Vampire girl #15

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I wrote the last episode of this story (Vampire girl #14, obviously) so long ago that it’s on the previous page.

I took a break mainly because I’ve been working hard on other projects and this story is hard to write. The reason it’s hard to write is mainly that its essentially a true story. So that means admitting that I was irresponsible enough to take  a woman to a park wearing just a shirt, and then get her to take the shirt off. Spoilers: I’m about to do worse.

But there’s also Diane, she whose name is not really Diane. I haven’t seen her in ages, and I don’t know where she is in the world, but she might one day read this blog. If she does, I hope she’ll feel that I’ve done her some kind of justice, that I haven’t just turned her into a bdsm wank figure, or made her seem silly. She’d read other things I’ve written, and she complained that I never wrote about her. I said I probably would, but only years later. Anyway, here it is, with respectful lust, plenty of misdirection to protect her identity, and I hope some truth where it counts.

So we were in a little clump of trees, the dark part of a park. Diane had taken her shirt off, which was all she was wearing apart from her Cons All-Stars. When I told her to bring her shirt to me she’d balled it up and threw it behind her. So she was a naked girl in a park, discovering that doing as she was told was sexy, and testing to see what I’d do about disobedience. 


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