Freud: Masochistic women caused Nazism

Freud wasn’t all crank ideas about Edward de Vere writing Shakespeare’s plays, and Akhnaton possibly running off to Canaan and re-naming himself Moses. He also had amusingly crank ideas about bdsm.

My favourite, from Eros and Civilisation is that masochistic women are so opposed to the life force, in their desire for negation and destruction, that they’re responsible for Nazism. 

That’s a paraphrase, of course. But it is the argument. It’s not as if women, or gays, owe Freud any favours. Nor do we bdsm perverts. 

A Dangerous Method

I finally saw this last night. 

It’s a film that owes most of its fame, I think, to the few seconds of screen time that Michael Fassbender, as Carl Jung, spends spanking Keira Knightley, as a patient-turned-psychoanalist, Sabina Speilrein. Which is not in any way a hot scene, though Knightley’s character is appealingly happy to be spanked. But Ms Knightley’s bottom is bony enough to use as a letter-opener, though it’s a bit ungallant to say so. 

The film was written by Christopher Hampton, based on his stage play. I found it slightly odd, in a way, because Hampton does treat psychoanalysis almost with the disrespect it deserves. But if we accept that psychoanalysis was pseudoscience, and a conscious business product, then why do we need a film that takes its infighting over ideas seriously? I’d have found a film about the marketing of psychoanalysis more interesting. Because Freud’s influence lasted longer than it ever should have, and that’s an interesting story.

The soundtrack – Howard Shore adapting snippets of Wagner – is great. It may be the best thing about the film, and I may buy the disk. 

Sweet, but is it sexy?

I love this picture. It’s a beautiful image.

It’s erotic more than actually sexy. I never thought there was anything real in the erotica/pornography distinction.But this might be an exhibit for the other side. An erotic image with little impact as porn. Oh well. Anyway, it’s pretty. 

Corner time #4: Not always

Corner time’s got its place, but other times a dom  might just grab his submissive’s ankles, pull her to the edge of the bed on her back, lift her legs up and tug off anything she was wearing, give her a swift belting with her legs still held in the air, and then fuck her hard and fast.

Sometimes doms just want to dom and subs want to submit.

And bodies want bodies. 

Corner time #3: Me

While she is showing off in the corner, I get to admire the submissive’s body, and enjoy the thought of her getting nervous while she waits.

I can read her body movements, and make guesses about her state of mind.  

I’m fully clothed, in a comfortable chair. Maybe with a glass of wine and a book. The book might as well be upside down, for all the attention I paid it, but it’s a traditional prop and I’m a traditionalist. When I remember. But I’d be pretending to ignore her. She’d know full well I’m admiring her the whole time. It gives her time to come to the boil. 

Before the words, “Come here.”

Corner time #2: Afterwards

For me, corner time after a punishment, or pleasure spanking, is usually briefer than corner time before. That’s because if a girl has been punished, I want her to know she’s forgiven, and I want to start looking after her before she had time to get lonely and unhappy.

It can be a very close time, the reconciliation after punishment. And sexy.

I don’t believe in punishment by withdrawing affection. Punishment, when it’s needed, should be physical and painful, but followed by a lot of loving and comforting. And a quantity of fucking.

But corner time afterwards helps a punished girl to get her breath back, and want forgiveness. If it had been a sexual spanking, then I’d probably not want to hold out for long, before kissing her better. Also better and better. And either way, it always seems to be a sexier and more submissive girl who comes out of that corner when I call her.