Bedroom eyes 33

Stephanie/scallop stayed on her hands and knees, a muscle in her thigh trembling a little as she held herself still for Maires and I, who were eating our breakfast omelettes from the table formed by her back. Scallop was silent, since she didn’t have permission to speak. Maires and I talked about concerts. There were two coming up, one with Taylor Swift, the other with The Chemical Brothers.We could afford just one.

I wanted to see Swift, because I can see that her songs are well-written even if they’re not really aimed at me, but mainly because it was the closest I’d ever come to seeing a crowd reaction as happy and also weird as the girls in old footage who’d screamed at the Beatles. Maires wanted the Chemical Brothers, because of edge and noise and excitement. I suspected that Stephanie would probably pick Swift too, making it two to one, but just then she wasn’t allowed an opinion, let alone a vote.

Eventually we’d finished and I leaned back against the bed. “Maires, clear the plates and glasses on the floor for scallop.”

“Yes, Master.” Practical orders like that always disappointed her a little. if I’m giving her orders surely I could come up with something a bit more sexy?

I looked, significantly, at my belt on the floor, and she obeyed my boring order.

“Scallop, get up, take the dishes to the kitchen and clean them. Then come back here and resume your place. Don’t speak.”

Scallop stood, stretching lithely, then bent to pick up the plates, cutlery and glasses, and left us, closing the door behind her. Maires had been watching scallop’s body, as I had, but now we were alone she looked at me. “So what now?”

“She’s a table. Have I ever fucked you over a table?”

“Oh. Oh, I see. I love being fucked over a table. But, um, has a table ever liked being fucked on?”

“I think this table will envy us.” Maires nodded. “Lubricate yourself for me, girl.”

“Yes, Master!” That was more like a proper order. Maires crawled to the bedside table and took the lube. She squatted and inserted lube into her asshole, using two fingers to enter herself. She was always very focused on herself and her sensations when she did that. I watched her silently.

When she felt she was slippery enough she put the tube back and shut the drawer. I held out my arms. “Come here, love.”

She crawled to me then, and looked at my eyes. I kissed her. We didn’t have to speak. She dropped to take my cock, still soft, in her mouth, and sucked gently, lovingly, until I was hard. She was still serving me, her feet and back to the door, when scallop re-entered the room.

Scallop smiled at me, to tell me she was happy I was being pleasured, then dropped to her hands and knees again, just beyond Maires’s feet.

It was hard resisting the urge to tell scallop she was a good girl. Instead I said, “Maires, I’m going to fuck your ass.” Maires knew that; that announcement was for scallop’s benefit. “Bend over the table and present yourself.”

Scallop’s hands and toes clenched as she felt her mistress’s belly and breasts on her back.

I said, “Table will come under a certain amount of pounding. Table will not move, or there will be consequences.”

Scallop nodded, wisely without speaking, hearing the threat of punishment and feeling it was only right. Maires’s ass was before me, with my cock pointing at it. I got up onto my knees and waddled forward. I smacked Maires’s bottom, hard enough to echo off the walls and make her jolt.

I lined up my cock so I pressed between her buttocks. Maires reached back and spread herself for me. But there was something I couldn’t stop myself doing. I smacked Stephanie/scallop’s bottom too, then stroked between her cheeks. She was a very wet girl. She gasped at the touch, but remembered not to speak or move.

I reached for my belt and put in within reach so I could use it while I buttfucked Maires. I expected I’d want to. I smacked Stephanie/scallop’s arse again, and she looked at me. She wanted me to smile at her. I felt I shouldn’t lessen her humiliation, but I couldn’t help smiling back. She nodded, satisfied, and lowered her head to look at the carpet.

I put my hands on Maires’s shoulders, and she reached back to hold my cock and guide it into place.

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