Election special: Mitt Romney and bdsm.com (also bondage.com)

I‘m going to interrupt the Vampire Girl anecdote for a couple of days. Think of the gap as dramatic tension.

Don’t talk to the hand.

Fact! Mitt Romney has accepted election funding from David Staton, owner of Friemnd Finder Networks Inc, who own bondage.com and bdsm.com. That’s amusing, but more worrying is that he’s also signed the Morality in Media pledge to crack down on erotic material in the media, including the internet. He just wants to shrink Government down till its small enough to get into your bedroom, your bookshelf and your computer.* 

Perhaps it doesn’t really matter except for the comedy hypocrisy, because it seems reasonably clear that on November 6th Romney will win all the honours and powers that a Presidential Silver Medallist accrues. 



 * An Aaron Sorkin.line. But he used it at least twice, so I can use it once.