The kisses code

I’m still discombombulated. I’m missing Lican and Angelica. It was a good adventure.

Lican and Angelica both wanted to be fucked, when I wasn’t driving. And to be handled firmly. Angelica just liked submitting because it was sex, but Lican was different. Partly she was copying and competing with Angelica, and partly she just wanted to be firmly smacked, mostly just before being fucked, because it took her away from thinking, and back to the physical. Which was safer ground. There were people looking for us, and that’s something to worry about.

I’ve had a text from Angelica. She’s suggested that she comes to visit. She put seven kisses at the end.

Kisses again. Seven kisses is a good number. One kiss is more or less dismissive. Like this: “Kthanx x.”

Two kisses indicate affection but no intention of fucking you: “Thanks for that, and see you later xx”

Three kisses means that they’d like to fuck you, or at least think that you’re not out of the question: “Yes! Thank you! See you soon xxx”

More than three indicates urgency, and probably that they already have fucked you, and want to fuck you again sooner rather than later:

“Thank you, babes. Soon, yes? xxxxxxx”

So Angelica’s coming here. Maybe I should contact Lican.

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