Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei

The year continued. Seamus and his two loved girls lived together, generally in harmony. 

Both girls did better at school, particularly Yua, since Asuka had already been a good girl and devoted to her studies. But even Asuka misbehaved sometimes, though she would never be break rules as spectacularly as Yua. Generally, when either girl had misbehaved in class, or missed an assignment, the teacher of that class would send her to Seamus for discipline. 

So Seamus often caned Yua at school, and occasionally did the same for Asuka, who always seemed more genuinely sorry. 

And then that girl would come home, where Seamus would whip her soundly for having had to be punished at school.

Generally, the whipped girl was sorry, and would sniffle, lying face down on the bed.

Seamus and the other girl, whichever it was on that occasion, would rub oils and herbal mixes into her buttocks, thighs and upper shoulders. Eventually comfort and arousal would win the battle with pain, and comforting would turn into sexual consolation. 

The end of the school year approached. Both girls were on track to graduate with distinction. Seamus had started to wonder if he could marry Asuka, while taking Yua as a concubine. Both Asuka and Yua thought that was a proper arrangement, though it would be unusual for a concubine to be on such close terms with the wife. In any case, he loved them both, and he was securely certain that they loved him, and each other. 

Seamus attended their graduation ceremony with Asuka’s father, the jovial and lethal yakuza boss. The man had roared with laughter and slapped his back, when he saw Seamus was carrying – as discreetly as he could – the whip that had got both girls so far and so well. Seamus finally said, “I love your daughter. Sir.”

“I know. She loves you.”  

“I would like, with your consent, to marry her.”

“Ad what about the other girl: Yua?” 

“Asuka would be unhappy if I didn’t look after her too. Your laws don’t allow for two wives. Nor do ours. But Yua can have a traditionally honourable status.” 

Asuka’s father chuckled. “I thought you were an idiot, when I first heard of you. You’re not. And all things being equal, I’d be proud to have you as my son-in-law.” 

Seamus heard nuances. “But?”

“It’s a big world, Seamus. One of your poets has it: ‘Our own felicity we make or find.’ Relax and have faith. You will find your felicity.” 

Seamus frowned. “With Asuka?” 

“Hmm. Possibly. That depends on you.” 

.The ceremony was over, and both Yua and Asuka ran, in silly Western caps and gowns, to their Sensei.


[The end.]

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