Bedroom Eyes 36: The End

We sat in the kitchen around the table, Maires and I in dressing gowns., Stephanie/Scallop in my biggest shirt and her knickers. I’d made a Thai-ish meal with red curry mix plus extra chilli, pork, beans and pineapple, rice and a side-dish of muchrooms and capsicum.

The three of us had eaten with my three housemates. They’d eaten, drunk wine and conversed during the meal but they’d left soon after. From their perspective, the three of us were new lovers and we should be given space and time. They were good people.

Stephanie was facing Maires and me across the table while we’d eaten, but now she came over, and lay facedown over Maires’s lap and mine. I pulled her knickers down and smacked her bottom, but not too loudly. Maires joined in, helpfully since it had to be done. Still, we kept it quiet: my housemates were also likely to produce under0-dressed lovers from their bedroom from time to time, but it was still common space.

Eventually, I told Stephanie to pull her shirt down and turn over onto her back. Maires and I sipped Shiraz and stroked Stephanie’s tummy and breasts, with no need to talk. We were a happy family.

But Stephanie said, “I should be naked rnow, shouldn’t I?”

“Well, yes.” I leaned down and kissed her. “But this isn’t a party. Party rules don’t apply. There are other people. I’ll buy you a dressing gown.”

“No! I mean: please no, Master. If I needed a dressing gown I’d buy it. But I’m saying something else. Your bed is too small for the three of us, isn’t it? I mean for everyday. It’s fine when we’re having sexy good times but if we just want to sleep together we need a king-sized bed. Don’t we?”

Maires said, “Yes, my little love, that’d be great. But I’ve measured. We can’t really fit a king-sized bed in our room. Not without it being awkward to walk round.”

Stephanie touched my face, then Maires’s.

“Darlings. My loves. I want to be naked when I leave our bedroom and go to the loo. Or the kitchen. I want to be naked around the house when I’ve got cane marks across my bum. For that matter, Mistress, I want you to be naked after Master’s caned you. You’ve got a hot ass, my mistress-love. And I want to be able to turn over in bed or go to the loo without being worried about disturbing you.”

“You don’t disturb us,” I said. “We’re just a pile of sleeping mammals. We fart, we move, we snore, we mutter, we turn over. We don’t really wake up.”

“But if I’m in the middle, I’ve got to climb over one of you to get to the loo. That wakes you. I always feel bad.”

Maires and I looked at each other. Maires was frowning, worried. Stephanie was a new wonder in our life, and she didn’t want her unhappy.

I said, “Scallop? What are you saying?”

“I’d like to live with you two. They say menages never last, but I don’t care. I’ll love it as long as it lasts, and maybe, anyway, we’ll all stay loving each other and stay together.”

Maires leant down and sucked then bit Stephanie’s nipple. “I hope so, little love.” Stephanie sighed and her tummy rippled.

I put my hand on Stephanie’s pussy and stroked her gently while Maires nuzzled and bit her breasts lovingly. “I love you, Scallop. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it.”

She snorted derisively. I’d said so many times. “I love you too. I love you two. But we can’t live here. Not live the way we should be living. We need to get a new place, just the three of us.”

“OK.” I frowned. “We’ll try to get a bigger bed. And I’ll explain to the housemates, they’ll be cool.”

Maires put her hand over my mouth, something she sometimes did when I’d said something stupid. She kissed Stephanie’s mouth, then lifted her head to look down at her.

“You’re right, little love. We look at the accommodation ads in the papers from now to Saturday. On Saturday we go to some inspections. And we’ll talk to some real estate agents.”

Stephanie said, “Kinky threesome seeks one-bedroom house?”

Maires smacked Stephanie’s thigh. “They don’t need to know how weird we are. It should be a three-bedroom house anyway. Guest room. And we need a sex room.”

I looked at her, surprised. “A sex room?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Oh. All right. Actually that sounds good . All right, Scallop, we go looking for a place you can live in and love, and have both your master and your mistress on … on tap, I suppose. You can get sex, love, direction and discipline, twenty-four seven, no waiting.”

Stephanie’s face lit up. “Oh yes, there’s waiting. I can’t wait. I’d move there tomorrow.”

Maires started to talk about rental prices. Stephanie took her hand and pressed it next to mine, which still explored and stroked her cunt. Maires looked at me. Her look meant, “This stuff Stephanie’s saying: what have we here and what do you think about it?”

I said, “I think it’s time for us to go back to bed now. Or we will give the housemates something, ah, active and depraved in the kitchen, that they’d have to walk around when they make cups of tea.”

Stephanie rolled off me and knelt between my legs, to kiss my cock under my dressing gown. I stroked her head but stood while I could, or could discreetly. It seemed we’d all just agreed to change, and join, our lives. I was surprised by how little doubt I felt. And no fear. We joined hands and walked, three abreast, back to Maires and my now inadequate room.

[The end, for now]

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