Wicked Wednesday: Is she crying yet?

I didn’t admit any warmth or affection in my voice. Jennifer was to feel punished, before she was allowed other feelings.

I said, “Jennifer, that’s your first six for today. It’s punishment and a lesson. It’s very unwise to flash your pussy at the boys. It leads to trouble among them, and to trouble for you. I’m sure you knew that.”

There was a snuffle. “Yes, sir. I did know it was wrong.”

“So you deserve to be punished, and you need the lesson. This is to make sure your body warns you against it, if you ever even think of doing something that silly again. Is that clear?”

Jennifer coughed, twice, before trying to speak, and her voice was still small, shamed and shaky. “Yes, sir. That is so clear. God, I’ll never…” She shook her head.

That was good enough. I said, “And you’re being a good, brave girl. I’m proud of you.”

Jennifer sobbed again, relieved, then quickly controlled herself. “Thank you, sir.”

“You’ve got another six, Jennifer, for your indecent behaviour. Then you have the penalty six for questioning an order. So you’re a third of the way through. Head down, now girl. And keep your legs parted. You’re about to find out why.”

Jennifer froze for a second. She wanted to ask what I meant. But she decided better, and lowered her head again. I said, “Maddie, is she crying yet?”

“No, Master. Her eyes are wet, but she hasn’t spilled tears yet.”

I smiled, and patted Jennifer fondly on the bottom. She moaned, not with pain, and raised her hips a little further, seeking my touch. I picked up the slipper and moved to her left side.

I took her knee and pulled it a little further to the left, so she was utterly exposed. Her pussy was swollen, lips soft, and damp.

“Brace yourself, girl.”

Wicked Wednesday: Do you agree that discipline works?

Jennifer raised her head and looked at Maddie. I’d just told her that Maddie envied her, for the paddling she was getting. And, we all knew, though none of us would say it, Maddie envied her because she was the focus of desire in that room. I wanted Jennifer, powerfully. Maddie wanted Jennifer too, and to be her. 

At last, finding my words confirmed in Maddie’s age, Jennifer dropped her head to the table again. She tensed her body, then relaxed, getting herself back under control. 

But I did not want Jennifer in control of herself, even partly. I resolved that I would hear her cry out by the third stroke. I landed the second smack of the slipper hard, and on the same spot as the first. Her body jerked under the impact, and her feet left the floor, though she kept her legs spread.

Her head raised, baring her throat to Maddie, and the hiss came back, louder, and ended in a soft moan of pain.

She was fighting hard, and she was brave. Braver than she’d been under the slipper yesterday. But I was determined she’d lose that struggle, and spectacularly.

The third hard stroke on that same soft area of skin was her undoing. Her legs rose till they were almost level with the table, though she still kept them spread, and her breath expelled in a harsh, loud scream.

With the floodgates open, I stepped back a little and smacked the slipper down on the crown of her buttocks. It must have hurt less than the third stroke, but her legs kicked in the air and she screamed again, her pitch rising, perhaps a semi-tone.

Her brief resistance was gone: she was now under the slipper’s command and direction.

I landed the fifth and sixth strokes on the same spot, about thirty seconds apart, and her legs kicked and cycled in the air, ungainly as a frog’s, and the wail with which she greeted the fifth stroke had not ceased by the time I landed the sixth.

Her cries continued after I’d stopped skippering her, a very sorry girl. II touched her slipper, very lightly, against her bottom, as a warning. “Quiet, Jennifer!” Jennifer continued wailing. “Or I’ll give you another six extra strokes!”

Miraculously, she suddenly found self-control. There was just one last sob, and then silence, except for Jennifer’s hard breathing. Maddie caught my eye again, and smiled. “You’re learning that discipline really works, Jennifer. I bet Master is pleased with you.”

Jennifer shook her head. She was focussed on the raging heat in her bright red bottom, not on speaking. But Maddie reached for Jennifer’s jaw and lifted her face, so the girl and the woman stared at each other, eye to eye.

Maddie smiled. “You always find extra reserves when you’re being disciplined, Jennifer. I know that well enough by now. You’ll endure anything, and you’ll do anything if you think it will please him. Discipline works for you too, doesn’t it?”

Wicked Wednesday: Enviable girl

I met Maddie’s eyes. She was holding Jennifer’s hands tight, so she couldn’t get up. Jennifer was over my desk, face and upper body pressing onto the wood and leather of my desk, her bottom arched up and her legs splayed, feet about a metre apart. There is probably no pose or position that is more inviting, and exposed.

