Bedroom Eyes 16

Stephanie turned away from Maires to look at me and nod. She said, as if she was sorry, and her spanking was going to be a punishment, “Well, it’s time, isn’t it? I guess it has to be.”

She stood up, and looked down at my knees. And at my cock, which was in welcoming condition, happy to see her, and Maires too, of course.

Stephanie pulled a face: rueful. “You’ve smacked my arse, oh, I’ve lost count. But I’ve never put myself in the famous over the knee position, not for anyone. Never in my life.”

I smiled up at her, from my place sitting on the edge of the bed, my knees just vacated by Maires, who knelt, her arse crimson, nose to the wall. Stephanie expected that to happen to her. She wasn’t being defiant. She just wanted us to mark the milestone.

“You’ve got minx tendencies and anyway I love your arse. So it’s your first time but it won’t be the last. You lower yourself over my knees now, belly resting on my lap, bottom up. Toes and fingertips touching the carpet.”

Stephanie sighed again. She said, “I’m sorry I’m a minx, sir.” Of course my cock flicked up at that. Minxes know exactly what they’re doing. “Are you going to spank me as hard as you spanked Maires?”

I rook her hand, and pulled her closer. Then reached for her ear and pulled her down. “You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?”

Stephanie pressed the front of her thighs against the side of mine, and lowered herself into place, following that irresistible hand holding her ear. I kept my grip on her ear, since instinct told me she liked that, and put my right hand on her pleasingly offered bottom.

I stroked her, and slipped my fingers down between her buttocks and thighs, almost but not quite touching her cunt.

The second time she made a slight protesting noise. She’d realised she was being teased.

I smacked her left cheek. Stephanie said, “Ow!” Not very convincingly. “One, sir!”

“That wasn’t one, Stephanie. I haven’t started yet. And for your first spanking, you don’t have to count. Not out loud.”

Stephanie said nothing, and her body relaxed on my knees. She was content to let me do what I wanted. I squeezed her left buttock, with its faint pink handprint, and raised my hand and brought it down, hard. Stephanie breathed through her nose. I spanked her right side, and this time I got a little gasp.

So I gave her four more, taking it slowly, while she tried to keep still and stay silent. By the sixth spank she was moving a little under the impacts, and releasing half-vocalised sighs. I paused at six. “You’re a quarter of the way through, unless you earn yourself extra. How you going, so far?”

“I know I’m a sorry girl, sir. I’m definitely going to cut down on the minxness.”

I smacked her right thigh hard, and she yelped.

“No, that one doesn’t count either. I was asking you a real question. How are you finding it, so far?”

You find me, I think. No! Sorry! Sorry! It’s making me, um, yearny: I want your cock. But I think I could do with more spanking first. That’s what you wanted to know, isn’t it?”

I rubbed her arse again, and this time touched her cunt, making her gasp. Yes, she needed attention paid. I was certain that she liked having to wait: what she wanted was ceasing to matter much. That is, her wishes on the details didn’t matter, and she liked that feeling. The bigger thing she wanted, that was what she was getting. Stephanie turned her head to look at me. We exchanged smiles, two conspirators.

Maires drew her head back so her nose no longer touched the wall. “Ah, permission to speak, Master?”

I looked over at her. She knelt with her hands clasped on her head and a blazing red bottom. She was already redder than Stephanie was going to get, and we both knew she had the second half of her punishment still to come. 

She was a beautiful sight, partly because anyone would think was Maires is beautiful, but especially so if you’re a person who thinks submission is beautiful.

“All right, Maires. Permission to speak, girl. Let’s hear from you.”

“Thank you, Master. I know that not being able to see is part of my punishment. But could you give me extra strokes, say, when you’re strapping me, and let me watch Stephanie get her first proper spanking? Please, Master?”

“All right. The privilege will cost you six strokes, but you knew that. Yes, you can watch Stephanie. She is lovely.”

Maires dropped her hands to the floor and boosted herself up. She came over and knelt again, but in front of Stephanie, and caressed her face. The two women gazed at each other. I raised my eyebrows, and my hand. “Second quarter, Stephanie.”

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