Bedroom Eyes 35

I rolled over and kissed Scallop’s pussy. Then I put my tongue against her lips, warm and wet and woman-pungent, and she gasped. I smacked her bottom for that, but fondly. I raised my head to look at her. She looked back, surprised: had I stopped being cruel?

I said, “Scallop, you still can’t speak, but you can make noises now.”

She lowered her head and made an assenting grunt. I kissed her pussy again, then spread her thighs and began licking, with two fingers inserted inside her.She undulated against me, sighing.

Maires had got to her knees, and was kissing and biting Scallop’s nipples, occasionally moving up to kiss her mouth. I sped up, mouth and nose pressed into Scallop’s wet and moving mango, and she moaned as if she was in great and wonderful pain. She reached down and stroked my hair, then pressed her hand down on my head. I could have punished her for assuming she could use force on me, but just then it didn’t matter. Her thighs clamped tight on my face while I tongued her hard and fast, and her body tensed. Her orgasm was a soft, bird sound, a dove’s coo.

She lay back, gasping, but Maires was determined she’d get no rest. She straddled Scallop, her thighs on Scallop’s shouders, with her pussy just above Scallop’s mouth. It was clear what Maires wanted. Scallop complied, lifting her face and giving her Mistress service.

I said, “Good girl. Good girls.”

I watched for a moment, looking up at Scallop’s breasts in motion while Scallop started her new task, and at Maires’s arse, also in motion, fucking Scallop’s face. Then I buried my face back in Scallop’s cunt, making her gasp. Somehow, that gasp made Maires tense and grunt at the same moment.

I thrust three fingers inside Scallop, still tonguing her, and she closed her thighs on my face again. Maires sobbed suddenly. Scallop’s response to my hand and mouth had made her service more intense.

Maires’s arse was in dramatic motion, firmly pressed against Scallop’s face, riding her ruthlessly for her own pleasure. I stayed with my task, but watched Maires suddenly lift her head, staring up at the ceiling, ululating painedly and triumphantly, then fall forward, her belly on Scallop’s face. Scallop writhed, pressing herself against my mouth, until she came too, her orgasmic moan gentler, softer than Maires.

I edged my way up the bed and Scallop’s body, pressing my cock against her and then into her. She was a wet girl, tight and warm. She raised her thighs to hold me, as if she’d folded her body in two. Maires rolled off Scallop’s face, and knelt beside her, watching her being fucked, sometimes leaning down to kiss her. Scallop sighed. Then she sped up, taking me deep, and we moved together, my hands now holding her breasts hard.

We stared intently at each other, Scallop and I, then her eyes rolled back, the pupils almost disappearing. I squeezed her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, then twisted. She screamed at last, loud as Maires, and came for the third time. She lay back panting, being kissed by Maires but making little response. For now she was done.

I was still hard in her, as I hadn’t come myself, but I withdrew and climbed further up so I could put an arm round Maires and drag her down to lie with Scallop and me. We lay together, my loves at my sides, and lay still, calm and loving. Scallop kissed my armpit and put a hand on my cock.

But when she started to stroke me I shook my head and she stopped. “Scallop.”


“You’ve got back the right to speak. How do you feel?”

She looked at me. “I feel wonderful. I loved being your table. And whatever I was just then. You can do that again whenever you like.” Her voice was high, breathy.

“I don’t need your permission, love.”

“S-sorry, Master.”

I smiled, I hope reassuringly. “But I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. We will do it again, little puss.”

I smacked her belly, since her bottom was out of reach. She smiled at me. I kissed her nose, then her mouth. My cock was very aware of her. At my other side Maires shifted, her face under my arm, body curled. I looked down at her, keeping still. A tendrill of hair on her mouth moved as she breathed. She gave a sort of gentle proto-snore. She was asleep.






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