Maddie looked down at Jennifer’s naked body, and smiled at me. Poor Jennifer was waiting in suspense for her slippering to begin. The arch of her back, presenting her buttocks and pussy at me, was intensely sexy and beautiful. Maddie thought that Jennifer knew exactly how enticing she was, just then. I thought that Maddie was probably right.

I’d built up the suspense as long as I could. I pressed the slipper against the undercurve of Jennifer’s buttocks, to let her know where the first stroke would land. Her bottom was still a darkish red, and warm, from the hand spanking and slippering she’d received yesterday. She gave a little gasp when I raised the slipper: loss of contact could only mean that the slipper was about to come back, fast and painfully.

I held it poised over my shoulder, counting to ten. It didn’t matter that I admired Jennifer, it didn’t matter that I was becoming more than fond of her. She’d been told to ask for a merciless, hard slippering, and she’d done as she was told. She was entitled to what she’d requested.

Most girls, when told to ask for no mercy, found it necessary to obey but they also found it scary and humiliating.

Jennifer had only sounded sincere. Her mind felt she deserved it. Her body, and specifically her pussy, wanted it.

So I swept my arm down and landed the slipper hard and low across both her terracotta-red, sweetly rounded cheeks. The smack resounded, rubber against girl, as if someone had banged a leather-bound Complete Shakespeare on an oak table.

Jennifer took a second to react, then her head shot up and turned frantically from side to side, her hair flailing. Maddie’s hands, hauling Jennifer’s outstretched arms forward and down, prevented any other movement. Jennifer’s mouth opened but she fought back the scream, emitting a low, agonised hiss.

I leaned down and kissed her shoulder, and she calmed a little, though the pain of that first spank, on already-slippered skin, must still be fresh and intense.

I whispered, “Shhh, Jennifer. Even when it hurts, you know you look lovely. And we both secretly know it feels wonderful. And would you like to know a secret?” 

“Yes? Sir?” 

“Right now, Maddie is envying you.”


Wicked Wednesday: She Will Have her Way

I’d just threatened Jennifer with multiple naked, public canings, if she came before her slippering had finished.

Maddie said, “He would, too.” She was lying. So was I. But I wanted Jennifer to try her hardest.

At last, dangerously late but not too late, I withdrew my finger from her perfect pussy, getting a loud, involuntary moan of protest from Jennifer. I picked up the slipper.

“All right Jennifer. You’re having fun. But this is still punishment. You’re going to get the remaining twelve for making a display of yourself, and another six for questioning an order. It is going to hurt you, girl. It’s meant to teach you. Not just your mind; I want you to have a body memory of this.”

“Oh sir. I know I’m going to feel it, a little warning from my bottom if I even thought of being bad.”

“And yet, you’ll be back here again. Always. But never think you’re standing still. The standards for you will rise, as you learn better behavior. But I don’t think you’d ever want to be completely good, would you?”

There was silence, then she said, very quietly, “No, sir. If that’s all right with you.”

“I think that’s very all right with me.”

Jennifer raised her hips a little from the desk, so her pussy pointed directly at me. “Will you please, sir, slipper me hard and mercilessly. Oh, I’ve forgotten the words, but you know what I mean.”

 I did indeed, and my admiration for Jennifer just then had no bounds. I looked at Maddie, who knew what I must be feeling. I said, “Maddie, you make sure you hold her tight.”

“Yes, Master.” She made no attempt to correct herself to ‘Mr Beecham’. She judged that Jennifer had heard her earlier slip and made the correct inference. She looked happier, now she’d said it openly, and shared her status with Jennifer. Maddie had ways of getting what she wanted.


Wicked Wednesday: Don’t you dare come!

Her face was closer to mine now, and a brighter pink than her nipples. I smiled at her, knowing that at that moment she was immune to the power of smiles.

“Good girl. Now bend over, all the way, so your tummy and breasts are flat on the table. Turn your head, and rest your cheek on the table, too.”

When she’d obeyed, placing herself in one of the lowliest of submissive positions for me, I put my hands on the table, palms upward. “Now reach out and hold my hands.”

Jennifer obeyed quickly, and squeezed my hands. I squeezed back, but then broke the contact. “Keep your hands there, Jennifer. Maddie will be holding you.” I picked up the slipped and stood up.

