Wicked Wednesday: All slippery, and floaty

I poured a generous amount of the lotion onto her heated bottom. It took a lot, her skin seemingly almost drinking it in. But eventually there was enough for a creamy covering over the surface of her bottom, and I began to gently rub and stroke her, finger-tips at first, then increasing the pressure until I could feel her muscles. Jennifer had whimpered a little at the soft touching, but paradoxically made comforted pleasure sounds as the massage got harder and deeper.

Every movement I made tormented my cock, which ached for her. I need only unzip and she would welcome me into her and one, at least, of her virginities would have flown. But though I’m sure she longed for that as much as I did, it was still not the time.

But it was time to give her some relief. My massage had taken my fingertips into the cleft of her buttocks, to be received with soft sighs and murmurs. My fingers pressed on either side of her pussy lips, so very close but not quite touching. I whispered, “I think you could do with some massage here. Don’t you?”

“Oh, please. Sir…” Her voice was far away, as if she was dreaming.

“But you’re going to have to ask me, Jennifer. This has to be your choice.”

“I choose you to… No, I mean, please massage my pussy, sir? Please?”

I counted five seconds, then began to stroke her soft, plump, wet folds. Jennifer moaned, then, a second later wailed as if I’d spanked her again. Her appreciation was loud as I slipped one, then two fingers into her, and pressed the other two fingers against her clitoris.

We moved together, her slippery centre moving rhythmically forwards and back, up and down.

In less than a minute her hands and buttocks clenched, and she made a long, low, melodious moan like a whale calling in the deep to another whale, of surpassing and hypnotic beauty. Her mouth had opened wide, as had her eyes, and she flopped on the desk as she came.

I kept going, fingers working inside and outside her pussy, and she was soon wailing that cry again, body tense, her upper body clear of the table. As she came this second time I smacked her bottom hard, twice, knowing she wouldn’t feel it as pain. The sound intensified, and then with a grunt she collapsed again.  

A long time passed. I slowly withdrew my fingers, and leaned down to blow on and then kiss her poor tortured bottom. Eventually Jennifer opened her eyes. She looked at me as if she was surprised to know who I was. Or where she was. “Oh, that was so lovely.”

I smiled at her. “You’re so lovely, Jennifer.

“I feel so strange. Kind of floaty. Just… weird.”

“Yes. I’ll get Maddie to call you a taxi. I don’t think you should walk home.”

She looked at her clothes. “Can I dress now, sir?”


Jennifer took her skirt, first, slung it round herself and did up the catches and buttons. Then she looked at the tiny panties. Her bottom was swollen, and for all that she was in a beautiful daze just then, it hurt. “Is it all right if I don’t wear these, sir? I’ll be very careful.”

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