirming with every step, knowing he couldn’t help but watch her, picked up the chair and returned. She bent tightly over the chair. As an afterthought, she lifted her skirt above her waist, so the cane would impact across neat, modest white panties. 

Seamus gave her one hard smack across that poised target with his hand. She wiggled, knowing she was a temptation. Then he walked to the hook on the wall from which the cane hung, in warning to all his students. He lifted it, walked back and stood a little to her side. He lined the cane across Yua’s bottom, then lifted it. He turned to face the class.

They gazed, unblinking, the girls mostly at him and the boys mostly at Yua’s plumply perfect bottom. He said, “Take out your book and turn to page 148. If I see anyone watching, they’ll come up and get the same.”

There was a sudden flurry, books being removed from satchels and placed open on the desk. All eyes were on page 148.

He said, “If you disrupt lessons, if you don’t do your work, if you are insolent like this silly girl, this is what you get.” And then he swung the cane down, hard across tight panties.The sound was loud enough to make several of them wince, and even Yua gave a little grunt.

She was no longer making a performance of being caned. She knew that he knew she’d been acting. Still, she squealed when she received the fourth and sixth strokes, so he knew he was reaching her.

She’d expected to take just six strokes in front of the other students, before he gave her more in the storeroom after class.

She made a sound of genuine grief when he gave her the seventh stroke and she realised he wasn’t stopping at six. After she’d taken ten strokes, with bright red cane-lines showing at the edge of the panties, he said, “That’ll do, Yua. For now. Get up.”

Yua looked at him, still bent over. Imploring. She put her skirt back into place, disappointing some of the boys and, Seamus had to admit, him too. But she did not move.


Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 18

As they lay together on the couch, Asuka had said, “You caned Yua today.”

Seamus wasn’t surprised she’d heard. Asuka and Yua were friends, and anyway news like that always travelled swiftly in a school. He said, “Yes. Her excuses were too dumb. I got tired of them. Anyway, it’s my job to make her learn something.”

“She said you had a stiffy!”

Oh. Then she’d had a personal report. He said, “Well, She’s pretty. I’m human. And male. And heterosexual. It’s only natural. I kept my stiffy to myself though.”

“You rubbed her bottom!”

So he looked at Asuka. The question was accusing, but she didn’t look upset. “Yeah. She hugged me afterwards. It was kind of an automatic reaction. And that rub told me I’d done it right. Her skin was hot, like yours, where I’d caned her.”

“Did you want her? I mean want to fuck her?”

“As an animal? With a female animal enticing him? Yes, of course I did.”

“Oh, sensei.” She was trying to sound reproachful. He suspected he was being teased.

He held her chin, so she had to look at his face. “As a human man, with beautiful, sexy Asuka, I didn’t. While we’re together my cock is yours.”

She smiled, and lent down his body to take her possession in her mouth. So that was settled. He reached down to smack her bottom with his hand while she served him.

She spread her legs and lifted her  little ass to offer a better target. She took him deeper as the smacks fell, with greater enthusiasm.

They got to bed about midnight.

The next week Yua presented him with the double load of homework he’d demanded. He said he’d look at it later, but a cursory glance suggested that it was good. The English wasn’t idiomatic, but at least it was grammatical. Maybe, to get her up to speed, he could give her extra lessons.

Then he shook his head: nothing good could come of that.

Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 17

Asuka, unusually, had beaten him home.

He opened the door to find her naked, and bowing, bent at the waist. Her mouth was pursed and partly open, in the same offer that Yua had made. He stepped inside. She undid his pants and took his cock in her mouth, sucking until he was hard.

He held her head tight to him, and pumped into her mouth. He had been holding back all day, thanks to Yua’s temptations. But at last he pushed her head away. He didn’t want to come in her mouth.   

She said, “Am I a bad girl, Seamus?”

“No, you’re the best of all possible girls. Little tanshi. Angel.”

She smiled, but she said, “I want to be your bad girl again. Do what you did before. Everything.”

