Share Our Shit Saturday: I’ve Seen All Good People

Twitter shadowbans people who write about sex. They want to shut us up, and shut us down. One reaction to this is for people to share their shit: to sing out and give links to other erotic writers, usually on a Saturday.

“Shadowban” is a Twitter thing. It means that people can still post, so they think they’re still in the conversation. But other people can’t see their tweets, so they’re banned without knowing it.

A Quick Personal Note:

I have the honour to be Shadowbanned myself, though my stuff is pretty humanist and harmless. But if you’re interested in following me, and finding some bad jokes, reverse sledging (where you say nice things about people), occasional political rants, plus the tolerable erotica, I’m @jaimemortimer . Follow me!

Ok, that’s enough about me. Here are some other great erotic bloggers!

Something sexy from Sex Bog of Sorts (in Australia, a “sort” is a person you’d really want to fuck, so it’s a well named blog, antipodeally speaking):


An embellished reminiscence of posing for men’s mags, by Posy Churchgate:


And from Marie Rebelle, one of the best people on the internet, who does so much to  make us erotic writers a community, a sexy story:


A nice loving, sexy story from Asrai Devin


From the wonderful May More, who gives you more, here’s evidence that Jesus is coming:


A story from Cousin Pons, about the healing power of good people having sex:


4 thoughts on “Share Our Shit Saturday: I’ve Seen All Good People

  1. Awww thanks Jaime, I have such fond memories of those mags, loved reading the stories and our play and picture taking was sexy too. There was less embellishment in this recounting than you’d think 😉

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