Mouth to Mouth 15: A perfectly ordinary cock. But enthusiastic.

Nearly all my doubts were resolved, and I was entirely hard again. I put my hand on Qing’s shoulder and pressed her down, hoping that she’d like that feeling. Qing had already demonstrated that although she was essentially vanilla, she liked to feel a little strength sometimes. Anyway, it was easy enough to release her if she didn’t seem comfortable.

qing makerI thought how soon I’d be holding her down, in a supportive and consensual way, naturally, when I mounted her back and pressed the head of my cock against the little bud of her ass.

But I’d been silent too long. Qing was worried about me. She said, suddenly, “Jaime? Of course I want you. It’s all right.”

“Huh?” I was lying on my side beside her, so I kissed her shoulder where I held her, and put my right leg over both of hers. My cock pushed, blindly, against her hip. By then I’d learned that if a woman says something is all right, then more often than not it isn’t. So I said, “How do you mean it’s all right?”

Qing looked at the sheet below her. “I mean, I’ve been wanting to try this. I’ve wanted to get my ass fucked for ages.”

I smiled the kind of smile I hoped she wouldn’t see. If a man said something that impersonal to a woman, there’d be hell to pay. “Well then, it’s lucky I’m here.”

She didn’t realise I was joking. She said, quickly, “And I think it should be you. You … Well, at least you know what you’re doing. I think.”

“Qing, I’m honoured. No, seriously. And I want you. Right now especially your ass.” I took her hand by the wrist and put it on my cock, to demonstrate the point. “I absolutely want to fuck your ass.” 

qing handQing said, “O”. She stroked gently. A hard cock is, after all, generally a sincere compliment. Then she tightened her grip so she could feel the blood, beating, throbbing for her. It’s a perfectly ordinary cock, mine, but there was no doubting its enthusiasm at that moment. She nodded. Obviously I didn’t have any doubts.

“Mmmokay. But … I mean, yes, I guess I want you to do whatever you like. So long as you do it hard.”

Since I agreed at every possible level I twisted her nipple rather than say anything. But Qing had one more thought. “Still,” she added, “remember… this is my first time”

I looked at her with disbelief, then quickly got that expression off my face. It probably wasn’t helpful. A second later she considered what she’d just said, and laughed at herself. She had an amazingly pretty smile.

Mouth to mouth 14: “I’m a virgin” she said. “Well, my ass is.”

king qingA long silence followed before Qing reacted. Slowly, as if she were a statue, unused to moving, she raised herself and pointed her ass at me. Her slender weight shifted from her tummy onto her knees. I imagined her like an ancient treebranch, pushed into reluctant movement by the wind and making creaking noises.

That thought was stupid enough to make me laugh.

Qing frowned at me, but she was puzzled, not angry. “So what’s so funny?”

“Ah, you, actually. What’s so hard about getting your ass up?”

She shook her head. “Well, it’s all right for you. You’re not the one about to get her asshole fucked.”

I said, befuddled, “Wha-?” I hadn’t known that either of us were going to get fucked up the arse, but now she’d mentioned it, if it had to be one of us I’d prefer it was her. Her arse was prettier, for one thing. But I hadn’t even mentioned her asshole, as far as I could remember. “What? But I didn’t say…” 

qing lordQing arched her back, her spine and slender ass bowed like a female cat presenting to a tom, and I stopped speaking about whatever I’d been intending to say. She said, “And it’s like, it’s my first time for that too. I’ve never even been whipped before. Or tied up, either. I mean, it’s been incredibly hot just now, but… I hardly even know you. Uh. Um. Jaime!”

She produced my name with some triumph. I said, “very excellent,” and kissed her bottom, as one should.

Qing smiled, but she wasn’t going to be distracted. “Well, it’s a lot to take in. And I’m a virgin. Well, my ass is. I’m an asshole virgin. You’re really not worried about flooding me, are you? I mean, with new experiences, you know?”

I thought about saying something to the effect that she was so hot that I’d only be worried about flooding her with come. But I couldn’t scrape enough cheese off that. It’d sound terrible. If I said I didn’t believe that “having too many new experiences” was a real thing, then we’d have an argument. I thought how boring that would be, and my cock softened. 

I knew I should explain to her that by “get your ass up” I’d just meant her to present herself more submissively, and to give her an order so she could have the fun of obeying. If she wanted to. The content of the order hadn’t been important.

qing buggeredI wanted to be flippant about this, since it was all just a misunderstanding. But it was too late for that.

The idea of sliding my cock – well-lubed, no doubt – into her tight little anal tube had taken me over. I wanted to fuck Qing’s little ass. I wanted to hear her yelp if it hurt, and her screams when she came.

It was going to happen.