Vampire girl update

Diane was a woman I met in a bar, through her brother. It turned out, once  we started to have sex, that she was a bit obsessed by vampirey stuff, and liked the colour of blood. She was happy to bite me, or for me to bite her. I didn’t want either option.

But it occurred to me that I’d never birched anyone before, and I’d always wanted to. And the Victorian accounts of birching that I’d read seemed to suggest that I’d be able to draw blood with a birch, on Diane’s arse, and so Id have increased my experience, and she’d be a happy girl. 

I took her to the nearby park for her to collect the switches for a birch. You’ll have to go back to read the full story, but in the end Diane was heading home from a public park with her bottom already stinging, and carrying the birch I was going to use on her when she got home.

And, for very good reasons, she was wearing only a ripped shirt, a belt and sandals.

Blog basics

I may not tell the full story about the fate of the Rollit. I don’t think it can be done without getting too many of the people who don’t deserve trouble into trouble. 

Anyway, there are a couple fewer sea-lion hunters as a result of it all.

I’m going to take Angelica to a waterhole in a desert, if she comes here, because it’s something she’s never seen. But if Lican comes too, then I’ll just stay here and keep on fucking till I waste away into a shadow. 

Which brings me to this blog, which I’ve been neglecting. I was telling the story of Diane, the vampire girl. I think I’ll pick up where I left off, in my next post. 

The kisses code

I’m still discombombulated. I’m missing Lican and Angelica. It was a good adventure.

Lican and Angelica both wanted to be fucked, when I wasn’t driving. And to be handled firmly. Angelica just liked submitting because it was sex, but Lican was different. Partly she was copying and competing with Angelica, and partly she just wanted to be firmly smacked, mostly just before being fucked, because it took her away from thinking, and back to the physical. Which was safer ground. There were people looking for us, and that’s something to worry about.

I’ve had a text from Angelica. She’s suggested that she comes to visit. She put seven kisses at the end.

Kisses again. Seven kisses is a good number. One kiss is more or less dismissive. Like this: “Kthanx x.”

Two kisses indicate affection but no intention of fucking you: “Thanks for that, and see you later xx”

Three kisses means that they’d like to fuck you, or at least think that you’re not out of the question: “Yes! Thank you! See you soon xxx”

More than three indicates urgency, and probably that they already have fucked you, and want to fuck you again sooner rather than later:

“Thank you, babes. Soon, yes? xxxxxxx”

So Angelica’s coming here. Maybe I should contact Lican.

Home on the strange

Made it.

I’m battered. My body feels like it’s been beaten up by secret police, required to fuck somewhere beyond my capacity, then covered in oil and gritty flour. I’m dirty, sore and exhausted.

I’ve got a story about the last couple of weeks, I mean about what was going on apart from the sexual stuff, which is all I’ve felt safe about telling. I’m going to rest and take it all in. And then work out which lies are necessary to make it tellable without doing any harm to people I’ve liked.

In the meantime, I’m going to have a shower, my first in weeks, and the first time I’ve washed alone in over a week.

Then I’m going to bed, which will also be a novelty, because in the last few weeks I’ve slept on a plane, the back of a truck, and before that on a roll-up mattress on a yacht, apart from two nights in a hotel in Porvenir.

I’ll be sleeping without company for the first time since arriving in Porvenir. A town whose population has recently reduced by two women public servants. They’re not with me any more.

Good night.

Warm bed to solo flight

The horrible Buenos Aires Airport

Kissed Lican and Angelica goodbye this morning. Lican cried. Angelica was grave and dry-eyed. I left them together, about 9.00AM, in a room in Gallegos. In a bed, but I don’t think they’ll do anything sexual with each other without a man there with them. Possibly, though it seems too egotistical to be likely, without me with them.  

I don’t know what they’ll do next, though they have some official business. 

Anyway, I took a taxi to the airport at Gallegos, and a flight to Buenos Aires, where I am now. I’m about to board and go home. It’s about time, though it will be odd.

We like trucking and we like to truck (if you don’t like trucking, tough luck!)

