Sinful Sunday: Repentance

Gala was very good at looking sorry. She did it when she really had dome something wrong and I was coming at her with a look in my eye that most submissives everywhere have learned to recognise. But sometimes it was mock-repentance, because the look in my eye was a little less cross, but still promising. 

But, as only small, deliciously spankable girls who know things are about to happen can do, she managed a pretty good impression of repentance. 

Wouldn’t make any difference though. Luckily for both of us.


Sinful Sunday: A Hard Lesson

About half of Arethusa’s canings were punishment canings, while the other half were just for the sex of it. Punishment canings tended to be a little bit harder, and I was usually growly and lecture-y throughout, so she knew she’d been a bad girl. She didn’t like to disappoint her Master, so that made the strokes hurt more.

This one was for being late with a university assignment. That had happened before, and it was time to drive that lesson home. So this was a hard caning, and there were more strokes to come. 

But even punishment resolves into sex, eventually. She was watching me, for most of it in the mirror, and she said she loved the way my cock got harder, just at the moment of delivering each stroke. “Glee!” she said, when it was safe to say things like that. “You love caning me, and … your cock and your face: it’s just glee!”

Arethusa was very seldom wrong. Except about getting her assignments in on time.





Sinful Sunday: Chiaroscuro

Chiaroscuro is strong contrasts between light and dark, the contrasting light giving fullness and body to the image.

Here’s the beautiiful Zoe in a painter’s home, framing herself with the ladder and the mirror. The light and her beauty do the rest.


Sinful Sunday: Spread

Arethusa. She’s been paddled. And fucked. 

Right now, catlike, she’s sleeping, despite her unrestful position, and the fact that she can’t move. 

But her Master hasn’t undone her bonds yet. They both know one important thing, though they know it from different sides: there’s more to come. 

But first, sleep. I loved the way she always fell asleep after deep D/s sex. She’d given her all, holding nothing back, and she always conked out for a while afterwards. 




Silhouette Sunday

Cheating a bit on the silhouette front. But the mix of that sharp outline of Arethusa’s body, and her sweet thighs, is too good to pass up. 

Your humble photographer appears in this one. Because if you’re going to sneak into the women’s changing rooms because you’re buying your slavegirl some lingerie …

Well, you take pictures, and that’s that. 



Sinful Sunday: Punishment and pleasure: is there even a difference?

Punishment is over. Arethusa’s Master had plans to take advantage of her nicely warmed ass, but he got a work call and had to go and sit at his computer, doing stuff he’d rather not be doing just then. 

But at last he returns. He trod softly, because he thought Arethusa might be asleep. But she’s not.

She’s quietly pleasuring herself, without waiting for Master. He watches her ass rise and fall, because that’s always worth watching. And, still quietly, he picks up the paddle… 

Sinful Sunday: Possession

Possession means both ownership and the thing, or person, owned. 

Arethusa was my possession. Here she’s lying over one of my legs, ass up, held by her Master. She still shows traces of her last caning, but she has cool, pale, unspanned skin.

I’m holding her, and we don’t speak. That hand says all we need to say to each other.

She knows, ass up over my knee, that her unspanked state isn’t going to last long. But first there’s this pause, while we lie silently together. We feel each other and know each other.

Possessor and possession. 



Sinful Sunday: Jeune fille joyeux

La jeune fille est peut-être seulement heureux. Mais le jeun homme, il est certainement joyeux.

That’s because the young man is observing his young lady at rest, and marvelling at her beauty. And because he knows that the paddle lying discreetly beside her is about to come into play. And come out to play. 

A moment of joy? Absolument! 







Sinful Sunday: Left and right

















It was the first time Arethusa was ever seriously punished. We both knew it was a milestone for us, and we both wanted a record. 

Arethusa turned out to have a three-stage reaction to punishment, especially when it involved the cane.

  1.  Ouch! The pain is fierce and hot, and your own mind is not in control of your body, or even of your mind. 
  2. There’s a period of quiet thoughtfulness afterwards. She’d lie in my arm, and later she’d sometimes have to stand facing the wall, while she thought about her misbehaviour.
  3. That seemed to flow and merge into a state of extreme horniness. A caned girl, having absorbed the punishment and accepted that it was justified but now it’s over, needs to be fucked.