Sinful Sunday: Time and a blur…

I had to fight, with this one. My girl is not here. 

So I had to use an older image, not of her. In this case the original image was very clear, and I’d rubbed oil into the woman’s skin before I caned her. That makes for shining skin and very clear lines.

But losing that clarity in the filtering process, I finished up with just the curve of her ass and the marks of the cane, reaching red-fingered across her skin. And just a hint of her cunt, offered to that brutal man with the cane. 

The blur makes for simplicity, stripping everything down to those basics.


Sinful Sunday: Comfort after punishment

One of the best things about the classic “bend over and grasp the table edge” position is that after the punishment you can give comfort and pleasure to a bad girl who’s taken her punishment well, and who you know is feeling sorry. 

And without her having to move, you can give her comfort and pleasure until she feels like a happy, wet, wanting, kind of sloppy, loved good girl again. 



Sometimes a slavegirl misbehaves. She was having trouble getting essays in on time. I’d worked round the clock that night, writing the appendices for her for a major project, that had to be handed in in the morning or it wouldn’t be accepted. She wrote the main section. 

So in the morning, when the completed project was emailed off, a minute before deadline,  I was not pleased. There was a discussion to be had, on why this had happened and how to stop it happening again. 

But first there was punishment. This photo is from about two-thirds of the way through. Later she needed to cry in my arms and be comforted, but first she needed the harshness.  

Tenderness and the harshness, and her need for both, are all expressions of love.



Sinful Sunday: A terrifying transmogrification



One of the most dangerous things about being a European, particularly in the Celtic or Graeco-Roman traditions, is that one day you’ll be going about your business and then – wham! – you find yourself turning into a swan! 

We don’t hold with that nonsense in the Mountains. However, every so often swans transform into beautiful naked women. That seems like a better deal, to me. 

I managed to get a picture this swan right in the middle of its transmogrification. 

Sinful Sunday: Self-awareness, and the colour of beauty

The object our girl is bent over is called a prie-dieu. It’s designed to encourage submission to the Christian god. When I saw this one on sale in a junk shop in the great Australian outback, I had to have it, as a pervertible.

Religious and sexual submission have always been very closely related. The form of the prie-dieu, which can be used for both kneeling and bending, is very encouraging and conducive to that oceanic, submissive feeling. It helps a submissive to feel self-awareness: I am submissive; I am submitting…

But that’s not what I came here to talk about. What I see first, and last, is the blush on my girl’s lovely bottom after a light tawsing. It really is the colour of beauty.


Sinful Sunday: Healing bruises

When your master has released your cuffs from the bedposts, but left them on you. When you sleep, feeling the bruising on your arse is healing, but still feeling the warmth and the comfort of that deep, warm ache. When getting those bruises felt healing, too. 

Those are good sleeping conditions. Everything is perfect.