I’m not afraid of submissives. That may seem comically obvious, if you think submissive men or women are intrinsically harmless, simply because they’re submissive. But a submissive woman can hurt me a lot if I care for her and she doesn’t want what I can give her. A submissive woman I love can break my heart. Literally. (I mean literally.) 

But I can hurt a submissive who puts herself under my domination. I can give her physical pain. I can give her psychological pain, too. I can make her sorry, or frightened, or – for a time – alone and helpless. 

That’s why submissives come to me (when they do), or to some other dom. That’s what they want.

feerlessSubmissives should be afraid of me, or of any dom. We can hurt them, and that’s something to be feared. But they don’t feel that fear, or they move past it. That ability to trust, to place oneself in someone else’s hands, is awe-inspiring. It is extraordinary. I admire it. There is immense courage there.

A dom will never be called to front up such courage, 

The cheerfulness of punished submissives

If someone bruised me deliberately, I’d expect that I’d have bruised them too. Since I don’t enjoy fighting, let alone getting hurt, I’d be angry both about getting hit and being put to the necessity of punching someone. I’ve had only about four physical fights in my life, and I’m just as annoyed at being pushed into the ones I “won” as the ones I lost.

There are movies in which two guys have a fist fight and then become best friends, but that could never be me. I just get pissed off that I’ve been pushed into something scary and painful, where the best outcome, “winning”, is sour. Hit me and you make an enemy.

spank meBut when a submissive woman takes a spanking or a flogging from me, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered hard feelings. Sorrow, maybe, if I’ve given a punishment, but the most common feeling I’ve had fed back to me when I let her up, and in the morning after, is pleasure, either calm and satisfied, or giddy and cheerful like Sa’afia. 

Um… I think I was going to say something more complicated than this. Anyway, it’s amazingly fortunate that there are both dominants and submissives, since we need each other.


I’m still working on the end of the chapter. So here’s another pic. I kind of like this catalogue of submissives, because of the drawings. Without them it’d just be one of those would-be worldly “the nine types of submissive/doms” posts.

I find those “catalogue” posts a bit distasteful, really, as well as meaningless, because people don’t fit onto categories that easily. Turning complicated and interesting stuff into boring stereotypes, and then mocking the stereotypes, seems a profoundly stupid thing to do. And it’s emotionally wrong, because I don’t see any reason to diss submissives. Or even dominants, for that matter. 

But this gets by because it’s cute. I’m completely pervious to cute. Does anyone know who drew it?