Sighs, Lies and Whispers


Sighs, Lies and Whispers

Dominant and submissive people often keep their desires secret. But it’s hard to hide and search at the same time, especially when the people you seek are also hiding. 
Three young women and a young man learn that if they want to meet the person they are searching for, they’ll need the courage to show the truth about themselves.

This book tells the story of their explorations in dominance and submission, and how they came to know and share their hearts and their sexual selves. And perhaps even to trust.  


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From Sighs, Lies and Whispers


Kirby said, “Oh, my whips? They’re at the laundromat.”

Toni snorted. “That’s not very brave. Thing is, I’ve been bad. I need… Correction, isn’t it? I need discipline.”

“What? You’re doing a script. It’s not my script.”

“Really. Then,” she pressed three fingers against her pantied cunt, “if I asked you to spank me, nice and hard, on my bare ass, you wouldn’t be interested?”

“Um. Toni –”

“And then when you had my ass across your knee, and you felt I hadn’t paid yet, you made me bend over your table. With my ass right up, and my feet well apart, and you go and cut a piece of bamboo while you order me to wait, and I stay, my tits pressed against the tabletop. And you, you come back and you cane me until I cry out. No, until I fucking sing. The way you like. And when you’ve got me all hot and striped, you fuck me, nice and deep, and rough.”

Kirby, appalled, knew that scenario had reached him. She knew it too. She touched his cock. “Now, this. This cock wasn’t hard before. Would you like to lie to me some more? Or will you shut up and let your cock tell me the truth?”

Toni wasn’t someone to trust. And she couldn’t mean what she was saying. But her words, and the contours of her t-shirt, influenced his judgmentSighs Lies and Whispers all the same. So he pushed her down on her back. He said, “I’m sure you want what you want.”

He pulled her t-shirt up to her shoulders, and tugged up the cups of her bra till her breasts lolled free. He kissed them and then closed his mouth on her left nipple, grazing her, licking and then biting. Then biting hard enough to be cruel. Toni let her shoulders fall back, offering herself. Her sigh, when he kiss-bit her right nipple while pinching and twisting her left between his thumb and forefinger, told him that some choices had already been made.

By the time he pushed her over a pile of pillows he’d thrown to the middle of the bed, he’d already heard her come, her thighs clutching his face, fingers frantic in his hair. He whipped her, careful only at first, with his leather belt. In the noise and heat and pain, she’d screamed out her demand that he fuck her. Now!

Some time later he put his belt down, while she continued to roar her demand. He grabbed her ass, parting her buttocks. He kicked her feet apart and placed himself to plough this girl. He’d intended to take her anally, but his cock slid into her cunt, and that was too sweet to correct. Everything was confused, and her sweat and their heat and her pain and their pleasure seemed like a thick fog they both lived in.

Her ass bucked under him once he’d entered her. He pulled her hair back, hard, so her head rose from the bed. He was her rider. He wanted spurs. She muttered, “Yeah,” when he had that thought. Had she heard it? Her sides were wet, he noted abstractedly after a while, with his sweat.

Eventually Toni roared her orgasm noise, with desperation, a lost girl. She’d been lonely, and she’d found something she’d wanted. Or needed. He still didn’t trust her. At last they were still, hearts pounding like sprinters, and they had to have minds again.




Will there be truth between them? Will they learn to trust each other? Will Kirby come back to the question of that narrowly-missed buttsex?

To answer these and many other questions, get your copy of Sighs, Lies and Whispers now!

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