Bedroom Eyes 34

Scallop waited silently, in position on her hands and knees. Maires had bent herself over her back, her thighs wide apart. She reached back for my cock as I put my knees between hers, and placed the head of my cock against her asshole. I pressed forward, and entered with only an instant of muscled resistance. She was tight but also slippery; she’d lubed herself very thoroughly. 

She sighed as I pushed deeper into her. Scallop, kneeling beneath her, acting as table for this fuck, held her body tense. She stared into the carpet below her nose, knowing she’d be punished hard and long if she collapsed under our combined weights.

Maires reached back to hold my arse as I pushed into her. She expelled all her breath when I was fully inside her, my groin hard against the blazing heat of her bottom.

We held still for a long, long moment until I felt her breathe again. I withdrew a little then, and pressed forward again. Maires grunted when I was again held deep inside her and pushed back, trying to take me deeper still. Scallop, supporting both our weights, grunted at almost the same moment as Maires. She moved her left knee a little to the left to give herself a more secure base. Maires looked back at me then. She wanted something to happen to Scallop.

I decided she was right and reached for the belt and doubled it, still moving in Maires’s ass. I smacked it hard down Mairse’s right thigh, then the left, so that she sped up under me, and then swung it across Scallop’s bottom.

Scallop barely reacted to the first stroke, though it landed loud and left a bright red stripe, so I gave her five more, making her move under us wth each impact. “Scallop, you will keep yourself still.”

Scallop didn’t look back at me. She suspected that wasn’t allowed just then. She nodded emphatically, knowing she didn’t have permission to speak. I swung the belt again, this time making her gasp, then returned my attention to Maires. I reached under her’s belly and stroked her pussy, more or less in time with my cock in her ass.

Maires’s head lifted and she wailed into the air, a happy sexual squall. We sped up, pushing each other hard, with no thought for poor Scallop below us as she struggled to keep herself upright and still while our fuck became more vigorous and abandoned.

I put my hands back on Maires’s shoulders, still holding the belt, and drove faster and harder. Maires tried to look back at me again, desperation on her face. “Master, may I, may I?”

She broke off, too intensely busy with sensation to manage things like words. I didn’t have much time to decide, I knew. I’d heard that voice before from Maires, and if I didn’t give her permission she wouldn’t be able to hold off for long. I didn’t want to have to punish Maires just then, because all of this was mostly for Scallop’s benefit. So I said, “Yes, girl. For your Master. Now.”

I took up the belt again, laying six more strokes across Scallop’s bottom while Maires screamed and plunged against her back and side. I wanted Scallop to notice and appreciate the unfairness of her being whipped while Maires was getting pleasured.

I plunged three fingers into Scallop’s pussy then and stroked that spongy, engorged upper wall. She cried out then shut her mouth quickly: she was supposed to be silent but that sensation was almost too much to bear.

I knew she’d be happy but I didn’t expect that in just a few seconds she’d open her eyes and mouth wide and come too, trying to be silent like a good girl and wonderfully, musically failing. 

Being dropped very deep into submission had left her reach a state of sexual trance, and it wouldn’t have taken much to trigger that orgasm. But with her concentration scattered her left arm buckled and she fell onto her side under Maires’s and my bodies. We lay together in a pile, stroking and kissing whatever human flesh we encountered. We were loving, exhausted, happy and satisfied with each other.

Scallop knew she was in trouble for failing to be a good table for Maires and me, but for the time being that didn’t matter. Maires kissed her. I kissed her. I spanked her pussy lightly, for comfort.

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