So Seamus led her, her hand in his, into the bedroom, and she knelt on all fours on the bed while he caned her, two dozen strokes, but not as hard as the first night he’d punished her. Still, she cried out and wriggled with every stroke, for his benefit. She enjoyed putting on a show. 

Asuka was entranced, expecting more, but he climbed onto the bed, placed his knees between hers.

He used proper lubrication, recently purchased, to ease his path before he condommed up and entered her tight little hole.

Their fuck was rougher and faster than their first time, and Seamus managed to stay with her until she’d come repeatedly, and slumped flat onto the bed, exhausted. He fell beside her, sweating and cockproud.

When they’d recovered, Asuka said, in English, that a woman’s work is never done.

She padded, naked, to the kitchen. She cooked for him again. Until then it had mostly been Seamus who made meals, but she seemed to have decided it was her role, since her surrender. Or conquest, whichever it truly was.  It was as if she cooked as a kind of erotic theatre. She was role-playing, being a submissive Japanese wife. She could play with that role, because it was one thing she never would be.

When she’d made something with noodles, prawns and mushrooms, she brought out only one plate, for him, and slipped her robe off. Naked, she offered him morsels with her chopsticks, occasionally taking food for herself. Seamus humored her for a while, but he felt too much like a baby bird being fed by its mother, and he told her to sit beside him and eat. She did. Heartily.

Afterwards they lay on the couch together, both naked, Seamus lying on his back and Asuka snuggled in his arms. Eventually she said, “You caned Yua today.”

Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 16

Seamus realized Yua could feel his erection, was pressed against it. Damn, he thought, meaning that several things, some of them contradictory, were regrettable. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back, until the contact was gone and he could think again.

“Yes, you’re a very pretty girl, Yua. You know it, a little too well, I think. And I know it too. But I’m …” He tried to remember the Japanese word. “Taken. You know that. But I’m going to pay attention to you and your schoolwork from now on. You’re going to work hard for me, Yua, or I’ll punish you so hard that you really do cry. Yes?”

“Hai, sensei.” The same as Asuka called him, since he’d started to discipline her. He wondered if Asuka and Yua had talked. They were friends.

By a superhuman effort he managed not to smack her bottom with his hand, before he sent her skipping to her next class.

After school he brought Amida back his cane. Amida had offered him red wine while Seamus told the story of Yua’s punishment, with some details missing. But Amida said, “Did she take you in her mouth?”


“Oh! You fucked her?”

“Actually no. I’m trying to stay, well, impersonal.”

“Then you’re going to have more trouble with that girl. That’s a certainty. You must be the only one of the young male teachers she hasn’t fucked yet.” Amida grinned. “Yes, that means I’ve had the pleasure. It is a pleasure; Yua’s a very luscious fuck. And she knows her way around a cock. It’s as if she has her own kind of sexual magic. But believe me, Seamus, if she wants you, she’s not going to give up.”

“Well, she’s sexy, no question. In body and mind. But I think I’m going to hold out.”

“Ah. There’s Asuka. She’s even more beautiful. But she’d let you, you know. You’re a man, and women know that men have their needs.”

Seamus frowned at that, but said something man-of-the-worldish, and they parted.

Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 15

Seamus found Yua waiting for him in the storeroom. She was on her knees, her mouth prettily pursed, slightly open. She’d lowered her panties, without being ordered, so they gathered just below her bottom.

Her pussy, just above the panties, was prettily-furred, and trimmed. She was used to showing it off, and expected admiration.

She knows how charming she looks, he thought. It was not an offer to be refused lightly. Obviously it had worked for at least some of the other male teachers. He wondered how she distracted the women.

“No, Yua. Get up on your feet. Take your panties down to your knees, and bend over.”  She obeyed, the skirt rising as she bent, to show the three stripes he’d already given her.

