Sinful Sunday: Glowing

After a really long, hard, spanking, the only thing a girl can reasonably do is stand in the corner, with her arse on display, radiating colour and heat, until it cools down a little. 

Or until her spanker says, “Come here.”

And, being a sensible dom (sometimes), he devotes himself to proving that life is better when she does as she’s told. 

Sinful Sunday: That colour (and that ass)


Discipline is an energy transfer. Giving a spanking takes power and force. Receiving a spanking takes control and endurance, and alchemy: transferring pain into pleasure.

(Even when some dom insists it’s a punishment and it’s not supposed to feel good. There’s a kind of internal dissent that neither a submissive nor a dom can suppress: pleasure will out.)

But when the spanking’s done, and her ass glows, radiating red heat, she lights her dom’s heart. And she lights the room.

Sinful Sunday: Spanker’s view

There are many nice things about being spanked, I’m told. And sometimes submissive, spankable girls ask what’s in it for me. How can I be having as much fun as they’re having?

There are a lot of answers to that. But this is one of them. The view is amazing. 



Sinful Sunday: Zoë Keeler

This reminds me of Christine Keeler’s famous chair photo. The Tories were in at the time, so it’s to my right —>

Except that Ms Keeler had a significantly smaller chair. And my lovely model, being a dancer, has better legs.

And my model is leaning back, as if that chair is a bucking bronco.

She is, in fact, rocking that chair. (Only in the fashion sense, of course.)