Bedroom Eyes 13

I’d woken up with Stephanie, who I hadn’t slept with before, and with Maires, my lover and, when we remembered, slavegirl. It had been a wonderful night, the three of us finding each other.

Stephanie had rolled out of bed to use the toilet and do other things she wanted to do. While she was away Maires and I had conferred.

We agreed that we both wanted Stephanie in our bed often or even permanently. And then Maires had said that when Stephanie came back, I should whip her: she meant I should whip Maires, while Stephanie watched.

I’d said, “What?”

“She’s thinking about what it might mean, to submit to you. Not just fuck you and get her bum spanked from time to time, but actually to be under your control. Rule.”

I said, like Cartman from South Park, “Autoritah.”

She shook her head, annoyed. “No, it’s not a joke. She means it, Master, and so should you. She liked obeying you. Surrendering turned her on. So did things like humiliation, when you made her crawl past all those people. On a leash.” She smiled: she’d have liked that too.

“She liked your hand on her arse. She liked knowing that she’s giving herself. Now she’d like to go further. So I’m saying, let her see something between us. Where your ownership of me is real, and has real consequences. You should punish me, while she watches.”

“What for? No, I know why you’re saying I should, but what for? I mean, seems you’ve been pretty good lately.”

She smiled. “Thank you, Master, I’m pleased you think so. But I didn’t go to my Medicinal Plant Chemistry lecture last week. I was playing Bioshock 2, and I forgot.”

“And when were you going to tell me?”

“I was going to tell you, I promise, Master. But now seems like a good time.”

A thing about penises, penes, is that they can be tired out, but still wake up when offered novelty. It wasn’t that there was any blood flow to my cock, but there was a sense of awareness, and that blood flow would probably happen if things continued the way they were. I pinched Maires’s nipple, hard, to watch her wince.

“All right. You’re a bad girl, and you deserve whipping. But you’re a lucky girl, because that’d look a bit scary. I’m not going to do that the first time Stephanie watches.” 

Stephanie, at the door, said, “While I watch what?”

I said, “Stephanie, come to bed, love. Maires, go and kneel in the corner, hands on head.”

Maires said, “Yes, Master.”

She got up, and Stephanie watched her walk naked across the door, and put her nose in the corner. It was an impressive demonstration of submission.

Stephanie looked at me doubtfully, but came to bed, and when I put my arms round her and kissed her, she pressed her body against mine and kissed me back. 

She said, “Is Maires in trouble? Am I?”

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