We’re parked on a beach, above the tide line, near Gallegos. We’re in a different truck. Lican stopped in a fishing village, and swapped our truck for an older one. The guy seemed to know Lican, and he definitely knew what kind of deal this had to be. So he not only got the better truck out of the deal, he also got a fair-sized wad of cash, rolled up in one of her scrunchies.

However, he’ll have to keep his new truck out of sight for a few months, so it’s not all pixy-dust and gravy in this world. 

Angelica, meanwhile, bought a new mattress, some sheets and a mosquito net. Just one king-size bed, which seemed a good sign. Up to then she’d taken part in threesomes, in the sense that she’d have sex with me, and while I was in her or stroking or licking her, she’d tolerate Lican being there and kissing her too. But left to herself, she’d be physically affectionate to Lican, hugging and kissing her in a sisterly way. She might give Lican a few innocent and giggly-daring intimacies like kissing her nipples, but she wouldn’t go further.

Having Angelica’s face in among her breasts would reduce Lican to gibbering, desperate lust. She’d appeal to me, since Angelica would pretend not to know what she wanted. So I’d tell Angelica to get her head down and lick Lican’s cunt like we did hers, or I’d spank her till she’d have to drive standing up. That worked, and so did giving her a few slaps while she had her head down. After a few smacks, more affectionate than hard, but with a definite warning edge to them, she’d start to lick just a little less primly.

Can you lick a cunt primly? You’d think not, but Angelica managed it. It was as if each one of her movements was a scientific experiment, something never done before, that had to be done carefully, with her observing the results.

It’d be a good approach for teasing, but by the time Angelica got her bottom up and her head down, Lican was past being teased. She just wanted to grind her cunt into Angelica’s face until she came. 

Mostly I’d just stroke the two of them, sweaty, exhausted and fond. Literally shagged out. But if I had anything left, I’d grind, similarly, into Angelica’s ass while she did Lican. Lican said that Angelica got more enthusiastically lesbian when she had my cock in her. I knew what she meant. Anyway, it’s good that life and sex are complicated.  

So Angelica buying a good bed for all three of us was a good sign. I set up the mosquiuto netting. Lican knew the beachside place to park, with the back of the truck open and facing out to sea. 

We’re going to have to move out in the morning. Lican has people to report to and deadlines. I’m just a passenger now. 

The lash

I’m feeling very gaucho with my two girls and my disciplinary duties – for Lican, not so much for Angelica, though when she’s turned on she enjoys a spanking just before my cock slips in. And she’s a very wiggly and satisfactory lapful. So while I’m still in South America, I’m going to get me a whip.

More as a souvenir than for the girls. Well, maybe for Lican.  


Forced female orgasm

There was a moment of panic because Lican fell asleep while driving. I made a grab at the wheel while we careened close to the cliff face (it could have been worse; we could have gone over the other side), but Lican woke and wrenched the truck back onto the straight in time. But we were all scared silly.

Lican stopped the truck, shaky and in tears, at an off-road strip. I told her off, and told her to tell us if she was feeling sleepy. Then I calmed down, but she was still pale and weepy despite my best efforts at being sensible and reassuring. So I changed tack: sex would clear this. I said I was going to punish her. That was good; she liked that news. Then I said Angelica was going to have to help. The atmosphere in the truck became very tense then, though not unhappily so.

I told Angelica to sit on the bed. When she was settled, with only her knickers on and her legs well apart, I made Lican sit on her lap, with her back to Angelica. Angelica had to put her legs over Lican’s to hold them well parted, and to hold her hands hard behind her back.

I stood between Lican’s thighs with my fingers in her cunt. I said she wasn’t allowed to come. I told Angelica to count down from twenty, while I pleasured Lican’s little cunt. For the last five numbers Lican was gibbering and begging. She came, of course, without permission.

She had to, really.

I spanked her soundly while Angelica watched, fascinated. When Lican was demonstrating just how red a brown girl can get, and beginning to plead like she meant it,  I stopped and told her to get her ass back on Angelica’s lap. I said she’d have to try again. This time we counted down from 100. She was screaming when she came, again illegally, on the count of ten. It was a huge, wracking orgasm.

I let her slide off Angelica and onto the bed to sleep. Angelica lay back, and I picked up her ankles to hold them high, fucking her long and slow while Lican slept beside us.