Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 27

Yua came, wailing noisily, with Seamus’s cock in her ass and Asuka’s tongue busy licking up at her pussy. Asuka had crawled between Yua’s legs while they were fucking, as Yua had done for Asuka. Seamus suspected she took less pleasure from that than Yua had taken from licking her pussy.

Yua was, sexually, into anything that moved, while Asuka seemed to like men, and only one of them at a time. But she felt she should repay her friend. 

Afterwards, when Yua and Seamus had both come, and he was slowly softening, still in her ass, Asuka went to ran a deep bath. She came back and took the other twoby the hand and pulled them into the bathroom. The three of them, undressed, washed, and climbed into the tub.

In the tub the two girls insisted on continuing to wash Seamus’s cock very slowly and with great solemnity, only partly spoiled by occasional outbreaks of giggles. Seamus didn’t mind. He knew they were trying to get him hard, and while he also knew there was no serious chance they would succeed, at least for another half an hour or so, he couldn’t deny that their ministrations felt good.

At last, after perhaps an hour of soapy, slippery bodies sliding together, there was a knock at the door. Asuka got out, wrapped herself in a towel, and answered it. Yua and Seamus left the bath more slowly. Yua knelt before him to embrace and dry his feet, his legs and then licked his cock, without taking it into her mouth. This time she achieved better results, and it rose and pointed somewhere over her forehead. 

Asuka returned with bento (she must have called a local restaurant while she was running the bath, Seamus decided).

She sat Seamus at their table, wrapped in a great robe, while his two-girl harem stayed naked and beautiful, fussing over and feeding him, occasionally taking pieces of eel or shrimp for themselves.

That night, in bed with the two of them, he found himself holding Yua’s buttocks, still heated from the caning he’d given her that day, and lifting her slightly from the bed while he tongued her sweet, plump and depilated pussy. She squirmed and squealed appreciatively, her hands on his shoulders sometimes caressing and sometimes gripping him with all her might.

Asuka, deprived of access to his cock while he lay on his front, kissed the side of his face, then lay back beside Yua, thighs well spread, stroking her pussy. Seamus pushed his knuckle into Yua’s luscious cunt, and sped up, applying more pressure.

Her squeals dropped in pitch to become guttural and grunty, and at last, her hands now tangled in his hair and at risk of pulling clumps out, she came, crying “Waaa-haa, waaa-haa!” like a very upset baby. Then her grip on his hair relaxed, and he let her sink back to the bed.

Yua left her hand on his shoulder, affectionately, when he edged over to hold and tongue Asuka. But Asuka said, “No, sensei. I want you to fuck me now. And Yua too. Both of us, together.”

Seamus frowned. “Well, that sounds good. But I don’t actually have two cocks.”

“Silly Sensei! It’s easy! You just-”   


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