Wood work #6: Motion and Emotion

I’m still busy. I was going to say something about the changes that the paddle enforces on the submissive receiving it: her body moves, involuntarily, and she has very little choice over the emotions she feels. In my experience and observation, even if she starts with the feeling that the punishment is unjust, she’ll have accepted it, and be sorry for having earned it (as opposed to just sorry that her bottom hurts) by the end. But I’ve only got a few computer minutes today.

So instead we’re going with the fact that “Motion and Emotion” sounds like a Jane Austen title. And that made me curious about whether Jane Austen fans have been writing bdsm versions of their favourite books. It turns out that there’s an internet-load of spanking slash porn involving Austen characters. Here’s a sample.

Emma: Jane Austen, amended Lisabet Sarai:
50 jane“Mr. Knightley! Sir! Whatever are you doing?” Her efforts to resist were feeble, for the sake of form only. In fact, she craved nothing more than to feel the heat and hardness of his man’s body against hers. For once, Emma could not deceive herself. Despite her shame, her conscience could not conquer her far more urgent desire. His lips were mere inches from hers while his bold hands clasped her thighs with breathtaking force.
If he should kiss me, Emma thought, I shall indeed faint away, but if he does not, I doubt I can bear the disappointment.
The moment of silence drew out, until Emma was convinced her companion was deliberately prolonging her agony. At last he released a laugh, so bold and harsh that it made Emma wonder if he’d gone mad.
“I’ve changed my opinion, Miss Woodhouse, about your disastrous matchmaking. I’ve come to the conclusion that you are far more likely to mend your ways if you receive a bit of chastisement.”
You can find the rest here:
By the way, I don’t mind Austen characters spanking each other. But I do slightly object to Mr Knightly saying “a bit of chastisement”. I don’t think people said “a bit of” anything, in the Regency period. He might have said a “modicum.”
Personally, I’d change it to something like “salutary”, or “condign”, but it ‘s not mine. Anyway, there it is: Jane Austen spanking porn. 

Wood work #3: cutting to length

I cut a 46 centimetre (eighteen inch) length of the plank. That gives a handle of about eight inches and a striking surface of about ten inches. That means the paddle will land across the entire buttocks, or the upper thighs even if the submissive woman has her legs a little apart for her paddling.

The paddle wasn't part of my cultural background. But I soon saw the point of it.

The paddle wasn’t part of my cultural background. But I soon saw the point of it.

This means that although the paddling will hurt from the very first stroke, the second stroke will inevitably land on skin that’s still smarting from the first impact, and hurt much more. The most punishing thing about the paddle, I’m told, is that it’s so absolutely relentless. The site of the impact doesn’t move around, as it does with a caning, or a pleasure-focussed spanking. It just starts hot and sore, right across the buttocks, and then makes the whole area hotter and sorer.

If, as the dom, you want to hear and see sincere signs of sorrow and repentance, to to hear sincere begging and listen to the submissive’s fervent, urgent promises to improve her behaviour, the paddle is the shortest route to that outcome that I know of.

Wood work #2: The plank

plankThe first step was to go to the local hardware store. and buy a plank. I wanted a paddle that wouldn’t cause a girl any harm, but that can bring her to tears and a bright red ass with one stroke.

So I bought a length of wood about two centimetres (2/3 of an inch) thick, and 12 cm (5 inches) wide.

From that you can make a paddle that a submissive woman will look at wide-eyed, and start to imagine how she’ll feel when it lands.

Wood work #1

I’m taking a break from writing the anecdote about Ana, from my days as a probation officer. I’m busy with work at the moment. I want to do justice to what was happening in that relationship between me and Ana. The roles and duties, and the desires, we assigned to each other and ourselves started at complicated and escalated from there. But I’m not going to give spoilers. 

Anyway, I’ll get back to that story when I’m not in a hurry. 

tumblr_mgaoa6SmEy1s2iplso1_400I’m going to talk about something easy, until work settles down. The easy topic is: making a paddle. 

The paddle isn’t really part of my cultural background. Nor are cheerleaders. All those stories and videos about sexy cheerleaders getting the paddle are pretty much a mystery to me.

But I can’t help noticing that submissive women who’ve experienced the wooden paddle talk about the implement with a certain amount of awe, respect and even a sort of fear. The shivery kind of fear that’s half a pleasure, but it’s still fear. 

So I looked at some flimsy-looking paddles in local shops, which wouldn’t do at all. So I decided that I’d make my own. 

Iconic image

opheliaA long time ago I met this woman. Her picture – this photo – is all over the internet now, but then it was just the photo on her profile. She wanted to meet me because of some things I’d written about bdsm, so I met her in a bar I liked. It had stuffed, mounted animals on the walls, and various African bits and pieces strewn about. I waited, with a couple of glasses of Janz. 

She turned out to be beautiful. She has a lovely neck, as you can see, but there’s a pretty face on the other side of that photo.

But I disappointed her. It wasn’t a good time for me, just then, and I didn’t have my usual ease or confidence, or smell warm, and I wasn’t looking my best. So we talked for a while, and then she said she’d think about whether we’d meet again and do bdsm things together. A couple of days later she emailed me to tell me what I already knew, which was that she wouldn’t start a bdsm relationship with me. 

I replied to say that was fine, that it had been a pleasure to meet her, and that I wished her well.

A few months later, I noticed that someone else had stolen her picture, and was using it in her own profile. I considered alerting her, but I’d told her she wouldn’t hear from me again if she decided not to get involved, and I decided to stick with that.

Now that picture is everywhere. I won’t say anything more about the real woman in that photo, as she was back then. I don’t know anything about her now: I don’t even know if she’s still involved in bdsm.

But her photo is. It’s taken on a life of its own. 

Probation officer #15: Demure girl

Ana came back to the probation office the next day. She wore a dress, blue with white lace, and demure at the knees and neck. It would be her church dress. At first I thought it was in response to the fact that I’d told her, the day before, that of course I wanted to fuck her.

But she talked to me more directly than she had before. She listened, as far as I could tell, when I talked, and answered me when I asked her questions. She still didn’t look at me, but she looked at the floor at my feet instead of at the far side of the room. She was being respectful. The church dress was another sign.

Being angry with her the day before, by the river, seemed to have worked. I’df become an authority figure, or as close as I was going to get. She needed an authority figure just then, if she was going to stay out of prison, so I kept myself gruff and scary through most of that interview.