Corner time #2: Afterwards

For me, corner time after a punishment, or pleasure spanking, is usually briefer than corner time before. That’s because if a girl has been punished, I want her to know she’s forgiven, and I want to start looking after her before she had time to get lonely and unhappy.

It can be a very close time, the reconciliation after punishment. And sexy.

I don’t believe in punishment by withdrawing affection. Punishment, when it’s needed, should be physical and painful, but followed by a lot of loving and comforting. And a quantity of fucking.

But corner time afterwards helps a punished girl to get her breath back, and want forgiveness. If it had been a sexual spanking, then I’d probably not want to hold out for long, before kissing her better. Also better and better. And either way, it always seems to be a sexier and more submissive girl who comes out of that corner when I call her.

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