Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 93: Raylene’s back and Lynette’s coming 4

Technically, conventionally, Lynette had been trying to fuck my girlfriend, and the commonplace idea about that is that therefore she should apologise. That was probably what she thought that I thought. But she didn’t want to apologise to me, mainly because I was a brute who left bruises on women’s arses.

Even good girls get bruises. But bad girls enjoy them more

Even good girls get bruises. But bad girls enjoy them more. Raylene was one of those bad girls…

I didn’t expect or need an apology, because I couldn’t blame her for fancying Raylene, and I didn’t care if she couldn’t keep her hands off Raylene’s arse. Neither could I. I was certain Raylene wanted to stay with me at the moment, so I had no reason to be paranoid.And I don’t really do jealousy.

Ah. But I realised that this was the topic I could break the ice with. I said, “Oh. And I really don’t blame you for, um, massaging Raylene’s arse. I can’t keep my hands off it myself.”

I paused, to see if I’d get a smile. Nothing yet. I said, “I mean, tactile pleasures; Raylene’s arse is one of the best. So seriously, you’ve got nothing to apologise for or feel bad about, either for me or Raylene.”

There! I got a smile from her, for the line about the tactile pleasures offered by Raylene’s ass. She put her arms down, which meant that the one-button blouse suddenly became a much more interesting garment.

blousetitIf I took three steps to the right, I’d be able to view all of her left breast. That was one of those thoughts that are okay so long as you never act on them. I expected it would be a very nice breast, but I managed to stay where I was.

Lynette fancied Dorabella, and now Raylene too, but she wasn’t really a lesbian. I expected that she’d break lesbian hearts until she graduated, and then she’d marry some guy, probably a doctor or lawyer, and make babies and art projects. That sounds more cynical than I felt: it’s just true that people are people, and they do what works for them. 

So it was surprising but not amazing that there now seemed to be a slight, small spark going on between Lynette and me.

I’d do nothing about it, just now, for fear of putting it out. Or maybe I should do something about it. Best not to make a plan, on that.

She said, “You’ve done this -” she was going to say something like ‘a lot’, then she changed her mind – “before, haven’t you?”

“Uh. Yes. I do know what I’m doing. Also, I enjoy it.”

“Are you going to fuck her, I mean Raylene, afterwards?”

“Of course. Um, once you and Dorabella have gone. I mean you won’t have to run for the exits the second I put the cane down. But if you hung about too long I might start dropping hints.”

She laughed through her nose. “Yeah, okay, that makes sense.”

“So, can I put you down on the guest list?”

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