In the Realm of the Sensei 31

Yua, despatched to fetch the cane, got out of bed with every appearance of sulkiness. Seamus doubted it was real; Yua was a play-acting girl. So was Asuka, he reflected, when she was under Yua’s influence. Asuka was by nature a good girl, who liked to please her master. Yua was a girl who liked to be tamed, over and over, into pleasing her master. Thenˆshe liked pleasing her master. 

Yua wiggled her ass rebelliously and enticingly as her feet hit the floor and she crossed to the wardrobe. She said, “I let you lick my pussy, sensei. Isn’t that worth something?”

It crossed Seamus’s mind to point out that she was in no position to grant, or withhold, her pussy, at least in relation to him. But he knew that she knew that. When she thought a caning was coming, she tended to misbehave in ways calculated to make it longer and harder. She’d only start to show remorse when she suspected that it was coming to a point where it wouldn’t be fun. 

Not so long ago he’d given her two dozen hard strokes, and she’d taken them mostly dry of eye and wet of pussy. He knew he didn’t really have the heart to prolong or intensify a punishment enough to cause her genuine anguish. Well, he probably didn’t. He’d have to wait and see, and so would she. 

Yua turned from the wardrobe, holding that crook-handled length of flexible rattan. She said, “Cruel sensei. How do you want me?”

Seamus said, “Just stand, feet wide apart, facing away from me, beside the bed.” 

Yua frowned. That was curious, but not scary. She obeyed. “Do I put my hands on my hand, sensei?” 

“Of course.” Seamus reached over now, to give the fascinated Asuka a ringing smack on her ass. He said, “Asuka, get out of bed now, and join your naughty friend. Same pose, except that you’re facing me.”

Asuka scrambled up and stood in front of Yua. “Hai, sensei!” She backed closer. “Bottoms touching, sensei?”

“Yes, little one. Like sexy bookends.” 

“Hai, sensei.” Asuka made a pelvic thrust, to bounce Yua’s bottom with her own. Then they stood together, back to back, their asses and shoulders pressing against the other.

Seamus decided this was the prettiest and sexiest sight he had ever seen, and he took several pictures with his camera. Then he put the camera down, kissed each girl in turn, and then slipped the cane between their thighs. He lifted the ends of the cane, turning it, and it pressed against and slid between Yua’s pussylips, and then Asuka’s. 

He lifted the ends of the cane higher, drawing it tight, so each girl was touched and stimulated from perineum to clitoris. Asuka said, “Oh! Oh, sensei!” Yua said nothing, but she started to move her hips, sometimes pressed against the cane, sometimes against Asuka’s bottom. After a moment, Asuka did the same.

There was no sound, except for two beautiful girls breathing hard. Asuka made a little high-pitched noise after a time, and Yua followed suit. It was hard work, Seamus found, holding the cane so tightly bent, pleasuring his two girls. But rewarding. He thought the two of them, sexually entranced, were now even sexier and more beautiful. But he couldn’t pleasure them with the cane and take a photo. He’d just have to remember.  

It was Asuka who first made the sound that told him that she was getting ready to come. Then Yua moaned in answer. Seamus whipped the cane away, and said, “Right, both of you. Turn around and face each other.” 


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