Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 29

Seamus recognised the signs, the little gasps and the tightening of her stomach muscles that told him Asuka was close to coming. He had Yua’s hand, reaching between his thighs and stroking his bollocks, and he was in danger of coming before Asuka was ready.

He bit his own tongue, hard enough to hurt and delay his own orgasm for the few more seconds Asuka needed.

Asuka was usually a screamer when she came. This time she closed her eyes, raised her thighs to hold him, and made only a soft moan, then another, before her body relaxed under him as if she had fainted. He wondered if he’d failed her in some way, but Asuka eventually opened her eyes.

She reached up to stroke his face. “Oh, Seamus. Lovely. That was … ” Asuka didn’t produce a word, but clearly she was serenely happy, and so he was too. 

Yua crawled over his body, which was a notably enjoyable experience, for Seamus. She kissed him on the cheek, and then kissed Asuka’s mouth. She said, “I know where you went. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

Asuka smiled at her friend, but said nothing. Then she rolled over to cuddle Seamus. He’d done something splendid, it seemed. Anyway, she was happy and loving, and she seemed likely to fall asleep soon. So Seamus rolled onto his back, holding Asuka close, and then put his arm round Yua so she didn’t feel left out.

But Yua wasn’t tired yet. She kissed Seamus passionately, and kissed Asuka gently, not disturbing a girl on the verge of sleep. She slipped down his body, and licked his cock. Then she took it in her mouth, and moved along his mostly soft cock, tasting and cleaning Asuka’s and his sexual fluids. 

Seamus didn’t expect she’d have much luck getting him hard for another hour or so. They’d kept him busy, peniley speaking. But her soft, wet, lightly sucking after-care was still pleasant. He felt vaguely proud and happy that Yua liked his cock, and his come.

He hadn’t expected to feel fond of Yua. He’d been irritated with her from the first time she came up with a stupid excuse for not doing her homework, until … Well, he probably stopped being irritated with her when he had his cock in her ass. And when she’d licked his cock and made him hard again after their bath, he’d started to feel affection. He decided that he was a very simple system. He put his free hand on Yua’s head, to stroke her scalp and rub behind her ear while she served him.

She looked up at him, his soft cock still in her mouth, and smiled. He murmured, trying not to wake Asuka, “Good girl, Yua. But come up now.”

So she wriggled up his body until she faced Asuka, across his chest. She whispered, “Fuck me again soon?”

Seamus nodded. “I’m certain. But Asuka’s down, and I’m going to be asleep soon. So you may as well rest too.”

She said, “Tomorrow’s Saturday. We’re not getting out of bed, yes?”

“Not til Sunday lunchtime, I think, little one. Except for baths. And food. You can be the table, and Asuka and I will eat off you.”

Her eyes lit up. “Like nyotaimori? Oh, I’ve always wanted.”

“I guess you get your chance, if you’re good. But yes, we’ll stay home and fuck.”

Yua said, “Perfect. ”   

Seamus closed his eyes. Asuka’s soft and regular breath was affecting him. As he relaxed into sleep, he felt Yua take his cock in her hand, and then she cuddled against him too.


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