Probation Officer #58: Sex beak

twosomeSa’afia said, “Daisy Duck? White girl? With a beak? You fancy her?”

“Yup. Uh-huh.”

“Bullshit. You don’t. The beak’s a deal-breaker. Even for a pervert like you. Can’t be done.”

“Wears a little top. No pants at all.” 

“That’s what you want, I can do that. And I don’t have a beak. Let me go to sleep.”

“I think I’d like both of them. At once.”

“I don’t care what colour the other girl would be. I don’t do girl on girl. You want a threesome, you’re going to have to start with two other girls. I sleep now.”

“G’night, dormouse.”


In a few minutes Sa’afia began snoring lightly. A little, snug, animal sound. I held her, because I knew I was lucky to be in her bed. I lay awake, listening to her sleeping noises, the low notes and the occasional brief, mysterious, keening sounds. She was dreaming.

I’d shirked it this evening, but I’d have to start asking soon what she knew about Ana’s father. And about him and eccy.

Probation Officer #57: Samoan skin

“Am I out of trouble yet?”

Sa’afia grunted, but she sounded affectionate. “Maybe.”

“‘K, I’m going to dump myself back in. Fact is, I do like it that you’re Samoan. Because I think your skin’s gorgeous. I love the contrast with mine. It just seems hot. And your nose. I was thinking about your nose being pretty before. But that’s because I think everything about you is hot.”

“You’re allowed to like my skin. And my nose. I like yours, actually.”

“My nose?”

“Sure. It’s noble.”

“Fuck’s sake. No-one’s ever said that. Anyway, I didn’t know I thought Samoan skin was incredibly hot until after we’d spent Saturday night together.”

“I liked your nose straight away. You’re just slow. Anyway, what about my ass. Is it hot?”

spoonsShe pushed her hips back against me. I pushed back against her ass, hoping I could manage some show of penile appreciation. But my cock was wet, soft and comfortable. I was fucked out for now, and it stayed soft. I had to make do with words. “Your ass is hot. Damn hot. Fucking hot. And beautiful. Like a rose. Maybe a magnolia.”

“Magnolia! That’s nice. A purple one?”

I put my hand on her breast. “Yup. But it’s sleeptime now. G’night, dormouse.”

“’Dormouse’. You can call me ‘dormouse’. Good night.”

I was out of trouble. But I felt like coming back from the defensive. I felt a push from what RL Stevenson called the imp of the perverse. I put my hand on her warm ass, which was also hot, and slapped her lightly, squeezing a nipple with the other, breast-cupping hand. And I bit her ear lightly. Sa’afia stirred. “Nnnnn?”

duck“Mind you, I fancy that Daisy Duck too.”