Sinful Sunday: Waiting, holding that cane

Arethusa generally got the cane for one of three reasons: 

(1). Late handing in schoolwork;

(2). Skipping medical appointments;

(3). Sex.

Sometimes they overlapped a bit. Sex was always there. But this time it was because she’d broken a favourite mug of mine, hidden the pieces and lied to me about it. Arethusa didn’t have a bratty bone in her body, I’d have thought, and that was very uncharacteristic misbehaviour for her. 

But it wasn’t going to happen again.

There were two canes that she knew well. One was named “Sting”. The heavier one, that she’s holding between her buttocks, is “Striper”. A long session with Striper tends to be hot, and it always ends in yowling, grunty sex, but it’s also corrective.

When the punishment is going to be painful and dramatic, there should always be a period of waiting and thinking first.


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