Sinful Sunday: Bad girl

This was school work again. University, really, but when I punished Arethusa for being late with an assignment, I was always aware, in the back of my mind, just what a traditional bdsm scenario this was. All the hotter, of course, for being real. 

Now Arethusa sleeps but, I hope, dreaming in colour.

[Note: this is from the same session and may be the colour version of the black and white shot I posted last week. I took a lot of similar shots of that session, and I haven’t checked closely that this is the exact same one. But there was a request for colour: it is here.]

5 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Bad girl

    • They’re not scars, just marks. They look fantastic immediately after they’re applied.

      But they’re gone inside a week, except when I really try. Even then I’ve never managed to leave a cane mark that was still visible after nine days.

      And that was once only, as a mutually agreed experiment. There’s a psychological block on going harder, at least for me, and anyway I suspect there’s a limit to how long a rattan cane mark will last. Ten days max, is my guess.

      It’s done for her pleasure, and mine. She likes the warmth immediately after the stroke, and the feeling of being controlled, disciplined, submissive and cared about. Meanwhile I think her submission is sexy AF.

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