I stepped behind Jennifer, all submissively and bravely displayed, and waiting for me. “Maddie, sit in my chair and hold Jennifer’s hands.”

She said, “Yes, Mas– Mister Beecham.”

Jennifer didn’t move or speak, but I could tell she was now very alert. She’d noticed Maddie’s little slip. Maddie took my place, and reached for Jennifer’s hands. After only a second or two, Jennifer placed her hands in Maddie’s. Maddie said, very quietly, “Jennifer. Look at me.”

Jennifer said nothing, but she raised her head. Maddie said, “Yes, I call him Master. I have to do as I’m told, just as you do. I chose that. It’s a good life – he looks after me – and it’s hot. If you want, I’ll be happy to talk about it with you. Would you like that?”

“Yes, ma’am, I would.”

Maddie laughed. It was a warm sound. “You called me Maddie, even when I was taking a ruler to your backside. So Maddie will do, Jennifer.”

 “Thank you, Maddie. And sir? Will you talk to me as well?”

“Of course, Jennifer.”

“Thank you, sir. This is all very new to me.”

“You are as new to me as I am to you, Jennifer. Put your face down, girl.”

Jennifer laid her cheek down on the desktop. She seemed to wriggle, making herself comfortable. I stepped closer, and stroked her bottom. Her cheeks were still warm, but not a blazing fire like they had been yesterday. Or would be again in about half an hour. Jennifer sighed at my touch, then caught her breath when my hand reached under her, to cup her pussy.

“You’re not to come, Jennifer. That’s an order.”

But the voice that said, “Yes, sir” made it clear that this would be a difficult order to obey, if I continued much longer. “You’ll find that this helps you get through your slippering a little easier. If you’re aroused you won’t feel it as only pain. Sometimes. But I think it’ll work, for you.”

I slipped one finger between her pussy lips, then two, finding her already wet and slippery, and getting more so.

I stroked her excruciatingly slowly while she gasped and flopped on my desk, making a throaty noise through gritted teeth. She was trying to obey, good girl that she was.

I pushed my thumb into her, and said, “Don’t you dare come, Jennifer. Just stay on the edge for me. If you come, I’ll cane you, naked, in the corridor, every day for a week.”

“Oh!” Her eyes were as wide as eyes can get.


Wicked Wednesday: Holding the slipper in her mouth

I pretended to be all business, though Jennifer knew I liked what I saw.

“Bra next, Jennifer. Then panties. Oh, and I meant ‘everything’. Take that wristwatch off too. Do you have earrings?”

Earrings, tattoos and piercings were all forbidden under the school rules, even before my arrival. But there were always girls who disobeyed the rules. “No, sir!”

“Have you had your ears pierced?”

“No, sir.”

“Good girl.” If she became mine, and she was still mine when she was twenty-one, there was one piercing I might insist on, but that would not be on her head. “Well, bra, panties, wristwatch. Proceed.”

I watched Maddie gazing at Jennifer while she stripped. Jennifer hung her bra and panties on the rack, her bottom – still a dark red color – twitching adorably during that process. Then she walked back towards me and placed her wristwatch at the end of my desk. She put her hands at her sides. “Now, Jennifer. You know where the slipper is. Go and fetch it.”

“Yes, sir.” Maddie’s eyes widened when Jennifer dropped to her hands and knees and crawled, her darkly, redly smudged bottom waggling as she made her way to the cupboard. Maddie mouthed the word, “How?” at me, in amazement. Jennifer reached the cupboard, placed the slipper in her mouth, and crawled back. She was smiling again. She wasn’t humiliated at all, this time. She was proud of knowing what to do, and of shocking Maddie.

She sidled back to me, holding the slipper until I took it from her mouth. We exchanged smiles. I blew a little airkiss down at her, and she giggled again.

“All right, Jennifer. Go to the front of my desk and stand up. Now, step forward till your thighs are touching my desk.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“That’s right, that’s good. Now spread your legs. Feet about a meter apart.” Her body seemed to sink a little, relative to the table’s edge, as she obeyed.


Wicked Wednesday: Cry if I want her to

Jennifer stood there in my office, little tartan skirt lifted at the back, panties down to her mid-thighs, waiting for Maddie to smack her with the ruler. She’d agreed she deserved this encounter with the ruler, and now there was only the agony of anticipation.