He admired those three stripes, and the prettiness of her bottom and thighs in that position. She looked beautifully submissive. She really was very fuckable, thought Seamus, and shook his head: that was not a thought to have. She was a little plumper than the slender Asuka, though in a very desirable, delicious way. But he only said, “And grab your ankles. Don’t let go.”

“Hai, O’Grady-sama.”

He smiled. She’d promoted him to the highest title of respect. But he tapped the cane against her bare bottom, and then he swung it, medium hard. She knew there was no point in theatrics, so she kept still, and silent, while a fourth stripe joined the three he’d already delivered, blooming red on her bare skin.

“Aaah. Ah. Thank you, O’Grady-sama.” He hadn’t asked her to thank him. Obviously she was no stranger to discipline. He considered asking her how he compared to the other teachers, men and women, who had already had the trouble, or pleasure, of having to discipline her.

How many people on the staff had made her adopt this position, and used a cane or strap across that immensely feminine and charming flesh? He wondered, but he simply lifted the cane and swung again, the stroke horizontal and harder than the others.

That hurt her, but his only clue that she had been stung was the brief pause before she took another breath. Her wailing, weeping performance in front of the class had been exactly that: theatre.

He gave her the sixth stroke, making it lower on her thighs so that the stripe could sometimes be visible when she walked. If she wanted it to be.He expected that she’d walk in a way that swung her skirt to reveal that stripe. She was not a feminist, he thought, but she knew how to do and to get what she wanted.

He put the cane on a filing cabinet. “Yua, you’re done. Do your homework, girl, or you’ll be here again. I won’t go so easily on you, a second time. You can get up now, and go to your next class. Don’t forget to tell your teacher exactly why you were late.”

Yua stood, and rubbed her bottom with her hands. Then, before he had a chance to move, she embraced him and made to kiss him. He turned his face away, and was kissed on his cheek. But her breasts and thighs pressed against him, and her belly was touching the hardness of his cock. He couldn’t help bringing his hands down to hold her bottom, still bare and heated from her caning. He ran his fingers over her new set of stripes. They’d raised themselves into welts. She was so soft…

Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 14

Seamus faced his class again. No one met his eyes. He spoke quietly for the rest of the class, so they had to be silent, and there was no further mention of disciplinary matters except for occasional sniffs from Yua, in the corner, hands on head, her bottom no doubt sore after her caning.

All was peace until the whistle sounded and the class filed out, some of them glancing at Yua, still standing with her nose to the wall. The skirt covered the three bright stripes that had to be there, where he’d caned her.

When the room was empty, Seamus said, “Yua.”

She walked towards him in little steps, head down. She stood by his desk, silent. Seamus remembered something that his friend and fellow teacher Amida had told him about punishing students in private. Most of the girls would lift their skirts and take down their panties, if ordered. Seamus expected she’d be very cooperative. Still, that was probably too much, for now.

On the other hand, he did think he’d let Yua off too lightly. So he said, “I expect you to do last week’s homework and next week’s, and to give them to me at the start of class next week. Is that understood?”

“Yes, O’Grady-sensei.”

“You know what to expect if that work is less than excellent. I know very well that you aren’t stupid. Even if your excuses have been stupid. So you’re going to stop pretending to be a dummy, and give me your best effort from now on. Is that understood too?”

She bobbed down a little, twisting the bottom of her skirt. It looked like it might be anguish, but it also showed him more of the tops of her thighs. “Of course, O’Grady-sensei. I’m so sorry.”

But when she smiled at him then, it came too easily and too cheerfully, and Seamus decided. The decision was not in her favor. “Good. Now go into the storeroom, Yua, and wait for me. I am not finished with you.”

She lost her smile immediately. But she turned and obeyed. Seamus let a few minutes pass before he followed her, wondering about what she was up to. He was going to give her more strokes of the cane, of course.

She deserved them, so it was, arguably, his duty. He wasn’t going to do anything sexual with her.

Or not directly sexual; she was a very attractive woman and he already had an erection. He could feel the press of his own clothes against his cock, like sweet pain. There was no doubt that he’d be even more aroused when he caned her, and something about her performance after the three strokes he’d already given her suggested that she might be too.

