Sinful Sunday: Please may I come?

“Please may I come, Master – “

It was a gasp of desperation, not really a question. It was morning. Her body still tingled and ached from the pleasures they’d taken that night, before they fell into sleep together.

“No, darling. Not yet. Stay on the edge, girl.”

She writhed, fingers busy under her belly, pleasuring herself, staying on the edge: ready to come but not allowed. What drove her to beg, he suspected, was not just the need for release, but also the sweetness she felt, in having something so powerful, such an intimate part of herself, controlled so strictly.

“Please may I come? Master please may I come?”

Her voice was higher, with a tinge of anxiety. She sounded close to gasping, pleasurable panic. It excited her to have to beg, and to know she would displease him, and be severely punished, if she came without permission.

“You’re a good girl. But no, not yet.”

The question, and the knowledge that he would refuse, drove her closer to the orgasm she needed, and had to fight not to have. She groaned. Her bottom rose, and fell, while fingers worked at her cunt.

“Please … please …” She’d lost words. “Please Master…”

He didn’t answer, waiting. Holding the world in suspense, it seemed, in this room. At last he smiled, not that she could see. “Good girl. Come for me. Now!”

He counted the seconds.

One. She moaned, low in her throat.

Two. Her ass rose and her legs opened slightly. The world stopped still. There was terror in her face. How far she had to fall.

Three. She screamed. Her ass dropped and her feet lifted off the bed.

Four. She gasped, writhed, her muscles taut, then screamed again.

“Good girl. Good girl, darling. You’re my girl.” He put his hand between warm thighs. He slipped three fingers into her, to be tightly, wetly, warmly held. She wasn’t really conscious yet.

She breathed, “Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Oh Master. Thank you.” 

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Forced female orgasm

There was a moment of panic because Lican fell asleep while driving. I made a grab at the wheel while we careened close to the cliff face (it could have been worse; we could have gone over the other side), but Lican woke and wrenched the truck back onto the straight in time. But we were all scared silly.

Lican stopped the truck, shaky and in tears, at an off-road strip. I told her off, and told her to tell us if she was feeling sleepy. Then I calmed down, but she was still pale and weepy despite my best efforts at being sensible and reassuring. So I changed tack: sex would clear this. I said I was going to punish her. That was good; she liked that news. Then I said Angelica was going to have to help. The atmosphere in the truck became very tense then, though not unhappily so.

I told Angelica to sit on the bed. When she was settled, with only her knickers on and her legs well apart, I made Lican sit on her lap, with her back to Angelica. Angelica had to put her legs over Lican’s to hold them well parted, and to hold her hands hard behind her back.

I stood between Lican’s thighs with my fingers in her cunt. I said she wasn’t allowed to come. I told Angelica to count down from twenty, while I pleasured Lican’s little cunt. For the last five numbers Lican was gibbering and begging. She came, of course, without permission.

She had to, really.

I spanked her soundly while Angelica watched, fascinated. When Lican was demonstrating just how red a brown girl can get, and beginning to plead like she meant it,  I stopped and told her to get her ass back on Angelica’s lap. I said she’d have to try again. This time we counted down from 100. She was screaming when she came, again illegally, on the count of ten. It was a huge, wracking orgasm.

I let her slide off Angelica and onto the bed to sleep. Angelica lay back, and I picked up her ankles to hold them high, fucking her long and slow while Lican slept beside us.