I said, “Good girl. You’re right; you do deserve it. Now, today’s going to be a little different from our earlier sessions, Jennifer. The first difference is that you’re going to count, today. You can treat this little ruler-spanking as a practice. After each smack, you’ll count it out loud, and then you’ll say thank you, to Maddie, and to me. Understood?”

Jennifer had her arms round my neck as I held her still. She looked into my eyes. Something in this situation was making her smile. “Yes, sir. I count, and I say thank you, to both of you.”

“Good girl. That’s a good girl who wants to learn.” Jennifer beamed, a very happy girl, about to be spanked. “Now, you make sure you count out loud as I’ve told you.”

“Oh yes, sir.”

“Maddie, not too hard, for these. Just make sure she feels them. Go.”

A second later there was the characteristic SNAP of wood on flesh, and Jennifer jolted in my arms. She pressed against my cock, and felt the involuntary movement I made in response: a pelvic thrust, for Jennifer. She held me tighter, and lowered her head to rest against my chest.

“Oh, sirrrr:” it was almost a purr. Then she remembered and said, “One! Thank you, Maddie! Thank you, sir!” A moment later, after a few seconds’ thought, she said, “May I have another?”

“Maddie, oblige the girl.” Maddie did, and the girl jolted again, in my arms, pressed against my fully erect cock.

“Two! Thank you, Maddie! Thank you, sir! May I have another?”

I had to laugh at Jennifer’s earnestness, in times of physical punishment. She was such a sweet girl. “A little harder, I think, Maddie.”

Maddie said, “I have to agree.” The third smack was possibly twice as loud, and this time Jennifer had to breath a few times, before she could count and thank. She had the sense not to ask for another.

I said, “Good girls. Both of you.” Jennifer, who was nobody’s fool, shot a look at Maddie. Maddie was a good girl too?

“All right, Jennifer. I told you today is going to be a little different. Take your clothes off, and hang them up, please.”

She glanced at Maddie, and looked at me. “Sir? Everything?” She hadn’t been naked in front of me before. 

“Do as you’re told, Jennifer. Maddie will help you, if you need it. But if you take too long about it, Maddie can show you that that ruler isn’t always a toy.”

She blushed. “Um.” She turned to face the wall, and took her blazer off. She unbuttoned her shirt, and took it off, revealing her bra strap, crossing a pale, slender back. She reached for the catch.

“No, Jennifer. Skirt next.”

“Yes, sir.” She unclasped and unbuttoned the skirt, and hung it up. Then she took her shoes and socks off, putting her socks inside the shoes and placing them neatly on the floor under the rack.

Then she turned to face me, in her bra and panties, arms still protecting her modesty. That, of course, would not last.

Jennifer was beautiful, with just a little puppy fat at the tops of her thighs, a very appealing dome to her tummy, and her breasts just a little fuller than I’d expected. She looked every inch a girl who was about to get the slipper. She was very aware of her situation: this was her party, and she’d cry if I wanted her to. 



Wicked Wednesday: Jennifer learns about Maddie

Note re Wicked Wednesday prompt: If I ran an erotic site, it would feature content a little like… this.


That afternoon Maddie had discussed what would happen when Jennifer arrived after school, for the second half of her slipper spanking. I told Maddie that when Jennifer arrived she was to bring the girl in, and remain in the room to provide assistance.

“Like, holding her down while you give her the slipper?”

“Yes. Also, I think it’s time she knew that she’s not the only girl who gets in trouble here. And maybe it’s time we made it clear that we’re not just headmaster and secretary.”

“So, I call you Master in front of her, and you threaten me with the slipper too? Or even give me me some while she’s there?”

“You won’t call me Master in her hearing. It’s too soon for that, I think. And I won’t punish you in front of her, unless you misbehave.”

Maddie smiled. I’d removed an important part of her privileged status. It was possible for her to be punished while Jennifer watched. 

“But I hope you’ll behave yourself, Maddie, so I don’t have to. But you might tell her you get the slipper or the cane too, when you misbehave. I think that’d help her, if she can feel that there’s someone else who knows what she’s going through. And that she can talk about things with you.” 

Things. Did you mean feelings? Master.” Her voice was so innocent.

“Careful, Maddie. But yes, Jennifer’s going through experiences she hasn’t had before, and of course she’ll be confused about her response to it. It’d be nice for her, I think, if she’s got someone to talk to, about her feelings.” 

“Does she get to find out that you fuck me, every time you’ve dealt with her, the moment she’s out the door?” 

