Vampire girl #14

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Diane reached to undo a button – there were just three keeping the shirt on – then hesitated. She looked at my eyes. She said, “you’re not fooling me.”

“No. But you know that if you don’t get that shirt off, I’ll take this switch to the backs of your legs. Till you’re crying, and then while you’re crying. Right here, right now. You doubt that?”

“No, that’s not what you’re bluffing about. You’d do that. In a public park for fuck’s sake. You wouldn’t even think it was a weird thing to do,”

“You’re right. But why are you going to take your shirt off?”

“Because you’ll whip me if I don’t. Which, by the way, is a weird thing to do.”

“No, try again. Why are you going to do as I say?”

“Ah. Because it’s sexy. Doing as I’m told turns out to be hot. Which is weird too.”

“That’s better. But I’ll still whip you if that shirt’s not off by the time I count to five. One.”

“Wait.” Diane fumbled with buttons, hurriedly. 


“Hey, not so fast.” But she had two buttons undone. 

“No, you hurry. Three.”

“Bastard.” But she had the buttons undone, and pulled the shirt off when I said “four”.

Diane was a naked vampire, with her shirt in her hand. I never said “five”. Instead, I said, “good girl. Now give it to me.”

She looked at me, eyes, breasts, belly and cunt all turned my way. There’s power in that. And there was power in her focus on whatever I might do next, or make her do. To keep this hot I had to keep the lead. Diane crumpled the shirt into a ball. And tossed it behind her. Over her shoulder.  


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Vampire girl #13

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Diane had said that vampires didn’t get whipped. I said, “Well, you do.”

“Well, I’m a vampire pervert. Um. Jaime?”


“Does it hurt? I mean, you’re going to make me bleed, with these.” She nodded at the bundle of switches in my hand. “That’s the idea, yes? Will it hurt?” 

This is why we should have started this conversation earlier. I said, “truthfully, yes. But also not exactly. If you’re turned on and it’s all working, then it’ll hurt you a lot and it won’t hurt you at all. Like firewalking. Don’t stop and you’ll sail through unharmed. But: you’ve had someone bite you.” 


“Well, I don’t know what that’s like, but I think this could hurt about as much, but its more like a good pain. When it’s sexy it doesn’t hurt.” 

“It’s not only biting. Sometimes vampires cut the skin and suck, if they don’t want to bite.” 

“Yeah, well, that’s a vampire problem, I don’t care. When I’m birching you, the issues are going to be different. And if you find it’s too much, I don’t want to be doing something that’s no fun. The main thing there is: well, you’ve heard of safewords.” 

“Yeah. If I say the safeword, then you stop, right?” 

“That’s right. Well, your safeword is ‘monozygotic embryology.'”

“Mono-what? My safeword is WHAT?” 

“Yeah, what I mean is: you don’t need to remember a magic word. In practice, if it’s not working for you, just tell me it’s too much, or it’s not sexy, and you want me to stop it. I don’t care what words you use, and I’ll stop. And if you want I’ll fuck you stupid instead. Okay?” 

“Okay. I can say ‘psychotic embolism,” or whatever that was, but I can just say, ‘hey, this is no fun.’ Okay.”

We’d calmed down too much, with all this meta-talk. It was time to pick up the energy and the pace. “Good. I’m not going to talk about rules again. Take your shirt off.”


“Take your fucking shirt off, right here, right now in this park. Strip. Now.”  


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Vampire girl #12

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Diane scampered, shirt flapping at the tops of her thighs. This time she was all business, and she crouched to look for switches for her birching, rather than the coquettish display she’d given me earlier, all hip-swinging and wiggling, and bending, legs apart, at the waist.

There were plenty of bits of freshly fallen branch on the ground, with thin switches, still green and flexible available. She picked her switches, broke them from the branch, and brought them to me.

She probably ran a few seconds over the five minutes I’d set her, but I was watching her, and not my watch. Anyway, I had a duty of care, now that she was doing as she was told, and though I’d enjoyed making the threat, I had no intention of walking her naked through the streets, even if it was a quiet and safe neighbourhood. Still, she couldn’t be sure of that, so she hurried.

As she handed me the last switch, she was a little out of breath. She asked, “Are these okay?”

“Perfect. And in case you were wondering, you’re still a good girl.” 

She grinned. “I’ve never been one of those before.” 

“Have you ever been birched before? Or not just birched, whipped or caned or anything.” 

“I had a boyfriend who liked to spank me. But mostly he wanted me to whip him. With a belt.”

“How did you like that?”

“It didn’t do much for me, I mean whipping him. And when he spanked me, it was kind of … pathetic. He kept asking and apologising, and it was never hard. No-one else has even tried. Vampires just don’t get whipped; you really should understand that.” 


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Vampire girl #11

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It felt odd. I hadn’t asked Diane for consent before I’d told her I was going to whip her. It was hotter that way. But I did feel I had to ask, before I called her ‘good girl’. 

But it’s not so odd really. Whipping may be more formal and controlled than a bite, or a lovers’ scratch, but like them it’s about sensation. It’s literally skin deep. But if I give orders and Diane gives obedience, that’s inescapably personal. We can pretend we haven’t noticed what we’re doing, what’s happening between us, but “good girl” destroys that pretence. If I praise her for her obedience and she likes that praise, then we both now that she’s not just being a vampire girl any more. 

“Good girl” means she accepts that I judge her actions and she wants my approval. That’s more intimate, and takes more power from her, than any whipping. “Good girl” may be silly, it may be cliched, but it’s currency. Once we think it’s real, it’s real. And it has power. 

I squeezed her bum, then, and let her feel my cock pressing against her belly. So she knew she was wanted.  Most urgently wanted. “Good. Then the fact is, you’re a good girl. A very good girl.” 

Sometimes instinct leads you right and true. I leaned down for another kiss, and Diane was starry at the eyes and her smile beaming. 

I slipped my fingers out of her again, and pinched her lips until she squealed.

“Here, little good girl”, I said. I undid the tails of her shirt and flicked the material a couple of times, so she was covered again, a few inches of modesty at the tops of her thighs. 

Diane smiled. “Thank you.” 

“Now get me ten more switches like that. You’ve got five minutes. If you take longer, you’ll be walking home with that shirt right up over your head. With your arms in it. That’s if you’re wearing anything at all. Understood?” 


“Good girl.” I smacked her bottom again, since smacking her felt good, and to demonstrate that she didn’t get asked for permission for that. I’d help myself. “So get moving.” 

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