Corner time #4: Not always

Corner time’s got its place, but other times a dom  might just grab his submissive’s ankles, pull her to the edge of the bed on her back, lift her legs up and tug off anything she was wearing, give her a swift belting with her legs still held in the air, and then fuck her hard and fast.

Sometimes doms just want to dom and subs want to submit.

And bodies want bodies. 

Corner time #3: Me

While she is showing off in the corner, I get to admire the submissive’s body, and enjoy the thought of her getting nervous while she waits.

I can read her body movements, and make guesses about her state of mind.  

I’m fully clothed, in a comfortable chair. Maybe with a glass of wine and a book. The book might as well be upside down, for all the attention I paid it, but it’s a traditional prop and I’m a traditionalist. When I remember. But I’d be pretending to ignore her. She’d know full well I’m admiring her the whole time. It gives her time to come to the boil. 

Before the words, “Come here.”

Corner time #2: Afterwards

For me, corner time after a punishment, or pleasure spanking, is usually briefer than corner time before. That’s because if a girl has been punished, I want her to know she’s forgiven, and I want to start looking after her before she had time to get lonely and unhappy.

It can be a very close time, the reconciliation after punishment. And sexy.

I don’t believe in punishment by withdrawing affection. Punishment, when it’s needed, should be physical and painful, but followed by a lot of loving and comforting. And a quantity of fucking.

But corner time afterwards helps a punished girl to get her breath back, and want forgiveness. If it had been a sexual spanking, then I’d probably not want to hold out for long, before kissing her better. Also better and better. And either way, it always seems to be a sexier and more submissive girl who comes out of that corner when I call her.

Corner time #1: Before

Corner time is a nice psychological time.  

If I’m genuinely going to punish a submissive, then putting her in the corner for a while beforehand gives her time to think about why getting into trouble is a bad idea, and to develop some butterflies in her tummy.  

If it’s punishment she’s waiting for, she’ll generally be naked. And holding the instrument I was going to use on her. That helps her to concentrate and think about what’s coming.  

If I were just going to spank her for her pleasure and mine, then the waiting time helps her to get turned on before we start. It allows extra games like testing her for wetness once she’s over my knee, or in whatever position she’s going to be in. A spanking feels best when the submissive is already turned on before we start. As everybody knows.  

Of course, because the body doesn’t know about the distinction between punishment and sexual play, she’d probably get turned on while she was waiting to be punished, and she’d be slightly apprehensive while waiting for a good girl spanking. That’s okay.