I thought. Part of me resisted the idea. But Jennifer’s responses to her own submission were obviously and beautifully sexual. She should know that those rewards were there ahead of her, waiting. When the time was right. I nodded at last. “Yes, she can learn that.” 

“Wise Master.” Maddie kissed my nose, and caught a solid swipe with my hand on her bottom as she skipped out of the room. School would end in about twenty minutes. In about twenty-five minutes Jennifer would be in Maddie’s reception, waiting to be taken through to my office to be punished.

Jennifer was on time. Maddie opened the door and ushered her through into my room. Jennifer stepped inside, aware of Maddie following her. She smiled at me, wanly. She’d have rushed me and kissed me, if Maddie hadn’t been with her. But she wasn’t sure what she could do or say, in front of a third party.

“Hello, Jennifer.”

“Hello, sir.” She was almost sullen. She didn’t want Maddie here. I smiled at her, and beckoned with my finger. She came warily closer, and stood up straight, in front of me.

I laughed. “Oh, don’t be a silly girl. The slipper is your problem for today. Maddie really isn’t.” Jennifer didn’t look at all convinced of that. I smacked her bottom, and kissed her.

She lost her resistance in three stages: first, submitting to be kissed, then, a few seconds later, relaxing and enjoying being kissed, and after about twenty seconds she put her arms round me and kissed me back.   

At last I pushed her back a step. She looked happier and her mischief was back.

“How’s your bottom?” I asked.

“You’re going to see for yourself in a moment, sir!”

“Maddie, could you fetch a ruler from the cupboard, please?”

“Yes, Mr Beecham.” 

“Jennifer, I asked you a question. I meant, how does your bottom feel? Is it still sore?”

“Yes, it is, sir. And it is hard to sit down still. But… it’s not as bad as it was yesterday. Or as it’s going to be after this.”

I held her again, and she nuzzled, then kissed my neck. I said, “Thank you, Maddie. Could you lift Jennifer’s skirt at the back, please? Good, hold it there. And you can take her panties down to her knees, now.” Jennifer shook a little, as her panties slid down and her bottom was bared. She hadn’t been prepared for punishment by anyone but me.

I held Jennifer and looked at her while I spoke. “Now, Maddie, you’ll give Jennifer three smacks on her bottom with the ruler.”

Maddie smiled at me. She was always submissive with me, but I knew she sometimes enjoyed the other role.

She took the ruler from the desk, looked at Jennifer’s paled, shocked face for a moment, and smiled brightly at her. She stood behind Jennifer and drew her arm back. I said, “Just a moment, Maddie.”

I kissed Jennifer again. “Why are you about to get a tiny little spanking?”

“Because you asked me how my bottom was, and I was cheeky, sir.”

“So you deserve it, don’t you?” 

Jennifer frowned. She hadn’t expected or wanted to be spanked by someone else. But at least I was holding her. She looked down. “Yes, sir.”

Wicked Wednesday: The desk warmed by Jennifer’s body

Jennifer, released after the first half of her skippering, looked at her panties, and considered how they’d feel on her glowing red bottom. She’d asked me for permission not to put them back on.

I considered some options, including putting them on her myself, with smacks for any fuss she made. But she’d just come so beautifully, bent over my desk, and as far as I was concerned she could do no wrong, and she must come to no harm. So I said, “I suppose that’s all right, Jennifer. After this skippering, I don’t think you’ll be wanting to flash anyone, not for a few days at least.”

“Oh sir, never again. Believe me.”

She reached for her blazer and put in on, dropping the panties into the left pocket.

We looked at each other. Jennifer broke the moment, running at me and kissing me. I kissed her back, gravely, one hand in her hair. With my other hand I lifted her skirt at the back and rubbed her bottom, her skin hot under my hand. She kissed me again, softly, thoughtfully, while I stroked her. But after a few seconds I gently disengaged her. “You’re a good girl. But you’d best go home, now.”

I pushed the button on my desk phone, and said, “Maddie, make out a taxi chit for Jennifer, and call her a taxi to take her home, right now. And when you’ve done that, come in and bring me my notes on the swimming pool.”

I turned to Jennifer. “Girl, you will wait in Maddie’s office now, until the taxi arrives. Go to the taxi when it arrives. You’ll see it, through the window. Tell the driver to take you straight home, and give him the taxi chit when you leave. That’s it for now. I’ll see you back here after school tomorrow. Why is that?”