But she’d gone out of her way to deserve her extra stripes, in a school in which corporal punishment was common. She must have known what she was doing. His abstention from school custom, in relation to corporal punishment, had only stood out, so far. It made him weird, not admirable.

He suspected all of his classes would do better work in the coming weeks if he gave Yua a proper tale of woe to tell and some painful-looking marks to show the other girls. Besides, he remembered, he’d borrowed his cane from Amida, and he’d promised to tell him how he’d used it. He hadn’t wanted that story to be about Asuka. So it would be about Yua.

He picked up the cane and followed Yua into the storeroom.


Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 13

But the next day one of his students, a girl called Yua, had again failed to do her homework. She stood beside her desk to tell him that she’d made a parcel of it, and on the bus one man had bumped her and when she dropped her homework another man, a black man, had stolen it and run from the bus. She was a pretty girl, a little older than Asuka, maybe nineteen, and she wasn’t stupid. But she’d clearly decided she could coast through school, and that Seamus was the teacher most likely to accept no work at all.

Seamus looked at her. It was known that he didn’t cane his students. He told her to come to the front of the class, carrying her chair. Yua did so, suspicious but not too alarmed. She didn’t expect him to punish her.

But he said, “Yua, I’ve had enough stupid excuses from you.” He paused, and spoke the truth. “It’s not just that you’re lazy and not doing your work. It’s that your excuses are so stupid. It’s insulting.”

He took out Mr Amida’s cane, and her gasp was lost in a collective in-take of breath from the entire class. She said, “Oh.” Then, when she’d recovered from her surprise she put her hands together and crouched in front of him. “Sir. O’Grady-Sensei! I’m so sorry. I’ll do extra work. Please don’t punish me!”

He considered asking her to say that in English, but he knew she couldn’t, simple though it was. “Yua, turn your chair so the back faces the class. Then bend over the back, head right down. Put your hands on the further edge of the seat, and don’t move until I say you can.”

She snuffled, tears already flowing, and obeyed. Yua was a woman, not a girl, and if Seamus had stopped to admire her, he’d have found her an attractive sight displayed in that position.

But he faced the class instead, and held up the cane.

“Many of you expected that I wouldn’t need to use this. I thought so too. But it’s in use, in my classes, from now on. For that you can blame this girl.”

He lined up Mr Amida’s cane on the lower slopes of Yua’s uniform, trying not to admire her soft, bare thighs, and delivered a stroke across her bottom, close to the most rounded area. Just that single evening with Asuka had improved his aim. Yua yelped, but held her position. He was caning over her skirt, so he’d have to imagine the stripe forming.

Seamus made the next stroke harder, and Yua began to wail, her face a mask of sorrow. Seamus glared at the class then. If she was going to be theatrical, then so would he be. They were utterly silent, watching Yua intently. No one seemed to feel much sympathy. She really should have come up with better excuses.

He gave the girl one more stroke, this one just below the uniform hem, on pantied, rounded skin, just above her thighs. There was a murmur from the class. They could see that stripe rising and reddening as they watched. It obviously hurt Yua, but otherwise it made very little difference to her. She was already wailing, and she had nothing more to give.

Seamus reached for the girl’s ear and pulled her about halfway upright. He snapped, “Be quiet now, Yua, or I’ll give you the same again.” Her wails stopped as if she’d turned off a tap. When she stood upright the three stripes disappeared. He considered making her raise the skirt, but decided against it.This wasn’t going to turn into something sexual. He hoped.

“Yua, you’re a silly girl. You’re to go and stand in the corner there. Nose to the corner, hands on head for the rest of this lesson. When class is dismissed, you can come and tell me you’re sorry.”

She looked at him, hands on head, for one last time before facing the wall. She was smiling. As if she’d done something clever. As if triumphantly. Then her mouth pursed into a kiss, and Seamus understood that he was wrong. This was about sex. Very much so.