Sinful Sunday: Stone hard

I took this photo in northern India, after the last Eroticon, the last time I travelled.

I’m taking a break from the wonders of the flesh this week. To celebrate the erotic stone friezes on the temples of Khajuraho. Where I’m longing to return, when the world opens again. The Indian economy is going to need visitors, urgently, once it’s safe again. 

Anyway, this man is a Brahmin – I’ve forgotten the signs that tell you he’s a Brahmin – keeping three woman happy at once, with his cock and his hands. And the thing that impresses me, cause I’ve sort of done that a couple of times, when a night went wonderfully, fairy-dust beautiful, is that he is STANDING ON HIS HEAD while he’s at it.

I’ve never managed that.

I think you have to get born into the Brahmin caste so you can’t join it, but if they ever had a recruitment drive, this would be the poster! 

6 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Stone hard

    • In both cases the three women were friends of each other and sexual friends with me, so it didn’t need too much of a miracle to make it happen. But though it started with a certain amount of challenge, it pretty soon just became sort of smoochy and rubby and lovely and loving.

      But we stayed horizontal, or roughly, which is much more comfortable.

      I might write about that one day.

      Sadly, I have a kind of pointy head. I can do handstands, but that makes it difficult to use my hands for the pleasure of womankind.

      But headstands just hurt, and I can’t sustain one for more than a few seconds.

      So I’ll never be as cool as that stone Brahmin. Alas.

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