Bedroom Eyes 15

I took my thumb from Stephanie’s mouth. She pouted, as if that made her sad, so I pulled her head closer, by her hair, and kissed her. “All right, Stephanie. You get to watch Maires get punished. Don’t forget you get twenty smacks too, at the halfway point, so you’d best behave yourself.”

She nodded. “I’ll try. But if you’ve already told me what I’m getting, it can’t make any difference how I behave.”

“OK. Twenty-four smacks. The number can change, and it just has. Also, hot girl, I haven’t decided yet whether I’lll use my hand or get out my belt for you.”

“Oh. The belt’s worse than your hand? I guess I’ll find out soon, won’t I? And yes, I’m not in a hurry to find out. I’ll be as good as I can.”

“All I ask. Now stay quiet, Stephanie. This is Maires’s time.” Stephanie opened her mouth, then closed it and nodded. I put the hand I’d held Stephanie with on the small of Maires’s back. Maires knew what that meant. She raised her bottom a little. She wanted to be a good girl too.

So I brought my hand down, hard, on her left cheek, getting a loud, ringing clap, and again on her right. Then we settled down, punisher and a punished girl over his knee, while I delivered a rain of open-palmed, hard smacks, too fast to count.

By the third minute Maires was getting uncomfortable. I continued, merciless, while her bottom stayed poised in place, cooperating in her own punishment, and her breathing because more audible. 

At six minutes she groaned, and then kept up a series of low, whimpering sounds while my hand heated her crimson skin. Stephanie, behind her, held me tight. I didn’t turn to look at her, but I expected her eyes were wide and her mouth open. I slowed my pace, and made the individual spanks harder, now. Maires began to move, her blazing, heated bottom and thighs rising and falling as I spanked her. Her body was no longer under her own control. 

At ten minutes Maires was crying, full-throated and uninhibited like a baby. I knew that sound, and I’d set out to make it come. I knew there’d be tears in her eyes. I stopped, and watched her.

Maires still writhed and cried. I stroked her bottom and inner thighs lightly, giving her time to settle.

Usually at that point I’d hold her in my arms while she cried into my shoulder, and then she’d show she was grateful for her lesson and she wanted to earn back good-girl points by sinking to her knees and taking my cock into her mouth. But I’d decided that Maires wasn’t going to have the sexual comforts that usually followed punishment.

I said, “Why are you being punished, Maires?”

She had to cough, twice, to produce her voice. “For missing a lecture, Master.”

“Do you doing think that was a good idea?”

“No, Master, it was seriously fucking stupid.”

“It was, Maires. Do you think you’ve learned your lesson?”

Maires reached back and touched the heated skin of her lower buttocks. She blew, as though trying to cool something down. “I’ve definitely learned, Master. That was … memorable.” 

“Good. Do you think you’re done now?”

“No Master. But I’m hoping that was at least the half-way point.”

“Good girl.” She turned her tear-stained face up and me and smiled. She liked being a good girl with a well-spanked arse, and the promise of more to come. I smiled back, then did the Serious Master face. “Missing lectures is stupid, Maires, and you’re never to do that again. And when I’ve finished, I hope you’ll get a warning from your arse, if a lecture’s about to start and you’re not in the vroom.”

“Yes, Master. I think that’s quite likely.”

“Get up, girl. Take the belt out of my jeans, and hold it in your mouth.”

Maires climbed off my knee, hissing breath in as her muscles of her buttocks worked, but got to her feet and pulled my belt free of my pants. She stood just in front of my feet, belt in her mouth, hands on her head.

Stephanie and I both gazed at her, a sleekly muscled woman with delicious thighs, adorable breasts, with a belt in her mouth and tears in her eyes.

Maires’s glamour and her personality scared a lot of men and some women, when she wasn’t in this room. 

I looked at Stephanie. “You, get down now. Kneel and kiss Maires’s cunt. You can touch her just once with your tongue, but you’re not to pleasure her. But you’ll feel how turned on she is.”

“My nose already knows. Sir. But yes, I’ll give Maires a kiss.” She slid snakelike over me, keeping her breasts, then her belly and then her legs pressed against my side. Then she got out of bed and knelt between Maires’s feet and mine.

She put her hands on Maires’s thighs as if to hold her in place, took a deep breath, and kissed those sweet and depilated lips. A second or two later she opened her mouth and Maires gasped. They stayed pressed together, Stephanie more or less obeying me by not moving.

It still counted as one kiss, one tongue touch, or so she’d argue if I challenged her. I gave them time, since they were a beautiful sight. Eventually I said, “Stephanie, little minx, it’s your turn now. Over my knee, little love.”

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