Probation officer #33: Shut up and sleep with me (Sin With Sebastian)

I gave Ana a little wave, which she didn’t see, and drew Sa’afia out of the circle. Then there was no circle, just a snogging couple and two strangers. Sa’afia looked curiously at me. She was wondering if I’d just experienced a personal tragedy and she needed to be sympathetic.

I said, “No no. Ana and I, we really are friends. Just friends.”

I was still grinning at her in relief and delight, which must have seemed odd. She laughed. “If you say so.”

“Absolutely I say so. Sa’afia. So would you like – “

“Ah, yeah. Okay. You wanna dance?”

“Actually I saw you. Before you came over. And you dance like a – like a really good dancer. Really good.”

Sa’afia raised her eyebrows. “Ah.”

“And I dance like a trainwreck. Something hit by a trainwreck.”

“Aw, you didn’t look that bad. Considering.”

“That’s only because I kind of enjoy it. In a sick way. But really I suck. Everyone knows it.”

I actually have this CD.

I actually have this CD.

She touched my mouth. “You should shut up and dance, more.”

“I’d love to dance with you. If you’re serious. But I was going to say, Would you like a glass of wine?”

“You know, I think I would. You have wine?” 

I tapped Manaia on the shoulder. He looked up, frowning. Ana saw me. I grinned, so she grinned back.

I gave Manaia the other beer, and warned him not to open it for a while: it might get foamy.

I said to Sa’afia, “There’s wine in the kitchen.”

“Okay.” She’d touched my mouth, so on the way to the kitchen I put my arm round Sa’afia’s waist. She let it stay there. I expected she and Ana would compare notes in the morning.