“Because you’re going to give me the rest of my skippering, sir.”

“That’s right, Jennifer.” I lifted her skirt again. “Eighteen strokes. So you’d best make sure you behave yourself all day, tomorrow, hadn’t you?”

“Oh, sir. I don’t want any more strokes. Eighteen will be…” She smiled at me. “Enough to be going on with. I’ll be soooo good, all day. Sir.”

“You respond well to discipline, Jennifer. You really do need it, don’t you?”

She touched her bottom, then quickly took her hands away, remembering that she wasn’t allowed to comfort herself. “Yes, sir, it seems I do. Thank you, sir.”

I held the door for her, and she stepped into Maddie’s domain.

In a few minutes Maddie arrived in my office. She had papers with her, though she was only carrying them as a show, for Jennifer’s sake. She dropped them on the chair, and, without a word dropped her skirt and undid her blouse, bending over the warm part of the desk where Jennifer had just lain. 

I condomed up and entered her, taking the higher, tighter orifice, since I couldn’t give her the slippering I felt she needed, or I needed to give her. Jennifer was not to know that Maddie was subject to discipline as well. Not yet.

Maddie took me in silence, aware of Jennifer just a wall away, until she grunted at one thrust that also lurched the desk forward. I reached under her and stroked her pussy. I wanted to take my time, but the sounds Maddie had heard from her office had made her as aroused as I was, and we lasted only a few minutes. We struggled to stay silent while we came.

Later, we heard the taxi honk and Jennifer sing out a “Bye, sir!” We went to the stock room. I pulled out the spare mattress, some blankets and pillows and we lay together fondly, Maddie and I.

Wicked Wednesday: All slippery, and floaty

I poured a generous amount of the lotion onto her heated bottom. It took a lot, her skin seemingly almost drinking it in. But eventually there was enough for a creamy covering over the surface of her bottom, and I began to gently rub and stroke her, finger-tips at first, then increasing the pressure until I could feel her muscles. Jennifer had whimpered a little at the soft touching, but paradoxically made comforted pleasure sounds as the massage got harder and deeper.

Every movement I made tormented my cock, which ached for her. I need only unzip and she would welcome me into her and one, at least, of her virginities would have flown. But though I’m sure she longed for that as much as I did, it was still not the time.

But it was time to give her some relief. My massage had taken my fingertips into the cleft of her buttocks, to be received with soft sighs and murmurs. My fingers pressed on either side of her pussy lips, so very close but not quite touching. I whispered, “I think you could do with some massage here. Don’t you?”

“Oh, please. Sir…” Her voice was far away, as if she was dreaming.

“But you’re going to have to ask me, Jennifer. This has to be your choice.”

“I choose you to… No, I mean, please massage my pussy, sir? Please?”

I counted five seconds, then began to stroke her soft, plump, wet folds. Jennifer moaned, then, a second later wailed as if I’d spanked her again. Her appreciation was loud as I slipped one, then two fingers into her, and pressed the other two fingers against her clitoris.

We moved together, her slippery centre moving rhythmically forwards and back, up and down.

In less than a minute her hands and buttocks clenched, and she made a long, low, melodious moan like a whale calling in the deep to another whale, of surpassing and hypnotic beauty. Her mouth had opened wide, as had her eyes, and she flopped on the desk as she came.

I kept going, fingers working inside and outside her pussy, and she was soon wailing that cry again, body tense, her upper body clear of the table. As she came this second time I smacked her bottom hard, twice, knowing she wouldn’t feel it as pain. The sound intensified, and then with a grunt she collapsed again.  

A long time passed. I slowly withdrew my fingers, and leaned down to blow on and then kiss her poor tortured bottom. Eventually Jennifer opened her eyes. She looked at me as if she was surprised to know who I was. Or where she was. “Oh, that was so lovely.”

I smiled at her. “You’re so lovely, Jennifer.

“I feel so strange. Kind of floaty. Just… weird.”

“Yes. I’ll get Maddie to call you a taxi. I don’t think you should walk home.”

She looked at her clothes. “Can I dress now, sir?”


Jennifer took her skirt, first, slung it round herself and did up the catches and buttons. Then she looked at the tiny panties. Her bottom was swollen, and for all that she was in a beautiful daze just then, it hurt. “Is it all right if I don’t wear these, sir? I’ll be very careful.”